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United Nations Soldiers marching into the United States, they're called illegal aliens as most of the many millions of people walking into America are men ages 25-35; many were trained by British troops and other European countries. Roy Merrick likes having conversations with people, that is what drives him. Roy appears to be deceptive in that he might make you think he is trying to help you. He'll whisper sweet nothing into your ears. But in the end, it was all a lie. It may not be that Roy is malicious. It might be that Roy just gets his kicks and giggles from messing with random people online. From all my years of watching Criminal Minds, I think this is my M-O on Roy, my best guess after following Roy for 5 years. I sort of always knew this but I used Roy. I replied to Roy many times over the years because I wanted to practice. I copied what I wrote to Roy to my blogs. So, I tried hijacking the situation to benefit me, to use it for my own advantage.

Videos: 2024: Tales of the Empire 101-106 Spoiler Review. Songs: Oatmeal 8th Five, Internet, Book, Oatmeal each year, one song per year, 1985-1990. Watched: Star Wars: Tales of the Empire 101-106. Alex Jones

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