🚨 Quick update on the #getinshapechallenge !

in #appics2 years ago (edited)

It’s almost halftime. The challenge started almost 3 weeks ago and we have just over 3 more weeks to go. So let’s go🔥

🎉We’ve already achieved over 200 submissions. You guys are crushing the challenge, so let‘s keep pushing even stronger this last half of the challenge !

🦾It is still not too late to join! Get your fitness on, Get in shape & Earn APX & Actifit tokens

📊 Here are the preliminary results of the challenge (not the leaderboard yet), everything can still change! Also, we haven’t taken into account the effort put into the challenge, these stats are purely based on posts with the correct hashtag #getinshapechallenge ! Thanks to @karenmckersie for promoting the challenge, even without participating.

💥May the best, most active user win! Let’s gooo 💥


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Thats an awesome update! Get fit and have fun everyone, Lets Go Go Go!!!

Let’s goooooo💪🏽🔥

I’m rooting for you 🤪❤️

Justin is on fire, yeah... congrats 🔥😎

Thank you man 💪🏽🙏🏽

And thanks for the kind mention, more then happy to help support this awesome initiative, Go Appics!

Aparezco en lista, grata sorpresa

Thanks for the steps you are taking in implementing practical mechanisms which keep the fitness challenge high in the consciousness of people like me. It really makes a genuine difference.

Hope to see Apx mooning in 2020 lol

Congrats to everyone that have been part of it. Keep pushing it guys. You've got this.

Wow, so CoOL...

Am I on the list now. Started a couple of days ago. hahaha

Do you happen to need an administrator in the group https://t.me/appics_russia Russian is not required?
I could consider your suggestion.
But that really can not be found in it for questions of interest!

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