The number of infected persons are rising here. It's getting concerning. What's more ...

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... disturbing is that those are not the actual numbers being reported. The report as at the end of yesterday was 40confimed cases, 37 active, 2 discharged, 1 dead. I think. All we are advised to do now is stay indoors. However People are not listening.


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Stay safe bro❤🙏

Lol. Thanks. I'm trying. My mind is already playing games on me that I have the virus already. The most sad thing of all is that we have no self-check diagnostic kits. Nothing. Until one gets sick, you can never know if you've been hit.

It's the same here in the United States: no tests yet for 99.9%+ people, uncertainties (except we know there aren't enough medical supplies, workers & equipment so our local authorities are addressing this), 2 dead in our city, and people aren't listening. City & State are using police and national guard for enforcement & food distribution to the most vulnerable. Stay safe, healthy and strong!

its well eveb when inside tge well, he who most of us in nigeria worships never sleeps or slumber

The US isnt doing well

Neither is Nigeria. When the stuff really hits, mehn! The death cases here might surpass that of Italy. I'm just praying these news are not true.

But have you directly seem any one sick. I dont see it like on tv. But its a ghost town. Poor Italy.

Nope I haven't. According to the news, it only just reached my city. Although some say the case being reported now has been spotted days ago and they are only just officially reporting it. There's a rumour that the person has skipped quarantine and is missing. Sad thing is, many people in my city travel to and fro italy, the missing person is one of them.