Apophysis Fractals!

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What you're about see below are two of the fractals i made today with Apophysis 7x
This program is amazing, and you can use tons of different tweaks and variables , i.e the possibilities are endless, I recommend if you're trying this out, to google for tutorials as it's kind of hard to grasp in the beginning ;)

If you're interested in "art" and want to try it out, search for Apophysis 7x

Leaves steemit

bloom fractal

both images are tweaked in photoshop aswell!
If you want a Desktop Background of any of these or if you want me to post more, just leave a comment if you do!
Also i will be making more of these and posting them in bigger resolutions!

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Great ones, love the flower!

Left you a vote and followed you! Hope to see more in the future! I am also doing fractal art, feel free to check it out 😊.
Would love to hear your feedback!

Hi! This post has a Flesch-Kincaid grade level of 10.3 and reading ease of 70%. This puts the writing level on par with Michael Crichton and Mitt Romney.

Keep up the great work @thelindvall