Nature always wears the colors of the spirit. 🌅⛵️🧡 In honor of our new NATURE ...

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... category that we just released on APPICS today, I’m sharing this beautiful sunset with you!
Can you believe that this picture is 0% edited ?!
Nature’s beauty is so incredible that it doesn’t need any filter 😍
This picture was taken in Mauritius, an idyllic island off of the coast of South Africa. When I look at this picture I almost can’t believe I was really there in that moment and all I want is to go back!! 🇲🇺
During times like this where all of us can’t travel and really miss visiting other places & countries, we are left with memories and anticipation for future travels 🗺 ✈️

I hope all of you are doing well in these turbulent times. Please remember that everything will pass, and appreciate this newly gained free time to plan and visualize for the future!

Stay healthy and most importantly, stay hopeful 🕊🤍


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The beauty of the Nature sometimes is something you can't comprehend!

It’s magical 💫✨

The beauty of the
Nature sometimes is something
You can't comprehend!

                 - steferretto

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

What a great way to start in this new category

Beautiful landscape ! Loving 🥰 it

Thank you 🙌

Beautiful view😍

Yeah right 😍 would love to be there right now

such a beautuful view 😍 this type of view can be seen in the river side area of Bangladesh 🇧🇩 also 😇😇😎

That’s amazing! Take a picture at sunset some time and post it on APPICS 😊

Wow!! Really beautiful view.. 😘😘love it so much.

I love it too 😻

Really incredible😍. Without edit, unbelievable.

Thank you Toushik 🙌

Very nice shot :)

Thank you! 👍

Awesome click 🤗💙

Thanks 😊

this view let me dreaming😍

Wow 😮 Nices Bild sehr schön 😍

wow so amazing view 🙏

So beautiful sunset 🌅

So beautiful 😍 And fantastic to see a new Nature Catagory! I will be using it soon maybe this afternoon its beautiful day! Hope to visit Mauritius sime day!

Cool looking forward to see your posts! And yes Mauritius is an absolute dream destination 🏝

Thanks @agent Do you know if tou guys got my application for Ambassador for Canada!?

Yes we did 😊 we have so many new ambassador applications that it takes a while to contact everyone. But @felixsander will get in touch with you to setup a call and discuss all the details for the ambassadorship!

Oh, that sounds awesome! 😀 Thank you so much for everything and getting back to me! ❤️💪

Beautiful view. Great shot

Amazing view. Great shot

wonderful natural view 👌📷

So nice view.good shot..what a place👌

Beautiful.... Wow.... Appics is definitely the place to post your photography.

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Wow you should dig more into photography! Amazing 😍

Amazing sunset 🤩 !BEER !trdo

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Wow love that one

Wow... so beautiful ... great photo

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