Wow, i think u almost got a football team 😁 lucky man!

Nichts ist zu früh 😂 Hammer Bild Bro 😉 beste Lehrer 👨‍🏫😉 Prof. Dr. Daflos

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I think it is not too early. Of course it has to be a wise advice, right? Have you ever experienced that kids actually teach you? Happens to me a lot, with my kids. For example, they teach me to be honest, open and be happier about life. Are these your kids?

Yes kids also teach us every day to be happier and more relaxed in our life...I’m the uncle of this 3 kids 😉

The atmosphere is beautiful, the little kids are beautiful, the photography is good, the love and the blessings are friend ❤❤

You all look so good und sympathisch 🍀🌸

Grüße nach Hamburg mein Freund 👌

In my opinion, maybe when kids are more than 4-5 years old, then they should be encouraged about their life. Or they are still too young to understand life😊.I love the kids very much😍.

Kids seems to enjoying your company along 😊

Never too early to learn from Uncle Angelo! 😌 Innocent minds can learn and grow the fastest 📈


All of four are very stylish 👍🏻

What a really sweet photo and handsome young boys. Anytime you can teach them something is the perfect time. It is wonderful to see they are listening and paying attention to you in this moment. Children can learn so much, the first seven years shape their habits and character for the rest of their life

Nah! The earlier the better... Let 'em make their own mistakes and let 'em learnt from them too!

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