The three sides of the coin

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I would like to overlook the latest developments in ... the last few weeks with regard to steem blockchain. I have enough problems to burden him with negative things.

I came to this community 2 years ago and it was a radical change in my life, I had a full time job, my first steps were secure and with the rewards of the publications I started to improve financially.

First side

The economy in Venezuela has suffered one of the highest inflation rates in the world, having the opportunity to write blogs related to music, theater and photography allowed me to continue my artistic training, in addition to a precarious economic steem blockchain meant changing my life status. I felt comfortable and began to make many links and friendships that transcended the virtual.

Second side

After a year in steem blockchain I understood that as in the real world, steem had a governance system which has both positive and negative characteristics, I am not one to judge someone who has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in this platform, I am not a developer or expert in the field, but just as I have written and received rewards, There are certain things that the most powerful users do not understand, such as why I repeatedly sell steem to exchange for bolivars the national currency in Venezuela, there has always been a preference for issues related to the blockchain world while letting curators make an assessment of certain art blogs.

At this point, I wonder.

If the community is the one that has the value, doesn't it sound a bit contradictory when in reality a handful of users with a lot of SP are the ones that are really in control?

It seems to me false and inappropriate by certain witnesses that I won't name, I read in their publications today by the news filling their mouths with good actions expressing that the community is the one with the value.

Please, come on, courage and fear is about who has money involved in steem blockchain, not about the many users who honestly make a living writing or showing the best of their talent, it is us users who don't have fat wallets who are prone to suffer from the decisions of the powerful. Like in real life as if it were the decisions of a state that impact the population.

Third side

It will dawn and we will see, the need by several powerful users in steem blockchain for a bifurcation and its effects on the community are too close to make a sound judgment. However, it is easy to know that depending on the actions and movements will arise a more comfortable way to travel.

Whatever the destination I will accompany this platform until the end or a new beginning, this is my life support, I earn my money writing top quality content, and yes, I can boast about it because it is so, check out my blog if you are going to oppose.

The value of this community is indeed the talents that every day feed the witnesses, without publication there is no steem blockchain and therefore the rewards would not exist. Perhaps this will serve as a reflection to all those whales and orcas to whom I have kindly written promoting puppet workshops or ecological house projects with blockchain technology and who have never responded to me as if they were Rockstars or sacred people to whom only people like SP can communicate.

This is a battle between witnesses and tron not of the users who in the end have no say.

I don't believe in happy endings.

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