Support Initiative for Newcomers on APPICS | Newcomer-Asia Account 🌍

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This week, we introduced our newcomer support initiative to specifically upvote people’s first posts on APPICS 📱

We have setup one account for each continent 🌎 and equipped it with 1,000,000 APX delegation so that they have a large voting weight and make a difference when upvoting newcomers first posts! 💰

5,000,000 APX tokens in total are now allocated specifically for our newcomer support program!

➡️ In this post we are introducing the @newcomer-asia Account for the Asian continent & pacific islands 🌍

which will be managed by some of our most active ambassadors in Asia - @toushik, @fycee, @extalifestyle and @hungryharish!

Go ahead and follow the @newcomer-asia account to make sure you will receive upvotes from them! ✅

Stay tuned for the next posts where we will announce the accounts for the other continents, Europe and North America! 🙌


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This is good news... I'm sooo excited!!!

Lhuv it chi! 😊

Thank you for responsiblity and trust 🙏 ☺️. This will definitely helpful for new comers on platform.

Come to @appics ! We are waiting for you 🙏😂

Thank you for supporting us ❤️💗❤️

Good work👍 We are waiting for the newcomer💙

We are waiting for newcomer 😘😘

➡️ Follow newcomer-Asia here ✅

thanks big help and support, regards to all.

Bring it on! 🔥lets go asia!

Welcome!! Europe here but on my way to follow them too 😊🙏 Great initiative!!

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