Although we might feel like „everything is closed“ at the moment - NATURE is not ...

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... closed! 🌿 Nature is as beautiful and abundant as ever, and has finally had a chance to breathe without air pollution, traffic pollution, etc.

Today was not only „Earth Day“, but also the day of the new moon 🌙 in Taurus ♉️. Taurus is the sign most connected to Mother Nature and is all about being one with nature, grounding, and feeling with all our 5 senses.
So today was the perfect day to go out into nature (if possible, in this lockdown..) feeling the earth under your feet and the wind in your hair. That’s exactly what I did ☀️

After seeing so many beautiful posts of Cherry blossom Trees (Sakura 🌸) on APPICS, I was on a mission to find some as well because they are some of my absolute favorite flowers 😍
Today I went to my local park and found an abundance of cherry blossom trees in full bloom there. That made me so happy! (I will share more cherry blossom content in the next posts 😁)

Let’s appreciate nature now even more than ever - we are all part of it, it’s all around us, and it’s truly the miracle of life 🌸🍃
Happy Earth Day and thank you dear planet Earth for being such a beautiful home to us 🏡 🌎

📸 Shot with an iPhone 11 Pro


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That looks great! I'll have to go out and get a picture of the tree we have outside our apartment tomorrow!

Meanwhile, there's not much of a lockdown here at all. Instead, with two weeks in a row of ~20 degrees C and sunny without a cloud, people have been flocking to the Cafe's and Bars for some outdoor beers or gather alongside the nearby river to enjoy the weather. (Image below taken after work today).


Yes please, I’d love to see it! And yeah it’s almost hard to imagine that cafes and restaurants are open in Norway just like normal .. the government did a really good job handling this crisis

☺️ vielen Dank 🙏🏼

This flower is beautiful to look at. Good shot

Such beautiful flowers

Yes they really are 😊 one of my absolute favorites

Great shot 👌

😁 thank you!

wow!!! beautiful indeed

Thank you! Appreciate it!

So beautiful!!😻

Great shot

This photo is just perfection :)

😄 that’s a big statement! Thanks Sergio!

And I stand for it


Nice 📸👍😀

Wow... so beautiful.

Beautiful catch ✨✨👌🏿

Thank you Cele 🙏🏼

Beautiful flowers 👌

Wow!! Really beautiful flower... Great shot..👌👌

Thank you for reminding us that home isn't where we just rest and eat yet home is where we stand right now, our dear Mother Earth! 🌎❤️

If other individuals think like this, then I think there will be no more deforestation or any acts that can destroy Earth! 🙏

We are all one with nature, many of us have just forgotten .. if people would realize this, they would stop destroying the earth because they would see they are actually fighting against themselves and destroying their own home 🌍

Indeed! Let's just hope when they finally realized it, it's not yet too late. 🙏

Beautiful flower. Good shot

Wow great shot.. sis

beautiful shot💗

Thank you Tatiana 💕

Lovely blossoms

well said 😇 so beautiful flower 👍

Beautiful flower. 😍😍

Cherry blossom 😍 so beautiful 👌😉

Absolutely! I have my garden to make most of my time too.

Everyone who has a garden during these times is really blessed, enjoy it! I make the most of the sun on my balcony as well ☀️

Stunning 🌱

Beautiful flowers

So much beauty in nature!

Thank you Karen! Nature’s beauty is all around us!

Amazing click😍

One of my favourite flowers too. :)

Unbelievable what a iPhone / cellphone can deliver for pictures. Beautiful blossoms

Outstanding shot! :)

Thats Beautiful!

Wow, beautiful

Beautiful flower

Beautiful shot! Like it! 🙌🏽😊

Wow!!! Nice shot

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