Hello Appics Community! So I Joined the #stayhome challenge. Not in a physical ...

in #appics3 months ago

... activity more of a mental one. Haha!

Found an old scrabble board and worked on some spellings.

The goal: Spell the Appics Usernames and concepts or meaningful parts of them with all the available scrabble letters. Excluding the numbers.

Achievement: Got 11 usernames and 1 concept. Started with Ambassadors and founders usernames. Got @sandroieva @soldier @umaofficial @tatiana21 @kilatunzii @sirwinchester @felixsander @deadlygames @appics @ced000 @hauptmann and the concept spelt is "vote".

Lesson learnt: Spell the shortest names first!😂😅

Next step: Reiterate the spellings to get more usernames and concepts. #creative #scrabble


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amazing ...very thoughtful

Thanks Boss!

Really cool 🙂

Hahah! Hope you found your name at the bottom left! 🔥

thats so cool and creative👏🏻✌🏻love it👌🏻

Thanks sir! Glad you love it! Your name finished all the letters! Hahaha!

Great! Very creative...

Thanks Sir!

I was about saying welcome to Appics. Lol I stopped myself quickly.

Jajaja, don't worry. Thanks!

How did you even come uo with this idea? Nice one sir

When boredom hits real hard... Lol ... You do unimaginable things! Haha!

That’s so cool haha! 👌🏽

Glad you like it ma'am! Lol 💓