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Are you a Game lover seeking the best CASINO gaming platform to join and enjoy different CASINO Games Both ONLINE and OFFLINE? Are you a crypto trader in need of a unique crypto trading platform that is different from other existing trading platforms and offers low transaction as well as listing fees? Do you want to invest in cryptocurrencies and wondering how to find an investment platform that can yield a better and mouth watering dividend for you?
If you are among the above mentioned categories, then I have brought good news to you. All you need to do is sit back and read this article.

Interestingly, I have just discovered an innovative platform that operates different business models that I have never come across on the blockchain. ANYONE is the name of the company.
ANYONE project is designed with several innovative features that make it different from other crypto based platforms. Starting from ANYONE Casino Games, operating ONLINE and OFFLINE for those who do not have access to internet but love playing Casino , I can boldly tell you that what I have seen on their website is great. ANYONE has designed so many beautiful GAMES that players can use to make some money while having fun at the same time.

ANYONE Game might not be the First CASINO Games platform on blockchain , I have seen others before now , but the intelligent and experience team of ANYONE has decided to make ANYONE CASINO games not just worth playing but ensuring STABILITY and RELIABILITY which are the major problems faced by the existing CASINO platforms on the blockchain . Although the Blockhain technology has been designed to offer Transparency, Trust, Decentralization, safety etc, it is the responsibility of the team to come up with a strategy that will ensure that the platform is not only transparent but the server used for DATA storage should be Reliable all the time. This is what ANYONE CASINO gaming platform stands for.



you will agree with me that since the creation of cryptocurrency about a decade ago, there are a lot of cryptocurrencies created to run the numerous projects on the blockchain , but most of those cryptocurrencies do not see the light of the day , its either Exchange listing fee is too high for developers to list or price manipulations by WHALES has rendered most of those coins valueless.

Crypto traders also find it difficult to use some exchanges due to their difficult user friendly dashboard, or high transaction fees which do not allow inexperience traders or traders with small amount of cryptocurrencies to trade. Also, low trade volume and lack of liquidity have affected a thousand and one Exchanges out there and either cause them to crash or remain dormant.

ANYONE has considered all these factors and they are Creating a Crypto Exchange platform that will not only offer low listing fees to developers but will also give a relatively low transaction fees for traders. The team of ANYONE has planned to get some top crypotcurrencies listed on ANYONE Exchange. This will further increase the trading volume as well as liquidity as it will draw a lot of traders who have hitherto had bad experiences on the existing trading platform.

Investment is one of the several Business model designed by ANYONE. Investing in ANYONE platform is meant to yield a huge ROI via dividend sharing. Investors stand a chance of earning upto 6% of his or her investment on ANY or GAMECHIP and will be allow earning a maximum of 26% dividend in three months interval. Apart from earning as an investor, users who hold a particular amount of ANY will earn daily payment depending on dividend realized by ANYONE from their ANY coin.


ANY coin is the coin created by ANYONE to manage ANYONE ecosystem. There are several uses of ANY coin.
For Gaming: ANY will be used for betting
For Exchange: ANY coin will be used for transaction fees
For other COINs and public offering listing ANY will serve as a means of payment
For payment of rewards and dividends ANY coin is use.
Since ANYONE is an outstanding project, there are plans on ground to maintain the value of ANY coin and even raise it higher in the nearest future. With this, there will be no more creation of ANY rather the supply will keep reducing and the value will increase.


In conclusion, I will like my readers to know that ANYONE is not a new project trying to raise money, ANYONE is an already existing project with physical structures as their offices in HONKONG and BELIZE with their different business models already in operations. More so, ANYONE CASINO Games are open for everyone except those under the age of 19 years. Be part of this project, enjoy several CASION Games, earn from your investment and receive daily dividend. you can also download ANYONE WALLETS here:

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Congratulations to ANYONE Casino on their grand opening! These are some very cool projects that ANYONE is working on - thanks for sharing this information with us, @funex1! Have you had a chance to play yet? Looking forward to future posts!

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you are welcome , thanks for reading. Indeed ANYONE is like he best casino platform i have seen on the blockchain , not only operating online but also offline Casino in different countries . although i have not played yet but looking forward to that . Another good news here is that the team is planning on introducing both web and mobile applications . really interesting i must say . i am so glad to be part of ANY community .