[LIGHTHOUSE 🎯] Trust me. I will guide you even if we are in restricted visibility ...

in #appics2 years ago

... or recondite deep.
Hold your APX. We will go to the 🌕

All photos taken by me 🤿
Posted by APPICS 👊🏻

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It seems that you are on the moon 🌚 already !

Yes, very similar. Astronauts training at the pool according to NAUI manual.

You are a brave man! Good shot

Woot Great advice my friend! I always up all Apx And never power down! Apx to the moon I will see you there!

Oops. My 10k apx power down for @uwphoto as second account. I would like to divide 2 account, life and diving.

Thanks for letting me know, I also had a second account long time ago on Steemit but found it too hard to manage both accounts and it took longer to level up by not posting everything in one account. It was called @momskitchen just a foodie blog but not used for many months now.

Oh thanks for sharing your experience. i think i can’t manage both accounts as well ioi. I will give up to dividing. 😂

It’s great to see you are back on APPICS! 🙌 thanks for guiding us and see you on the moon 💥🚀🌝

Thanks. i’m ok now. priority work finished. so I can enjoy again appics everyday. 🙃

That’s good to hear 🙌 we missed you

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