7 years ago I started my blog anahilarski.com, then Steemit came along and started ...

in #appics3 months ago

... blogging there. We have Appics app now and things get easier for me. 😘✨✨
Have a beautiful week everyone!


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Woohoo Happy Monday!

Looking forward to your videos Ana! Our aim was always to make APPICS fun and easy to use and we love to see how active our community is every day!

I love videos, they are great content and I happy Appics allows them.🙌

Good to see you and hear your voice 😊 thanks for your feedback about appics! I love to see your posts everyday!

Welcome, I 'm glad users can upload quick videos. Videos are great content nowadays.

Thank you for your feedback my love! I am so happy to have you on board and can not wait to see more from you. Sending you lovely greetings and a warm hug to Panama 💗

I really love the ease and use of the Appics App, its amazing! And really active, im always entertained with new stuff!!

The Appics app is awesome! I’m about to grow this app! 🙌🏼

It's great that you found a new love in the form of APPICS.. and that you use steem regularly as well! I've always wanted to use steem, but i just can't write.. so when APPICS was released, i was all over the moon! Very happy..