Original Art Work 🎨 Portrait/Sketch 🎭 Another of my portrait made 12 years ago! ...

in #appics5 years ago

... Time flies by, and still it feels as if it was yesterday 🌠 This drawing was made out of an old photography magazine📸. Unfortunately I haven't got this magazine anymore. It got lost on the way. It was an art magazine from the 60's with famous actors & writers photographed in black n white. Maybe one of you will recognize this lady 🙏📸🎨 and help me remember which magazine it was. I wish you all a brilliant day. Make the most out of it ☀️ Stay healthy my friends 🙏💗🙏


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Very nice. Resteemed :-)

Thank you :)

Beautiful art

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than you ☺️

..seems that 12 years ago your life was different..have you lost all your pencils?..or do you just have other things to do??..anyway, cool..


Yes, I guess I lost my pencils in a way :)

I guess I maybe did not think so much! 🤭 Anyways, never give up ✌️ on the way up or the way down 😉

ohhh, that answer was meant for you @enjoykarma

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