APPICS Bounty Program Re-Launch - Earn APX Tokens For Social Media Activities!

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The APPICS Bounty Program is live again -

Earn APX tokens now for spreading the word about APPICS on your social media profiles!

The APPICS Bounty Program offers our community the opportunity to earn APX tokens for social activities!
You can link your instagram, facebook, twitter or steemit account to automatically earn stakes for certain activities like commenting, liking or sharing.
Additionally, there are manual bounty campaigns where you can create a youtube video about APPICS, write a steemit/medium article, or share a post about APPICS on Linkedin, Reddit and Bitcointalk!

So invite your friends & family, earn some APX tokens and introduce them to the APPICS movement!

How does the Bounty Program work ?

Step 1)

Sign up or sign in with your existing account at the customer portal

Step 2)

From there, access the Bounty Platform

Step 3)

Link your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Steemit profile by clicking on the switcher to access our automatic bounty activities
Bildschirmfoto 2019-07-12 um 17.21.19.png

Step 4)

Now you automatically earn stakes for liking, following, and commenting under our official appics account's posts on the selected social network!

Step 5)

You can also send requests for our special manual bounties on different social networks.
Joining these bounties means that you will create a post about APPICS, and depending on the effort you spent and your reach on that social platform, we wil manually check and reward your content with stakes.

Step 6)

After the bounty program has ended, the ratio of stakes to APX will be caculated and bounty participants will receive the tokens in their wallet!

Detailed Bounty Program Rules

The detailed rules for each bounty campaign, including the number of stakes granted, will be listed below.

Automatic activities.png

Facebook Bonus program.png

Link user's Facebook account - 1 stake
Like APPICS’ facebook post - 3 stakes
Leave a comment under APPICS’ post - 5 stakes


Link user's Instagram account - 5 stakes
Follow appics.official - 5 stakes
Like appics.official's post - 3 stakes
Leave a comment under appics.official's post - 5 stakes


Link user's Twitter account - 1 stake
Follow APPICS' Twitter account - 5 stakes
Like APPICS' tweet - 3 stakes

Rewards for re-tweets - based on engagement and followers:

  • 1.000.000 Followers = contact
  • 500.000 Followers = 2500 stakes
  • 100.000 Followers = 500 stakes
  • 50.000 Followers = 250 stakes
  • 10.000 Followers = 50 stakes
  • 1.000 Followers = 5 stakes


Link user's Steemit account - 5 stakes
Follow @appics - 5 stakes
Upvote @appics' post - 3 stakes
Leave a comment under @appics' post - 5 stakes
Resteem @appics' post - 3 stakes

Manual activities.png
Special Facebook Bonus program.png

Spread the word about APPICS in a post on your facebook wall, and make sure to tag our APPICS facebook page!

Your facebook profile must be publicly visible.

You will be rewarded with stakes according to the amount of friends/followers and engagement on your profile:

  • 500.000 Friends/Followers = 5000 stakes
  • 100.000 Friends/Followers = 1000 stakes
  • 50.000 Friends/Followers = 500 stakes
  • 10.000 Friends/Followers = 100 stakes
  • 1.000 or more Friends/Followers = 10 stakes

Special Instagram Bonus program.png

Spread the word about APPICS in an instagram post, and make sure to tag @appics.official!

You will be rewarded with stakes according to the amount of followers and engagement in your profile.

  • Your account must be at least 3 months old.
  • You must follow @appics.official Instagram.
  • Post should link to the @appics.official Instagram Account
  • Description should feature at least 50 words
Rewards - based on engagement and followers:
  • 1.000.000 Followers = CONTACT US
  • 500.000 Followers = 5000 Stakes
  • 100.000 Followers = 1000 Stakes
  • 50.000 Followers = 500 Stakes
  • 10.000 Followers = 100 Stakes

Special Twitter Bonus program.png

Spread the word about APPICS in a tweet, and make sure to tag @appics_official!

You will be rewarded with stakes according to the amount of followers and engagement in your profile:

  • 1.000.000 Followers = CONTACT US
  • 500.000 Followers = 5000 stakes
  • 100.000 Followers = 1000 stakes
  • 50.000 Followers = 500 stakes
  • 10.000 Followers = 100 stakes
  • 1.000 Followers = 10 stakes

Special Steemit Bonus program.png

Write a Steemit post about APPICS to participate in this special bounty!

Depending on the information, length, and effort you put in, we will manually reward you with stakes!

You can make requests for this bounty at, don't forget to include the link to your steemit post!

Special Youtube Bonus program.png

Create a YouTube video about APPICS - depending on the information, length, and effort you put in, we will manually reward you with stakes!


  • Bounty requests can be made for a maximum of 10 videos per user.
  • Channel MUST be at least 3 months old.
  • Videos MUST BE at least 2:00 minutes long.
  • Video description must contain a link to
  • Videos that do not have at least a human voice-over will only receive 25% of the total bounty.

Examples for video topics:

  • Explaining the concept of APPICS in general
  • Tutorial to make a steem account & download the appics app
  • Explaining the dual blockchain of APPICS
  • Introducing new users to our bounty program & APPICS community

Special Medium program.png

Write a Medium post about APPICS - depending on the information, length, and effort you put in, we will manually reward you with stakes!


  1. Follow @appics on Medium
  2. Share a medium post on your profile about APPICS


  • Your medium account must be at least 3 months old.
  • You must follow appics on medium.
  • Your medium article must have minimum 500 words - only unique content
  • Your medium article must contain at least 1 link to the website

Special LinkedIn Bonus program.png

Spread the word about APPICS on your LinkedIn profile!


  1. Follow APPICS on LinkedIn.
  2. Share and like posts of the APPICS LinkedIn page.
  3. Create a post about APPICS on your LinkedIn profile.


  • Your LinkedIn account must have a minimum 500 Connections or Followers.
  • You must be an active and regular LinkedIn user, and your account must have a Public Profile status.
  • Your LinkedIn post about APPICS must have minimum 50 words

Rewards - based on engagement and followers:

  • 1.000.000 Followers = 10000 stakes
  • 500.000 Followers = 5000 stakes
  • 100.000 Followers = 1500 stakes
  • 50.000 Followers = 1000 stakes
  • 10.000 Followers = 300 stakes
  • 1.000 Followers = 40 stakes
  • 500 Followers = 20 stakes

Special Reddit Bonus program.png

Spread the word about APPICS in a reddit post!


  • Your reddit account must have at least 100 post- and 20 comment-karma.
  • Your reddit account must be at least 1 month old. Posts and comments with negative Karma don’t qualify.
  • Posts and comments on r/appics will be rewarded for up to 3 comments/posts on the same user account.
  • For a post to be counted, it needs to be posted in relevant subreddits for the APPICS


Post upvotes:

  • 1000 = 200 stakes
  • 500 = 80 stakes
  • 250 = 80 stakes
  • 100 = 30 stakes
  • 50 = 15 stakes
  • 35 = 6 stakes
  • 20 = 4 stakes
  • 10 = 2 stakes

Comment upvotes:

  • 1000 = 80 stakes
  • 500 = 80 stakes
  • 100 = 30 stakes
  • 50 = 15 stakes
  • 30 = 6 stakes
  • 20 = 4 stakes
  • 10 = 2 stakes

Special BitcoinTalk program.png

Spread the word about APPICS in the BitcoinTalk forum!


  • Minimum requirement is Full Member status or higher for your BitcoinTalk account
  • Write at least 30 comments within official APPICS thread at BitcoinTalk.
  • Make at least 1 comment daily.
  • Spam is not allowed and spammers will be declined from the program and reported to moderator.

Signature Campaign - weekly rates (for the duration of the bounty program)

  • Members : 10 stakes per week
  • Full members : 50 stakes per week
  • Senior members : 80 stakes per week
  • Hero members : 120 stakes per week
  • Legendary members : 180 stakes per week

Reward sizes for comments:

  • 450 = 360 stakes
  • 400 = 330 stakes
  • 350 = 300 stakes
  • 300 = 240 stakes
  • 250 = 200 stakes
  • 150 = 120 stakes
  • 80 = 60 stakes

Additional bounty campaigns will be added in the future - stay tuned for more opportunities to earn APX!

Spread the word about APPICS in your network, invite your friends and earn APX together!

Are you an APPICS tester yet? 📲

If not, please visit if you're an iOS user, and for android users to download the APPICS app. Then you can login directly with your steem account and private posting key!

💬 If you have any questions about APPICS, you can ask our admins on Telegram:

Official APPICS Group 🌎

APPICS - South Korea 🇰🇷

APPICS - Deutschland 🇩🇪

APPICS - Russia 🇷🇺

APPICS - Nigeria 🇳🇬


Excited to participate in the re-launch of the APPICS bounty program. I participated in the first bounty program. The APPICS team is fabulous! Promoting APPICS is easy and rewarding.

Looking forward to promoting APPICS awareness and the success of the APPICS project.

APPICS has already innovated a new kind of social media and it will be interesting to see where the team takes social media in the future.

Much appreciation and wishes of success to the team!

Have a great week!
Steem on!

Hey Mike!
Thanks for your feedback, we appreciate it - enjoy earning APX with our new bounty program!

Awesome! I'm going to promote the hell out of Appics next week onwards!

Hey @tanbay! Awesome, looking forward to your videos! 😁

There was never a bounty program I have used more than Appics'. So glad to see it back!

Thanks for your support, @flauwy! Looking forward to your APPICS content! 🙌

I'm in love with appics, so I'll ask you this with a lot of love, it would be perfect if I could add more than one photograph. I'm one of those who likes a lot the different technical approaches.

Thank u!!!

Glad you're enjoying the Appics experience. If you mean posting an "album", multiple pieces of content in one post - this is on our dev timeline and will be a feature added later on :)

Yes, that's what I mean, thank you very much for the information I'm already anxious. :)

Hey @roadstories!
First of all, thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it!

We already have the feature to post an album with several pictures in our development roadmap. It will be integrated after our public launch! Stay tuned!

I didn't know, thank you very much for the information, I'll be very attentive.

The future of social media!

Posted using Partiko Android

Exactly 🙌 😁

Thank you!

I'm waiting for the tokens to go live on the market. Been holding them since ico!

Thanks for your continued support! 🙌

The toggle to link my Twitter seems to not work. I linked my other social media tho 💪🏽

Posted using Partiko iOS

Hey @mcoinz79,
That's odd. Please let us know your email address from your user account at, we will check it!

Sent a wallet message

Posted using Partiko iOS

Regarding writing articles about Appics, they should be in English only?

It can be in other languages. There is a translation bounty as well :)

Hey @dr-frankenstein!
You can also submit articles in your local language - but keep in mind that when distributing the stakes, we won't be able to judge the quality of the content in another language. we'll only be able to judge the length & effort you put in.

This looks very promising, keep it up. Can't wait for the official launch.

Please, just keep us informed if there is anything new.

Thank you. We appreciate the support!

Thanks! You can sign up to our newsletter at to stay updated!

Hey @snmelinger, thanks for your support!

Thanks to you because I had been waiting for these incredible updates about APPICS tokens, and I can only say that you are advancing so great.

Posted using Partiko Android

Don't have that many followers on all the sites.

Why don't you have appics Ghana🤦‍♂️

Posted using Partiko Android

Hey @fredkese,
Our community in ghana isn't that large yet. Of course we would like to build our international communities, including ghana as well, and then create social media channels for them too!

Nothing happens when I click on subscribe. I already have the app on an IOS device and I'm using the same email

Posted using Partiko Android

Awesome! Can't wait to get started :)

It's been a while... looking forward to your launch :)

Hey @stackin! we can't wait either! enjoy 🙌

Is APX already trading on exchanges or not?

Not yet, we are already in contact with exchanges but will get listed after the public launch.

Great!! Again Alive 😍

Ottima applicazione, non vedo l'ora che parta ufficialmente tutto il progetto. Per adesso seguo con molto interesse!

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you for the feedback and your support! 🙌

Nice! Glad to see this coming back!

Thanks! Enjoy the bounty program!

Success all the way

Thank you, Team Nigeria!

After all the hard work invested in the earlier bounty. What is the chance that this won't also end in null. I'm just asking a sincere question here because I know how dedicatedly I promoted appics in the last bounty only for all the efforts to go to waste.

Your efforts were not for nothing of course! If you login with the same user account at, your rewards from the previous bounty will also be added to your earned stakes.
And all stakes will be converted to APX tokens and distributed after the bounty program has ended!

Then that's really awesome. I will try and do that tomorrow. I thought all is lost when the site became inaccessible.

I can confirm, your rewards from the last time are not nullified.

All I needed to hear. This should be included in the main post.

All I needed to
Hear. This should be included
In the main post. Thanks.

                 - pangoli

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I just login with the same user account but my stake has been reset to 0. I'm sure I had close to 1000 stakes before now.

No worries, all your stakes are there. There was an issue with displaying the right amount, which we are working on, but I can ensure you that your earned stakes are there and will be converted to APX tokens

Glad the bounty program is back

Yes 🙌 enjoy it!

We are here baby

Congratulations @appics! You have completed the following achievement on the Steem blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

You got more than 300 replies. Your next target is to reach 400 replies.

You can view your badges on your Steem Board and compare to others on the Steem Ranking
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Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

I am trying to use APPIS and claiming bounty program. Thank you.
Congratulations for your Launch of APPICS BOUNTY program.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you! Enjoy the bounty program!

I have been waiting for this movement....

Thanks for being apart of the movement. We can't wait either!

Now the time has come 😁

Good to have the bounty program back on

Yes we're excited as well! Enjoy the bounty program!

Wow, a very amazing program. I just had a linking account. Meanwhile, you will choose several other social media accounts to participate in the program.

Thanks, we're glad you're enjoying it :)

Hey @ponpase! Exactly, you can choose to link your account for automatic activity, or participate in our manual bounty campaigns for many different social networks.

Always support appics

Great to have the Bounty Program back, good work @appics!

@appics - Do I need to re-register for twitter bounty again? Or just simply engage on any post on Appics's Twitter Post as usual. Please kindly guide. :-)

When you enter your dashboard you should see if the switch for the twitter bounty has been enabled. If so, you can go on with posting and your earned stakes will be registered automatically. If you login with the same user account at, your rewards from the previous bounty will also be added to your earned stakes.

Hey @andyjim!
Please login with your existing account at
Then take a look at the slider buttons at the top - if your twitter account is already linked, as you can see the instagram account already linked in the picture below, then you're good to go.

If not, please click on the twitter button and link your account again!

Loving the relaunch @appics Team!! The Major App updates yesterday were so awesome, im a huge supporter of Appics and I always believed this day would come! GO TEAM APPICS, ITS GOING TO BE EPIC!!! 👍👍👍😍❤

Thanks for re launch... great news for us

Great news for everyone 🙌 Enjoy the bounty program!

Full on Support!

Thank you mammasitta! 🙏

Nice Bounty...


This is quite amazing. Promoting Appics starts tomorrow for me. Appics to the world

Hey @daniel-otaniel! That's great to hear, thanks for your support! 🙌

What does each stake convert too? Is it a 1-1 ration? Each stake = 1 APX?

Hey @truth-be-told,
We have a fixed number of APX tokens reserved for our bounty program.
After the bounty program has ended, the amount of bounty claims will be divided through the number of APX available, and so the ratio of stakes to APX will be calculated!

We're up and ready to for you!

Good to see that APPICS is back fully. Let's get it rolling.

Yes 🙌 and we are just getting started!

Nice! I'll be majing a steemit post later on.

Looking forward to it!

May I ask what is the total and circulating supply of APX token?

Awsome, I have followed this account, resteem and upvote this post.

Thanks for your support, @headsink!

No possibility to remove the linked social account and re-link the different account??

Hey @katteasis!
You should be able to click on the switcher button again to un-link your social profile.
If the problem persists, please contact us at [email protected] , mentioning the email address you used for your account at


Hello @yasu! Thanks for your support, we appreciate it! Arigato gozaimasu!

very nice program. I am trying to promote as I can. 👍

Hey @aggamun! Great to hear, enjoy the bounty program!

Hi! Where can I download the app?, I did every step but can't download it anywhere (android). Please

Hey @arkmy! You should've received an email with an exclusive download link. Please check your spam folder as well.
If you don't see anything, please mail us at [email protected] so that we can send you a new link!

Didn't recieve it, even in the spam folder. I have sent email to you, thank you!

Posted using Partiko Android

in the special prgrams of youtube and steemit the conenido can be made in Spanish?

Yes! We'd love to see some content for our spanish-speaking community as well!

I'm curious :) And reafy for the future ! =)

Thank you 😁 we are as well!

I don't know how to link my Facebook account in appics or should we say, I'm going to link my appics in Facebook. That's what I wanted to happen so that when I shout out in Facebook I can share directly to appics. Would you mind answering my question? I want to use appics in commenting but it's hard to find user account in appics. I have no idea how to do it

Posted using Partiko Android

I am participating in this and is it okay to make a Steemit post then share it on Medium??


awesome news!

I love it, I will give all my support so that more people know about APPICS. Thanks!

Great program 😍

Posted using Partiko Android

This is great!!!

Esperando ansioso el lanzamiento oficial, he probado la aplicación y es increíble. Suerte|

о мой стыд, пропустил весь движ)

Great to know all about this, just linked my STEEM account !
When I try to link Twitter it is kind of asking me to give you a lot of permission, why so many? Thanks in advance for the answer.

Wow...what the appics!

Earn APX tokens now for spreading the word about APPICS on your social media profiles!

So invite your friends & family, earn some APX tokens and introduce them to the APPICS movement!

It is so difficult (impossible) to get the app. I registered many times my Google account in the spreadsheet and has never been able to see APPICS in Google Play. I tried to get support on Telegram. I finally gave up.

People won't use the app if it is impossible to find and install it.

Do you want to grow the APPICS user community? For Android, do use a Google Group for registering the testers or do open the beta tests and publish the tester link. Please.

The app is in alpha version since a very long time now. Mobile application development is evolving very rapidly. Maybe a concurrent app, a Steem frontend dedicated to pictures will be published soon (with a SMT wallet?).

Thanks for the nice Project

Posted using Partiko Android

A mobile version of PhotoStreem to earn PHOTO tokens is preparing...

helpful nice wawawiwa

This is great!

Go go Appics !

Incredible! I'm recomending this app to my friends and they are loving the Blockchain. Amazing work with the app!

Been waiting for this. Nice one

Thank you so much for making this live again Appics. 😍

Nice! Just joined the community, hope to be rocking with you soon!

I'm excited I have finally joined Appics

Im so happy to read that the Bounty program is back

Hey @mauriciovite! Thanks, we're very excited as well!

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