Sakura Magic ✨🌸 The cherry blossom tree, called “Sakura” in Japanese, is a national ...

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... symbol for Japanese culture.

The trees bloom only for 7-10 days, symbolizing the beauty of nature but also the beauty and shortness of life.
Like the Sakura bloom, life is also short-lived and should be enjoyed. Everything on earth is temporary and has an end.
But just like the Sakura flowers return every spring, our soul also returns for another lifetime on this planet 🌎
Therefore, Sakura is a symbol of renewal, of life and death and the beauty of nature’s cycles.

Standing under huge trees of incredible cherry blossoms like this, with a blue sky in the background and the sun shining on me made me so happy and I just had to share this beautiful moment. ☀️🌸
I’ve always loved these flowers, even as a kid, and I always make sure to go out and see them during the bloom because it is so short-lived.
My dream is to visit Japan during Hanami (the flower-viewing festival) and see the traditional Sakura trees there with my own eyes 🤩🌸


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Me too my dream is to visit Japan 😁

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