Are you a CRYPTOPRENEUR? 👩🏻‍💻 Get 50% OFF this shirt and ALL other items from ...

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... our Merch collection at! 🔥

The “cryptopreneur” shirt is one of my favorites from the collection because it stands for a new mindset, a new way of life.
Being able to work from wherever you are and bei your own boss thanks to cryptocurrency and blockchain - that’s the freedom and decentralization movement we stand for! 💪

➡️ Shop the whole APPICS merchandise collection for 50% OFF with the code “blackfriday” at! ⬅️
Only until tomorrow ⏰


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Amazing 😉 looks great 👍

Love the shirt!! 😎

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Thanks 😁

Would love to ger that T-shirt, but a black one.

We have other designs in black too ♣️

I am. But I a broke one. Lol so it won't be yet that I will get me some merch. But I will... hopefully sooner than later eheh

I’m sure you will! 🙌

Haha pretty 👍🏾

Favorite one😌❤

This shirt fits you well!

Yup, I'm a Cryptopreneur and I ordered Cryptopreneur T-shirt. I also ordered Real Eyes Decentralize T-shirt. I may be the First one in Midwest with APPICS MERCH.

Nice! 🙌 can’t wait to see it on you!

I’ve ordered one of those T-shirts too... I can’t wait to show the world the future with APPICS 🚀 🚀

Beautiful as usual but on 🔥 with Appics merch 🎉👍

I like this one!🙌😍

Thank you 😊😘

Nice shirt, i Luv it!! 😍

Thanks!! 😊

The best outfit 😍

😁 thank you!

that's a must for all the CRYPTOPRENEUR specially steemians 😊

Exactly 🙌

With a shirt like that, I don't know who wouldn't.

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