Enjoying the January sunshine as much as possible ☀️ How is your January going? Living ...

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... in northern Europe, we don’t get enough sunshine in the winter months (or all year around, actually) so I try to soak it up whenever I can. 🌥
Did you know about the long list of health benefits that sunshine has for our bodies?
Not only does it produce Vitamin D which reduces the risk of diabetes, promotes a healthy immune system, lowers blood pressure and cancer risk, sunshine also literally lifts our mood by increasing the serotonin production and makes us sleep better at night by supporting melatonin secretion as well.
Essentially, humans are like plants 🌱 we need water and sunshine to thrive ☀️💦 and I can really feel how the sunshine recharges and uplifts me!
Some people might even feel SAD when not getting enough sunshine - literally! SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is a form of depression that is triggered by a lack of sunlight.

So what to do if you are living in a continental climate and might not get as much sunshine as you’d like? ☁️
🔘 Take Vitamin D supplements. Since our bodies can’t produce Vitamin D themselves, it could be wise to take the supplements in order to avoid a vitamin D deficiency
🔘 Get a daylight lamp! Did you know that regular indoor lamps often only provide 10-20% of the LUX (essentially the strength of the light) than natural sunshine on a cloud-free day? These daylight lamps are much brighter and try to imitate the sunlight, sitting in front of them for 30 minutes every morning or even having them as your alarm clock will help wake you up and brighten your mood for the day.

Is the lack of sunshine affecting you? Or are you living in a warm climate where there’s sunshine all year around? ☀️ 🌎


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The sun is the center, the basis of everything! Everything starts from the sun, our vitality, our energy and our charge! In fact, I love going to places where it is hot and there is always sunshine 😁

So true. The sun is the central source of Energy for all living beings on this planet!

True words 👏🏻

Ahh. I'm from Lithuania where sun doesn't show up often :/ and it is affecting us a lot... People are always angry, unhappy, complaining about stuff they don't even care. Hard time those winters :D but the good news... Spring is coming!

I'm fortunate that the lack of sunshine doesn't affect my mood 😬 if i'm low on energy i start to move😁

Good tip as well! But in Italy you luckily get enough sun ☀️ at least in the summer months!

Yeah in summer there is too much sun in Italy 😬

Hey I understand that. Keep the vibes alive. Enjoy the sunshine and reflect the light you absorb. Metaphorically speaking of course. Stay positive my friend. Have a wonderful Sunday. Be well....

Thank you very much and have a wonderful Sunday as well 🙏🏼

We have the same as you here in NY. We make the best of our sunny days.

Yes I bet! Once the sun is out everyone comes out!

Wow 😋😍 I love sunshine... Infact, you are the sunshine.

Thanks 😊☀️

Just 💓

I love this photo, may the sun always shine on you and your days be filled with joy! Happy Sunday!!

Thank you dear Karen! 💕 have a lovely Sunday as well! Greetings

Your welcome 😀 Greetings from Snowy British Columbia Canada!

I am living in warm climate, where sunshine available around all the year😌

I know, in this case you are very lucky Toushik you get to experience sunshine and warmth all year around 🌴

Yeah same in here. If it pops out so do we. Ihih

Yeah 😂 once the sun‘s out in Germany, suddenly EVERYONE goes out! ☀️

You are quickly becoming the top scientist on Appics haha. Looks like you won't be suffering from winter depression anytime soon. When I lived in Denmark for 6 months it was the first time I expeirenced a real winter and it was very unmotivating.

Hahaha maybe I’m a scientist at heart 👩‍🔬 well I like to share something meaningful and have my followers either learn something new or be inspired 💫 i bet living in Denmark when it’s cold, dark and wet was a shocking contrast to sunny Australia at home! It’s worst when the days are so short that you feel like you don’t even get to see any light during the day when you’re mostly indoors..

Social media done right

what a great advice girl! I always try to look at Sun🌞 during the last 30 mins of sunset, have changed my diet drastically, eliminating chemicals from our lifes, I need to learn to meditate though... looking forward to decalsification of the pineal😬

I see you are asking somebody to verify himself and to post his own content. Do I also need to verify myself? I will only post my own content but verification need what things?

I am with you @agent! A northern living person. Soaking up sun whenever i can. With our cold winters and very short days i enjoy supplementing with various light therapy like infrared sauna, red lights and vitamin D producing tanning beds. It helps boost mood and wellbeing so much! Great post. Keep enjoying your January ❤☀️🙏

Hey Jill! Infrared Sauna sounds really cozy. We have to do what we can to combat the lack of Natural Sunshine ☀️ thanks and have a nice day

I wonder if there is any perfect country, or place in the world. My type would be something having like 22°C, day and night, having rivers and mountains, but also sea and beaches. Something like Norway in summer. Lived there for about one year, and it's great during summer. To such ideal place in the world I would move at any time and any given cost.

I feel you! Scandinavia can be beautiful in the summer but the winters would be too cold and dark for me personally. Maybe an island like Gran Canaria or Malta or Sicily will be perfect for you 😊

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