HAMBURG MY PEARL | 🎉🎊✨☀️☀️. All people are tired auf Covid19 status co and ...

in #appics3 months ago

... want to go back to real social life.


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It will soon be over bro

Hopefully ✨✨🙏🏿

Soon we will get back to seeing all these beautiful places. We miss travelling too. Stay safe, and be healthy bro. 😉

Oh yeah soon very soon ✨🙏🏿

Totally want to visit!!!

You should my friend 🙏🏿

True. More and more demonstrations against the lockdown. It even includes farmers. People no longer care about being sued. There are more important things as the fear for a virus.

Nice photos


Also true ...! Thank you for the words ✨🙏🏿!

Yes sir !!!✨🙏🏿

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