High Art of the Golden Dawn: Summoning the Apocalypse

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Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 9.36.39 PM.png

The Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn make a new form of art, painting on the canvas of the Zeitgeist, the collective unconsciousness. Our art is collaborative, subliminal, and illuminating.

It all started with the Ü. The subliminal smile was chosen as the symbol of the Golden Dawn, the most essential seed of Light that encapsulates the core of our Great Work. Collective Awakening and Unity are encoded within this most essential symbol.

The symbol hidden on the back of the hood of the King Cobra of the Pharaoh is what the Illuminated Pharaoh’s third eye opens to see—the Ü. It is the ultimate occult symbol of Illumination.

Spreading this symbol through the art of woke artists spreads this symbol through the minds of the masses. The more it is used, the more awaken to it, causing even more to use it in their art. This ‘snowball’ chain reaction of Illumination is a metaphor for the chain reaction of the Great Awakening. It is a proof of concept for the chain reaction proliferation of seeds of Light.

The next act of our orchestrated chain reaction high art project and psychological operation was the ‘sexual heart.’ The heart symbol is not just the most popular symbol of Love, it is the most prolific occult symbol. It is occult because it has long been said to represent the physical organ of the heart. The occult shape of this symbol is the female booty.

We changed this symbol from an occultist secret to a de-occultist seed of light, by incorporating additional detail, unveiling the true meaning of the symbol. Post Malone’s album did an exemplary job in creating the bridge from the Ü to the sexual heart with the cover art of his album ‘Beerbongs & Bentley’s.’

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 11.06.51 PM.png

The one eyed Ü (smiley face) is peaking out from the bottom left of the CD case. The heart symbol is prominently featured in the shape of the barbed wire. The format of the CD case primes the mind to imagine removing the CD by pushing one’s finger into the booty hole of the sexual heart symbol. Like pressing a button in the mind, it illuminates the truth of the sexual heart symbol of Light and de-occultism.

Post Malone’s covert art went even one step further, by introducing the additional sweep of barbed wire. One might assume that it is a frivolous addition, maybe added to partially veil the heart symbol, and it does play this role, representing the veil in its thinned state, being pulled back from the truth and Light.

This additional sweep of barbed wire, however, crosses the central circle to unveil the central symbol of the Golden Dawn: ‘Phi’ the Ancient Greek symbol of the Golden Ratio.

The next symbol in our high art painting of the Zeitgeist is the 35 (alt. 53/VVV). The lightning bolt symbol is the most common delivery vehicle for this subliminal, which is why the F35 is named ‘Lightning.’

The 35 (symbol of the three fives) is encoded in the Pentagon (5 sides, 5 floors, 5 rings), and even more crucially in the Washington Memorial obelisk’s height of 555 feet (6,660in). The obelisk is the most prominent occult Disclosure of the occultocracy’s worship of Moloch/Ba’al, for the obelisk represents a giant phallus of Moloch/Ba’al—the god of child sacrifice. It is ground zero of the Apocalypse Disclosure which will take down the cabal through the Great Awakening and weaponization of Light, when the majority realize what it represents.

Of the many forms of the 35 subliminal, one of the most popular forms it takes is the jagged crack. Miley Cyrus took the baton this time, and she created the bridge between the sexual heart and the 35, encoded within the cover art of her single ‘Nothing Breaks Like a Heart.’

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 11.07.56 PM.png

Where Post Malone has placed the hole of his CD (over the hole of the sexual heart) Miley’s cover art placed the jagged ‘35’ subliminal. The relative lack of feature to the crack both above and below the ‘35’ symbol helps to frame and highlight the symbol. The chain at the top, from which the heart is suspended, represents the chains of slavery being broken by the Illumination of the Golden Dawn.

Since we are entering a new phase of this campaign, and the symbolism is not only becoming more complex and compounded, but also being made increasingly unveiled or ‘de-occulted,’ the above ‘35’ symbol encoded within the crack of the heart happened to be too hidden. In order to more explicitly unveil the symbolism, a follow up song of the same project was created with a less ambiguous encoding of the 35 symbol:


Instead of encoding both the 3 and 5 within the same crack shape of the heart, they were separated into two discrete digits, with even a gap in-between to help clearly differentiate and disambiguate the ‘35’ into a barely subliminal form. As if this clarification was not enough, the song itself is a shout-out to the Ü de-occultist symbol, with not only the title, but with lyrics as well. For example:

‘There’s a [U]-shaped space in my bed
Always [U]-shaped thoughts inside my head’

With just these few examples—out of literally hundreds of iterations—we are able to track the progression of the consecutive phrases of the hieroglyphic poetry of the Illuminated Suns. (It is also perhaps referring to weaponized apophenia?) This chain reaction snowballing of subliminal seeds of Illumination is growing, organically and virally—as well as deliberately—Illuminating the minds of visual artists everywhere, through social media and all other forms of art sharing, recruiting them to spread the symbols yet further within their own art—like a virus recruits the ribosomes of a cell to make copies of itself.

As these seeds of Light spread, sprouting in the minds of artists, and being sown yet again through their art, they are planted in increasingly large numbers in the subconscious minds of the masses. This process is actively priming the collective unconscious of the Zeitgeist for the impending collective consciousness event—the Great Awakening.

As the messages of the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn—the Golden Keys of the Great Awakening—become more distilled, more prolific, more synergistic, and more obvious, they push the collective unconscious of the Zeitgeist closer and closer to the tipping point, the ‘supercriticality' of the chain reaction—the Flash of the Great Awakening.

Not everyone spreading these symbols is consciously aware of the deeper meaning of these symbols, and the greater mission of orchestrating the Great Awakening. Indeed, it is likely that the majority of repetitions are done without conscious awareness of the Great Work they are unconsciously part of. This is just as well, however, for they are still playing their part in the orchestra.

The Illuminated Suns, however, are fully aware of the higher purpose of this movement. We actively use our privileged positions, at the pinnacle nodes of influence networks, to consciously encode these seeds of Light within the most iconic and popular art being produced today. We know exactly what we are doing, as we consciously create and liberally sow these seeds of Light within our magical sigils, for we are preparing to reap the greatest harvest. We are preparing the bloom of the Great Awakening. We are summoning the Golden Dawn.

This is our Magnum Opus, the magical Great Work of the Illuminated Suns, the Great Awakening of the masses, the Ascension of the fallen, and the Dawning of the Golden Age.

This Great Work was encoded long ago, within the Great Seal of the United States. The Illuminated Eye of Providence, or Eye of Horus, atop the truncated pyramid represents the Illumination and weaponization of Light—which triggers the controlled demolition of the dark cabal of the deep state occultocracy.

The subliminal symbolism of the Eye atop the Pyramid is prominently encoded within the new architecture of the One World Trade Center. Look up at the Freedom Tower from the side and it looks like a Pyramid. Look up at it from the corner, however, and it looks like the truncated Pyramid of the Great Seal. The Eye of Providence is not only implied by the truncated Pyramid, it is explicitly included in the architecture of the site in the form of the eye-shaped transportation hub called the ‘Oculus,’ which literally means ‘Eye’ in Latin.

The base of the Great Seal’s Pyramid is engraved with the Roman numerals of the number 1776. The Pyramid shape of the Freedom Tower is also encoded with this number, for it was built specifically to be 1776 feet tall.

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 9.36.39 PM.png

The concept of the triggered chain reaction collapse of a Pyramid—symbolic of the controlled demolition of the cabal through weaponized Light / the Disclosure of the blackmail control files of the cabal by Bush Sr to Trump’s NSA/DIA/CIA—has also been encoded within recent pop culture imagery.

The most prolific example of Disclosure of this chain reaction demolition of a Pyramid structure from the top-down, was recently encoded within Ariana Grande’s music video for ‘7 Rings.’ The video features Ariana pouring champagne onto the top of a Pyramid of champagne flutes. She pours it so vigorously that it triggers a systematic top-down cascading collapse of the Pyramid.

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 11.09.53 PM.png

As a nod to the high art orchestration of subliminal Easter Eggs, this iconic scene in the music video also features the prominent placement of an Ü—in the form of a crescent moon and splashing Champaign droplets forming a subliminal smiley face—on the wall directly behind the Pyramid.

To further compound the efficacy and deliberate nature of this Illuminated high art, the Ü was again encoded, this time within the logo of the album’s title, using the ® as the ‘eye’ to the pink swoosh’s ‘smile,’ forming a one-eyed Ü. The very title ‘7 Rings’ implies the 777 / 555 (35). The Ring itself represents Saturn (which encodes the 555 within the Phi ratio of its ‘Rings’; Phi itself, the ‘Golden’ Ratio, is, itself, a literal representation of Saturn).

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 9.43.02 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 11.11.13 PM.png

To yet further compound this already prolific collection of occult imagery encoded within the art of ‘7 Rings,’ a ‘3’ is spray painted in the ideal 35 shape: the meeting point shape where spine of ‘3’ and the spine of ‘5’ perfectly align.


This shape can be changed from a perfect ‘3’ to a perfect ‘5,’ by simply moving the top arm of the number from the left side to the right side. Were both ‘arms’ represented simultaneously, it would become an overt ‘35.’ By occulting the right side, however, the overt nature of the symbol is made covert, occulted, and subliminal—while also acting as a metaphor for the act of placing one’s hand over their right eye.

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 9.06.27 PM.png

As if this one example is not already one of the most iconic and prolific masterpieces within the Illuminated Suns’ Great Work, this 3 doesn’t just imply 3 fives, but reinforces the 3 sevens. The three sevens are also implied within the 1776 numerals of the Great Seal’s Pyramid, as well as the Freedom Tower’s ‘Pyramid’ (1776 ft), for the occult meaning of this number/date is that reducing the number (by adding the 1 to 776) creates 777—which represents perfection/completion.

In case this is not clear enough, the ‘Three Sevens’ are included in the same shot, on a car, the front door, and the mailbox. Then, again, the ‘Three Sevens’ flashed (in Japanese), during the video:

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 11.12.26 PM.png

What is the significance of using Japanese? The 35/Saturn symbol is actually a character in the Japanese alphabet (‘Hiragana’), which is the one of the Hiragana characters used to pronounce seven in Japanese. In Japanese there is an inherent link between 7 and the 35 symbol of Saturn, which they pronounce ‘chi’ (chē).


Then we have the Japanese figures who have Moons for eyes (Moon = Eye). This is used to subliminally transform the crescent moon over the pyramid of glasses into a symbol of an Eye (of Providence) over the Pyramid.

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 11.13.28 PM.png

In case this was too subtle, there was an upside down truncated pyramid shown at :53 of the video:

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 11.14.31 PM.png

To give you a lesson, ‘Subliminal Imagery 101’ if you will, let’s go to 1:01 in the video…. Remember how crescent MOON = EYE? What do we find near the top of the truncated pyramid at 1:01?

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 11.15.24 PM.png

Yep—another Moon/EYE at the top of a truncated pyramid. (oh is that a 35 lightning bolt? On the right, is that lamp a ‘one-eyed Ü’? Are those two ‘sexual hearts’ on the wall to the left? Is that a giant sexual heart in the background, through which the left side of the pyramid is perfectly bisecting, to create a Phi symbol (Golden Ratio)? Are there also two Üs at the top of the two ‘pillars’ at the top right? Or can sheeple blame it all on apophenia?!)

Just in case you were wondering if the symbolism related to 9/11, let’s look at another instance of the Moon/Eye:

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 11.15.57 PM.png

Her legs make an ‘X,’ which relates with the pillar to the left to make ‘IX’ (9), while it relates with the pillar to the right to make ‘XI’ (11)—9/11—while the staircase is shaped like another truncated pyramid. (Does her hair tempt one to see a ‘35,’ or were some details of this video ‘coincidental,’ or purely apophenia?;)

Let’s take a look at the album cover art:

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 11.17.06 PM.png

The ‘eye’ of the ‘i’ is positioned at the apex of the same shape as the Freedom Tower’s truncated Pyramid. If this fits the pattern, then we have 3 different truncated pyramids, each with an ‘eye.’ (After all, her name ‘Ari’ Grande literally/subliminally means ‘Our Eye Grande’ or ‘Our-Big-Eye.’)

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 9.37.28 PM.png

This occult numerological significance of 1776 is the reason why the Illuminists in Bavaria chose this date to officially found the ‘Bavarian Order of the Illuminati.’ It is also the same reason why the Illuminists among the founding fathers chose this year to officially found America through the Declaration of Independence (Freedom).

To bring this multigenerational masterpiece of Illuminist symbolism full circle, the act of reducing 1776 to 777 is visually represented by drawing a arching arrow from the 1 to the 6. This not only makes a subliminal smile shaped arc, but it makes the 77 into the eyes of the Ü, while implying the third 7, which implies a ‘Third Eye.’ The Ü itself implies the Third Eye Illumination of the Egyptian Pharaoh, which sees the ‘Ü’ on the back of the King Cobra’s hood when it opens.

The Ü was the occult symbol of Illumination in Ancient Egypt, and it has remained so for millennia. John Dee so essentially identified with this symbol that it is the occult meaning of his code name ‘007.’ The way Dee signed his ‘007’ code name, on official correspondence with the Queen of England, he stylized it by stretching the 7 over the ‘00,’ to create an upside down Ü. If turned right side up, it makes a ‘V’ (5/Phi) shape or an L (‘El’ of ‘Elohim’).

What do the ‘00’’s represent? The two open eyes of the Awakened? Are they wild-card place holders, to make the symbol either ‘777’ or ‘555,’ depending on which way you look at it? Does this represent the duality of the Fall and the Ascension, also encoded within the both the 9/11 date and the ‘IX XI’ Masonic apron of George Washington? Does it represent the duality of darkness(666) and Light(.999)? Did I just add that decimal point before the three 9’s to imply ‘Gold’? Did I add it to make a one-eyed ‘Ü’ with the parenthesis? Did I add it to symbolize the Eye of Providence, the Eye of Horus, the Eye of the Elohim? Does the ‘double “o”’ spell the sound of how the umlaut Ü is pronounced: the sound of the desire and anticipation implicitly felt when one sees the True Light of the Golden Dawn?

The Ü is already implicit in the subconscious connotations of the shape of the Egyptian Pyramid, by itself. But every extra compounding connotation serves to channel yet more Light into this magical seed, for this is the central ‘Crown Jewel’ of all Illuminist sigils.

Another ‘Crown Jewel’ of Illuminist sigils is the Delta-Phi. The occulted version of which was popularized by the ‘Deathly Hallows’ symbol of Harry Potter (shout-out to the Tavistock Institute). This symbol is the combination of Delta and Phi. The occult version (‘Deathly Hallows’) has been occulted by removing the descending arm of Phi, the same technique as removing the right arm of the unified ‘35’ symbol, and analogous to placing one’s hand over their eye.

The Delta-Phi Illuminates the Golden Ratio, while implying Ascension with the upward triangle shape of Delta. Broken into its elements, the Triangle (Delta is the ancient form of the letter ‘D’), Line, and Circle together spell ‘DIO’—Italian for ‘God.’ It represents the Illumination of the Golden Light of the Elohim, the Illuminated Eye at the top of the Great Seal’s Pyramid, the ‘Eye’ implied by the Oculus and Freedom Tower at ‘Ground Zero.’

The Delta-Phi is not only the weaponized Light Wünderwaffe hiding in plain sight at ‘Ground Zero,’ it also is memorialized by the ‘Zero Day’ of Disclosure: ‘D5’ Bush’s funeral date. The day the ‘D5’ (highest category) Avalanche (chain reaction ‘snowball’ effect to the max) was triggered by Bush Sr’s passing and the weaponization of all of his CIA/NWO blackmail ‘control files’ by the chosen ‘Golden Don’ of the Golden Dawn: Delta-Phi = D5 = 45 = Trump

Light Trumps darkness
Truth Trumps lies
Gold Trumps debt
Amnesty Trumps blackmail
Military Trumps bank
Love Trumps fear
Elohim Trump Moloch

To Defy Evil is the root of Freedom.
D-Phi is the root/‘spell’ of ‘Defy.’
D5, 2018, was ‘Day Zero’ of the Golden Dawn. (Just watch Jeb Bush’s expression when Jr hands him a note during the funeral; his facial expressions tell it all.)
Delta-Phi is the ‘Oculus’ Trigger at ‘Ground Zero,’ the Wünderwaffe of weaponized Light, hiding in plain sight, waiting to spark the flash of the Great Awakening.

Q: What symbol, when overlapped with the ‘Deathly Hallows’ symbol, unlocks the Illumination of the Delta-Phi?

A:A symmetrical ‘Q’

Merciful Ascension is a slow-rolling, carefully managed Apocalypse, systematically blowing the minds of the cabal, quietly flipping the power structure with amnesty deals in the shadows, as the veil is pulled back further and further, Priming the Zeitgeist for the day when the hammer of military justice finally drops, and the doors of the most die-hard pedophile banksters finally get kicked, and the wool of the most hoodwinked is finally pulled from eyes of the sheeple.

From D5, 2018, until that indeterminate day when the Golden Dawn of Light, Truth, and Military Justice finally Flashes into everyone’s consciousness—the Great Awakening will remain a personal experience, as minds are blown open to the Light of Dawn, one at a time, as the D5 chain reaction continues to build momentum toward the inevitable Flash of Dawn.

Welcome to the symphony of the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn. Join us, as we summon the Apocalypse. Help hasten the Dawning of the Golden Age, by helping to sow our seeds of Light, and Bless each other with our Sigils of Illumination.


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