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in apology •  2 months ago

I believe I was doing a good thing. And have been presented with some evidence. Well if I have brought a scam here and the community is correct? I apologize to you all.

I had issues and paid teamgood 6 steem for their help in creating it. And I passed on the keys to Karla.

If I helped them? I'm sorry but I believed I was trying to help a real cause and effect change positively.

I'm sorry if anyone wants to be mad at me. But I believed. And it could have been true.

That's my position.

Not talking about cowpocylapse or the other drama yesterday.

But again. I'm also asking for a video from Richard marcinko. And I will present that if it does become available.

I'm of a huge heart. And trust easily. I've been burned before. And still help.

If this is a scam? And if I fell for it? I'm sorry I was trying.

Those who know me? Know I rather take action and change things.

Well it's been a wild few days.

But if this is true... Man I did what I could. I personally accept the fact that I can be wrong.

Hope you all come talk about it. Am I wrong for trying to do good? What do you want to see from here?

Should I never help again?

My best answer... You vote me because you like seeing what I do. Helping me grow is a blessing and everything here I've built up. Just hard work and your support.

So again if I've been taken for a ride and had my trust taken advantage of? Well I threw up 6 steem myself and the transaction history can be found.

So I hope people will understand. This is my thoughts.

If things a scam. OK

If it's not? I'm gonna feel bad for the young mother.

My feelings? That I wasted 6 steem helping I can live with. Learning lesson. Promoting the wrong cause? I didn't do it knowingly, and wouldn't help something that's in a bad way.

So please. I'd welcome your thoughts and am voting comments.

If you believe in my heart? Well there is the vote button.

And again. Thank you for the evidence. I did have some doubts but fair enough. And the people that provided that? I highly respected now and in the future. I appreciate that.

Well I hope that the community sees this.

I've believed in Steemit and still do!

And maybe it will all work out. If I just be patient. If it is a scam I'm done promoting the issue.

I've never willingly helped a scammer. And done my best to be a loyal friend to people around me. And i hope you see that.

But what are your thoughts?

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The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Sometimes well-minded people find themselves accidentally contributing to harmful things. It happens, don't beat yourself up over it. You've said you're sorry, that'll do.

~ Mako


I appreciate it. It's hard admitting you are wrong.

And if I am? I really do feel bad. And apologize.

Thank you for your comment! Voting and appreciate it! Your opinion has a dramatic effect on me.

Steem on!