Sakura Magic ✨🌸 The cherry blossom tree, called “Sakura” in Japanese, is a national ...

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... symbol for Japanese culture.

The trees bloom only for 7-10 days, symbolizing the beauty of nature but also the beauty and shortness of life.
Like the Sakura bloom, life is also short-lived and should be enjoyed. Everything on earth is temporary and has an end.
But just like the Sakura flowers return every spring, our soul also returns for another lifetime on this planet 🌎
Therefore, Sakura is a symbol of renewal, of life and death and the beauty of nature’s cycles.

Standing under huge trees of incredible cherry blossoms like this, with a blue sky in the background and the sun shining on me made me so happy and I just had to share this beautiful moment. ☀️🌸
I’ve always loved these flowers, even as a kid, and I always make sure to go out and see them during the bloom because it is so short-lived.
My dream is to visit Japan during Hanami (the flower-viewing festival) and see the traditional Sakura trees there with my own eyes 🤩🌸

For this year, Sakura time is almost over so I’ll have to wait another year to watch the beautiful bloom again. ⏳

Happy Sunday everyone ☀️ have a beautiful day wherever you are in the world 🌎


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Adding Hanami to the bucklist 🙌🏽

It’s definitely on mine as well 😍

😄 you really love it. FYI Korea is good alternate destination for full cherry blossom 🌸 instead of Japan. Please come to korea after this disaster. Happy Sunday Friend 😉

I would definitely looooove to come to Korea!! If not this year, then hopefully in 2021 🤞

They just look beautiful.

Yeah 😍 unfortunately the bloom already passed for this year now

oh cherry blossom...when i see them...i see yummy madeleines...cupcakes...mochi...all with cherry blossom...and pickled one...OMG, this is my chef's instinct! 😁😁😁

Hahaha so funny that you had to think about that first! You are a true chef at heart 👨🏻‍🍳Cherry blossom cupcakes sounds amazing. Have you tried cherry blossom tea? 🍵 very nice as well

I am not a flower person, but this looks so nice & beautiful)

Thank you 😊 yes I just had to capture & share this beautiful moment!

Oh I love Cherry Blossoms, so beautiful! There are a lot In Nanaimo over on Vancouver Island, I miss seeing them in the spring!

Beautiful! Yes I love them too, a true sign of spring!

we also have tree in Philippines came from JAPAN gift by the japanese amabassador... 😇

That’s so cool! In my hometown in Germany we have some trees as well that are gifted by the Japanese embassy. We even have a cherry blossom festival every year with a big firework. (Well, not this year obviously)

Wow, magic and beautiful place😍😍

Yes 😍 I love it 💫

So beautiful, love it😍😍. What device did you use to shoot this video?

Shot this with my iPhone 11 Pro. I do have to say the camera on this phone is amazing. I feel very blessed to have it, after I had my previous phone for over 5 years 😅 now I need to take more pictures with this awesome camera 😎📷

I will have one day😁. yes,not only pictures but also more natural videos😊.

beautiful flower 😍

Thank you 😊

Our city is famous for cherry blossoms. It's my fifth Appics photo, but I don't know if you've seen it.😺😺😺

I just saw it, that picture looks incredible! I definitely have to visit your city when I come to Korea. Hopefully soon 🤞🇰🇷

Beautiful Sakura and words! Thanks for sharing those facts.

Glad you enjoyed it! It was fascinating for me to read about the deeper meaning of Sakura in Japanese culture

Beautiful 😍

Thank you! 😁

this is gorgeous!!

Wow. Beautiful capture! I live this tree so much too 😍

Love these blossoms! Spring is in the air!

They are really the ultimate symbol

  • the ultimate symbol of SPRING 🌸🌱🌿🌷

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