CZ Binance has had 25,000 opportunities to hit the Power Down button since their ...

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... announcement 8 hours ago! He claims this process is totally foreign to him and didnt know what he did when he powered up wich is not only laughable but also concerning if you have your crypto coin trust held in his exchange. What is taking so long Binance? Keep buying up those tokens on Bitrex so you can save face with your customers. John McAfee said it best.....communities CAN NOT be purchased....Justin Sun's skin must be crawling right now. #buy100steem


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Regardless of what bullcrap CZ Binance tries to feed us now with all the acting victim, I'm never trusting that exchange ever again!

Why people trust there wealth to a dumb exchanged owner. Your money your life, remember...

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I would not even waste my time even using Binance to transact ever Again......Great Job @broncnutz

Interesting. Not invested. Impossible.

Wow. I love your passion.

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