$74.50 in volume for SAND on newdex. If you buy SAND cheap on steem engine you can ...

in #appics10 months ago

... withdraw to eos SAND and get eos you dan then use to buy STEEMP on newdex and deposit to steem engine and get more SAND and repeat untill all cheap sand is bought up.

When I enable add and start offering the ability to buy a post in trending like @richardcrill got for @weedcash then I will be excited to see SAND burned to get posts seen . Also ads from the nitrous site will buy SAND and I'd we buy 300 sand a day we can keep up with demand fro years to come. I plan to do more airdrops for local steem users .. worbli KYC for local airdrop of 100 to 1000 sand for first 1000 to 10,000 users.

Soon I will have challenges made in SAND showing up on https://SanDiegoCoin.org this SAND will be valuable enuf to have people collecting it like 1 dollar to 10 dollars worth. pokemon no poke coin. CryptoMonsters will be fun . I purchased steemengine.org and cryptowars.org and chatcrypto.me


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That's great #sandiego token.. I like it

Perfect day.. we hope #SAND-Tokens back and go to the moon @ackza

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