Car fan? James Bond fan? You can buy the Aston Martin DB50 NOW Aston Martin for a ...

in appics •  last month 

... few million dollar but maybe James Bond will except STEEM and the car comes with the shooting seat 😉


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I'm more of a sports car guy than a retro one. I can still appreciate it but it's a lambo all day for me if i'm dropping millions.

Lambo will do for me aswell hihi maybe when steem is to the moon

A beautiful vehicle. I'd go retro

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I go retro too , do you think I would get James with the car?

I'd like to think so!

Double the reason to let Steem get up to the moon

Should be possible to shoot with machine guns and small rockets from the car xD

Yes wouldn’t that be great to do with someone you dont like hahahahah

I love the oldies...haha nice one

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I am an old one hahah

I think I pass this time. 💕

Nooooo kitty what on the car or on James

The car is not my colour... James Bond.. It is the only movie I always fall asleep. 😪

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Epic car !!!! although I also could ride a Lambo if I got the chance :)

I take this with and James B with it hahahah

Which James B, there are so many hahahaha

Ok de laatste Daniel Craig is hot hahahahaha

Ik geloof je direct, heb daar niet zo'n kijk op 😂 😂 😂

hahahha nou hij mag een ontbijtje komen halen