Did you already hear about our PASSION REWARDED Challenge ? This is your chance to ...

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... show us what you’re passionate about and win prizes like APX Tokens, Delegation, or APPICS Merch!

⁉️ How it works:
Post a photo or video of yourself on APPICS and other social media platforms, showing what your passion is.
Include the words "passion rewarded" in your post in any shape or form - through spoken word, writing, painiting, or maybe dancing the words.. get creative!
⚠️ IMPORTANT: it is NOT enough to simply write “passion rewarded” in the caption or edit it in your video. We want you to create new, ORIGINAL content where you include the phrase “passion rewarded”!

The post with the highest amount of APX value assigned to it will win! If two pieces of content should have the exact same amount, the winner will be the one with the most comments.

The best piece of content will be the new Header of the Discovery page in the APPICS App and link directly to your profile for 4 Weeks!

🏆 Prizes:
1st Place: 5000 APX + Appics Hoodie + Top placement on the discovery page for 4 Weeks
2nd Place: 3000 APX + Appics Shirt
3rd Place: 1000 APX + Appics Shirt
4-10th Place: 1000 APX Delegation for 4 weeks + 30% Discount on store.appics.com

⚠️ Rules to participate:

▪️Say, write, or show „passion rewarded“ through any art form
▪️Post in the APPICS App must include the following hashtags: „PassionRewarded“ & „Contest“
▪️You can participate multiple times, sharing different passions of yours - but it has to be original content and then only your post with the most value assigned will count for the challenge
▪️You have to submit your post within the given time frame, latest on December 10th
NOTE: The APPICS Team will obviously NOT participate in the challenge.

📣 Please check out our steemit post on @appics blog for the full contest rules !

🎥 🌊
This video was filmed at Malibu beach last year when we were in California with the APPICS Team!
@felixsander was trying to write “PASSION REWARDED” in the sand before the waves got to it 😬🌊

Good luck for the contest everyone and we are looking forward to your creative entries! 🍀


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Really cool 👏

😁 🙏🏼


😁 thank you!

Beautiful. Yes! I submitted my entry to contest and spreading a word about it.🙏 😇🔥🚀

Cool! Thanks!

I will participate tomorrow.

Nice 👍

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Hahah so funny I remember that!! 😄🌊

😬 yes the waves were so quick!! Looking forward to be back soon

The Sun & Sand at the Beach! It cannot get more passionate than this i feel!


I'm living for it. I might go out tonight. Get smashed. And make a video about it. Because getting drunk is one of my passions eheheh

Of course! And there are actually some really good posts in the App. Hope more people will participate

I love to see all the entries so far! I hope people are preparing and some more amazing posts are coming 🙌

Love this! The Appics community is growing fast! 😎

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Yes we love to see all the entries!

Love it! Appics is gonna be epic

Awesome contest, I have all ready entered 3 times, I might do one more, not sure yet... Good luck everyone!!👍❤🙋 upped and resteemed

Thanks Karen! 😊

Agent 🥰😘

Loved the video!!😍😘

I hope every now and then there will be a challenge like this. As I'm already getting inspired sharing my life to everyone here.

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