Original Art Work 🎨 - Sketch of a Mongolian Women made from a Chinese or Mongolian ...

in #appics5 years ago (edited)

... banknote. This is another one of my sketches made 12 years ago. Unfortunately, the banknote vanished and I do not remember exactly, if it from China or from Mongolia. Maybe someone will recognize this woman ☺️🙏😊


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Wow amazing drawing I love it

thank you ☺️🙏☺️

I was wondering, do you know why on Appics the photo quality looks better than on Steemit. Or, is it simply due to difference between looking at it on my phone vs laptop? I wish you a beautiful day and thanks for your support and love!!!

Cool and resteemed :-)

Thank you very much dear friend :-)

Wow! This looks cool 👍🏻

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