Layering up to stay warm until the crypto winter finally passes ❄️ and spring comes! ...

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... ☀️

With Bitcoin stable above $10,000 and the halving approaching soon, we are looking forward to an exciting year in blockchain & cryptocurrency!
Today has been very especially eventful in the crypto space: eos-based social media dApp Voice has launched their beta for US residents today, and TRON announced they will take over the steem blockchain.

Me and the team just learned about this as well so we will publish a statement about how this will affect APPICS and our dual-blockchain solution later on.

What is your opinion about the recent crypto events? Leave a comment below 💬⬇️


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so beautiful take love ❤

Thank you! 🙌

Wow there is so much going on. I think it s great news. Tron has a „positive“ image so far and the moment Justin Sun is creating should boost Steemit and of course the dApps as well. APPICS was also mentioned in the Cointelegraph article. Let’s see if there will be any issues with the tokens at all. But I bet you guys will figure it out 😃 Have a great night after such an eventful day

Yes so many surprises and big changes! Hardly any questions were answered today in the live event so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. But I’m sure it will be positive for APPICS and other dApps

WHAT? ohhh dear, have to read some more about it. looking forward to the APPICS statement. have a great weekend, greetings from Barcelona

Yes, read about it and you will find the statement in a medium post. We literally just heard about this as well, let’s see what the future will bring. Greetings!

What Tron is taking over the Steem Blockchain!? Looking forward to finding out how this will effect Appics! Thanks for the update, I had no idea!

Yes I know, some really big surprising news! Google it and you will find their statement in a medium post

Hi @agent! Looking great as always :)

Thank you Harish!

There is a shout-out to this issue😅. Waiting for the team statement😊. And you looks beautiful ❤.

Thank you Toushik 😊🙏🏼

first of all, you look amazing, elegant and with style👌🏽 Second, too much going on and very positive! I am looking forward to read about @appics statement, good things are coming our way for sure!

Thank you very much 🙏🏼 I think this change will be a good thing for appics, well see how it develops!

You are so amazing and best part is you know about cryptos...💓

Thank you 😁 appreciate it!

Crypto spring is right in front of us for sure ;) Btw your outfit is so adorable 💓

Thank you so much dear! Good to hear from you, we miss you on appics 😘

Aww thanks! I need to get back to Appics asap!!

It was quite a big news, looking forward to your statement ☺

We were quite surprised to hear about these news as well! Let’s see what the future will bring 🙌

Nice shot 🤟📸

Thank you! Appreciate it!

😍😍 Greetings from Bangladesh!

Thank you! Greetings from Switzerland!

Looking bomb 😃👍

Thank you Sergio 🙏🏼

Stylish outfit...nicely coordinated.

Thanks! 😊

I actually got shocked with this news. Well, after Bitcoin already reached its first peak last 2017, Steem has gotten a lot of dramas. I hope when Justin Sun's leadership, it will now bring more opportunities to for more exchange and profitability.

I also believe this cooperation will bring many opportunities - with the whole TRON ecosystem and connection to exchanges etc. let’s wait and see 🙌

That's the least thing we can do. Or perhaps just go with the flow. It's kinda unfair coz they're just gonna cling to the popularity of what Steem have become in terms of social media blockchain that whatever they do, they can't gather a solid community to utilize their platform. I guess steemit is really just a whole lot of package when sold.

Looking forward to seeing what happens with Tron. Have a lovely week 🥃

I’m really optimistic about that ✨✨✨👌🏿

I trust you

You are so beautiful ❤️

You are looking so cute and gorgeous.Hope that the spring of Crypto will come as early as possible and APPICS will go to the moon !!!!

love your outfit, you look great 😉

so much news today. however - what a beautiful shot... love it 💯👍🏼

Thank you 🙏🏼

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