#monthlyauthorchallenge #01.30 Woohoo... free WIFI😎. | 哦耶.. 免费WIFI (by @ace108

in appics •  2 months ago

Riding in a bus now. 现在搭公车。


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Wow! You might forget to get off the bus!!

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I have travel companion today. :-)

Cool.Free WiFi😁😁.


Yes, first time I get it on the bus.
Thanks for visiting

That is always a welcome sight!


First time I get it in the public bus.

Free wifi is awesome, and I love your shot, nice bus there where you are!


Yes, it a nice one but I guess only good for the long rides. :-)
Thanks for coming by


Your welcome 😊👍

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@ ace108 I love your country dear friend, free wifi on the bus is the maximum. congratulations for the excellent shot
I wish you a great day


Thank you. Have a good day