📷Monthly Author Challenge #03.02 Cable car in Singapore you can dine in | 新加坡缆车里可用餐 ...

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Singapore is such a small country but we have an aerial cable car not so much of a need. More of a tourist kind of travel. I think I been on it twice. It moves people from Mount Faber to Sentosa. With land transport to and from Sentosa so convenient nowadays, I wonder how popular is it but it is still operating after all these years. I heard they have dining in the cable car. Yes, see?
新加坡是一个小国家,但我们有一个空中缆车。也不是说有需要而多是旅游。 我好像只搭了两次了。它是来往花柏山和圣淘沙的交通工具。 现在来往圣淘沙通过陆路交通是很方便,不知道缆车还有多受欢迎,但还是依然这么多年在运作。 我听说他们有缆车上用餐的服务。 是的,看到吗?


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