📣 Exciting news: You can now buy APPICS voting power directly from our website with your credit card!

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This will boost your visibility on the platform and enable you to assign more rewards with your upvote, as well as earn more yourself!
No knowledge about cryptocurrency required.

Simply go to ➡️ power.appics.com ⚡️ and choose one of our packages to buy more voting power directly with your credit card! The delegation will last for 30 days.

Why boost your voting power❓
When you buy APX delegation, APPICS lends you APX tokens to use as voting power within the APPICS network, which gives you stronger voting influence - meaning you can assign more rewards to posts! 💸
You can use your voting power to boost your own or other people’s content, distribute and earn more rewards. Of course, whatever you earn from using your power belongs to you - and remember that even when you upvote other people's content, you earn as well!
Additionally, this will help you gain more followers: because if other users notice your upvote that granted them a high reward, they will most likely check out your profile and follow you as well. ✅
Instead of slowly earning more APX over time, buying APX power drastically speeds up your progression, boosts your earnings and influence. ⏳💰

Bonus: Buying APX delegation from us gives you up to 9x the voting power as if you'd buy the same amount of tokens on exchanges!

➡️ Try it for yourself: power.appics.com ⚡️


Powered by APPICS - visit us at appics.com


I don't know if it's good news, but I hope you make it.

This is awesome 🤩🤩🤩 Amazing update will definitely check it out

Thanks! 😊

Really so amazing opportunity for us 😍😍

We hope you enjoy being able to purchase APX power now 🙏

Finally here😀🥳. We are one more step ahead💪🚀.

This is Fantastic News!

POWER 💥 To The People 👥. Thanks Appics 😊

Thanks for being apart of the community 🙌

Let’s go ⚡️

So great !!!!!!! 🙏☺️

Thanks ❤️

Great news😁👍 Would be nice more exchange’s in near future? Like Bittrex 😁

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Awesome...good News..thanks for update

Good initiative.

Thanks! 🙌

Wow!!! Great news

This is fantastic and another step forward for Appics! I do not have a credit card, but maybe some Day we can buy with PayPal.!? That would be awesome, it is now available on Splinterlands, so easy!! Thanks for the update, Go Appics!!

Thank you for the support and suggestion! Much more to come 🙏

Your welcome and im looking forward to it and wishing much success for APPICS!

Will resteem over on Steemit.

I can see the future in my eyes

No insta , no facebook, no whatsapp .only appics...

Nice feature for those that are out of the blockchain world. That would help you to grow faster.

That’s the goal 🙏

That sounds fantastic. Good way to start into APPICS and enjoy the power of upvoting.

Exactly ⚡️🔥