Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves ...

in #appics2 years ago

... ☀️
Spread the love and invite your friends & family to APPICS, enabling them to get rewarded for their passion online 🙌
Send them the link so they will receive an invitation email 📧

And by the way, did you know that you can view and manage your APX tokens on 2 mobile wallets already? 📱💰
“Blockfolio” is an app that lets you view the statistics of your crypto portfolio, and “wombat” is a mobile EOS wallet where you can even send tokens directly! Both are available for iOS and android.

Happy Tuesday, APPICS family - have a great week everyone! ☀️


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Thank you Josephine! I didn't know of Blockfolio, i have downloaded right now 😃

Cool! Blockfolio is nice to track the growth / worth of your crypto portfolio from different coins

Thanks for the information ;)

You’re welcome!

APPICS is anamazing platform !! I am new here and enjoying it a lot !! I am thankful to my friend @secretman02

Welcome, good to have you on board!


You’re the personification of Summer!

😊 thank you 🙏🏼☀️

Beautiful caption and you even more...


👍🏻 as always 💪🏻


Das machst du richtig Josi.... genieß die Zeit..... 😉

Ich genieße die ☀️ wann immer ich kann 😁

das machst du richtig so......!

Beauty Queen 😍

Really great news and yes let's spread this love! 😁

Definitely 🌏🔊

Yeh agree with you.Already i have able to my 4 friends in APPICS !! I love this community a lot ♥

Great to hear that! The appics family is the best 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🌏

Catching D-vitamin directly ;) nice one Jo!

Exactly 😉 but it was only a short moment of sun. I still take vitamin D supplements during winter time ❄️

You make the sun rays looks fabulous. Have an incredible week 🥃

Thank you 🙏🏼 have a great week as well!

Yeap, I agree. Looking good as always, have a great day.😊

So gorgeous you 😍😍

Thank you

Fresh❤. Sunshine over the Forehead🌞.

Letting the sun re-charge me 💪

I'll keep spreading the word. :)

Thanks! I know you will 💪💪

Love this beautiful rays of sunshine photo! Thanks for the information, my son tried signing up for the soft launch from a email sent by sirwinchester but it didnt work for him , no Appics App. showed up in the play store. But I will get him to try again, he was all ready a Appics member from 2 years ago ,( mmckersie )

Hey Karen! Thanks for your lovely comment. I remember that I sent him an email invitation after Sirwinchesters post. It probably landed in his spam folder! I’ll send it again. But for iOS it’s simply , for Android I’ll need his playstore email address

focus on the bright side of life ☀️😊 you look great 🙏🏼

Thank you 😊☀️

Thank you dear Ana! Have a great day as well, greetings!


I use Blockfolio... Cant wait to see what 'WOMBAT' has to offer

You have a cinnamon face.

You are kissed by the SUN, beautiful <3

Very informative. I actually just joined this app today, still a bit confusing to me but I did make a post 😁 hope to learn more and eventually share it with others ☘️

Nice picture of you, @agent! You very good looking.

beautiful! believe me I am spreading the word

It is amazing how life is unfolding for us all, even more amazing how alive we can feel and beautiful we can look in the rays of the vibrant sunshine. We welcome change just as our daily weather and the seasons that come with it, both in crypto and every second of our life experience

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That was great and I tried making a digital portrait for you. Do check my profile. Hope you like it ☺️. Have a great day.

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