Cool bro. I like those gummies. Send me some yea? ✌😉 stay awesome keep making the meds for those in need bro. Be well

You're funny everywhere 🤗🤗

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Right on! Congrats on your success.

Wow, its going to be pretty big!! How fitting it was a Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory, haha, thats pretty funny! Best of luck to you, so awesome that you keep growing! Its slowly picking up here in B.C. Canada but still not enough stores if any as the process is very slow, but its getting there! Thanks for sharing!

Daaamm.. i wish i could try that right now

I was thinking about getting into the industry with child resistant packaging designs. It seems like there still might be some opportunities for improvements.

That sounds great. Congratulations on the expansion of your business. New facilities, gummies, medicinal marihuana. That sounds great.

That’s awesome! You got some serious square footage there. I’m sure it’s gonna look great once all the construction is finished.

its so cool :)

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