Daily Steem Stats Reports from @penguinpablo shows @appics and @steemaccess as Powering up the MOST steempower! get ready for this Appics ICO SMT

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@appics has been spotted as the highest powering up account on steemit a few days ago and i had to show everyone this. We should do research on both @appics (which looks very promising) and @steemaccess which sounds pretty interesting! New Steem Service?

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Wow thats good news. You guyz are simply amazing

@appics is a promising project that I am really taking part of their bounty program presently and I am fully enjoying it big-time till they get to round c before I could invest and hoping to have enough of funds to invest because I believe in it new generation of the social media App. @sirwinchester is a good visionary

I think it’s time to understand. The long term investors are using their power the right way

Thanks for the info @ackza. Lots of exciting things happening this year!!!!

I am ultra excited about Appics!

Great news and valuable information about the power of the game