i need some space So i can find My true self's face To let love unwind In time i ...

in #appics4 years ago

... will heal
The sensations of pain
Now i sit here and feel
And listen to the rain

i offered my heart
i offered it all
Torn wide apart
i began to fall

But i pick myself up
I'll do what's right
Sit still to fill my cup
And head for the light

For now I pray
We find what we need
To help us each day
So our soul we can feed

So now i give space
So we can see
What it is
We want to be

In time our love
Will be more free
And fly like a dove
Way above you and me

i leave you for now
And time will cease
As we rest in the Dao
To find our peace


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Lovely inspiring words bhai sahib.

I am very excited about credit facility development and the impact of stock investors moving cash into Ethereum to profit from reinvesting cash derived from CDPs. I would be curious about your opinion of the longterm success of the Tron credit facility Just and the longterm success of the new Binance Smart Chain and the probable development of a credit debt facility there?

Thank you

Sorry but I have no idea. I have more or less left Steem now and instead frequent Hive

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