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The passion of amateurs.
Just like most of us, Zecharia Sitchin was an ordinary working guy. What set him apart from most people, was his self-taught ability to read cuneiform and ancient Sumerian, and his story of the Anunnaki. Most people have hobbies besides their day jobs, and most people are pretty passionate about those hobbies. Those people are usually a lot more fanatical and even knowledgable about those hobbies than people who work in that sector.

For instance; someone who enjoys making quilts for friends and family will make them with love and spend days perfecting it and making it as durable as possible. Someone who makes quilts in a factory for a living couldn’t give a crap about the durability. They just want to get the work done and go home. Because at home they can do what they truly love, their hobby. They'll still make fine quilts, but they’ll achieve it by doing the bare minimum required by their boss. Doing something as a profession makes you insensitive about it, that’s just how it is.

Now that we’ve cleared up that hobbyists are sometimes more passionate and talented at what they do than the average professional, should we not trust Sitchin’s translation a little more than what he is given credit for? The man spent a big chunk of his life learning the language. He translated 5000 year old texts, and interpreted them to the best of his ability so we could make some sense of them.


The story of the Anunnaki.
If you are even remotely interested in this kind of stuff, I assume you are already familiar with the story that Sitchin wrote or maybe you even read his books, so I won’t bore you with a three page long recounting of the entire history. If you don’t, then you can read the entire timeline here.

In short, The Anunnaki live on Nibiru, they needed gold to fix their atmosphere, they came to Earth because it had a lot. After arriving here, they spent six days investing and recording all plant and animal life on the planet, the seventh day was a rest day. They eventually grew tired of mining the gold themselves, so they created a slave race, us. They infused Homo Erectus with Anunnaki DNA and created Homo Sapiens to serve them.

After giving us the ability to reproduce, we quickly became too numerous and unmanageable, so they banned a majority from their home city, eventually they even flooded the Earth to greatly reduce our numbers. In the end they had enough gold to repair their atmosphere, and the Anunnaki returned to their home planet, leaving us under the charge of a select few kings whom they had infused with more Anunnaki DNA to make them superior.


The criticism.
I would like to go in depth about the point of view the critics have on Sitchin’s story, but there just isn’t that much to find. They have ridiculed him a lot, others have dismissed it casually, some have given small examples of why he is wrong, but every time I read one of those critics arguments all I end up concluding is that they want me to buy their book to find out more. That’s a little backward, isn’t it? Shouldn't you convince me that you’re right and then tell me to buy your book? Taking a dump on some guys life work just to increase sales on your interpretation of the same story is pre-internet trolling.

Now, there is one guy who is making it his mission to prove Sitchin wrong, and he is anything but convincing. On every page of his website he refers to “videos below” that aren’t there, or a talk he gave once, or another blog he has. The main point I get from this is that Sitchin was wrong about the planet being called Nibiru. Ok, so the rest is correct!? I don’t really know, and I couldn’t find any alternative translations of those same texts that Sitchin translated, so I will dig deeper into that in the future. For this post it isn’t really that important whether Sitchin is right or wrong.


The motivation.
I want to compare Sitchin’s translation to modern day religions. If it wasn’t obvious already, Sitchin’s translation has everything in common with the Bible, or the Quran, or the Tanakh, or the Shreemad Bhagavad Gita, or the… you get the point. So, once we realize that, and we know that those Sumerian texts and tablets are the oldest writings known to man, can we not logically conclude that there are only two options left? Either Sitchin made it all up and wrote a whole new religion under the guise of translating old texts, or he translated it accurately to the best of his ability.

The first one makes the most sense. But if that was the intention, then why did he not pursue it further? All he did was publish the books and later he did interviews. Why didn’t he start a cult? Why didn’t he find more ways to part people from their money? That’s not at all typical for people who try to start religions, it’s almost always with a dark ulterior motive. Did he just fail to steer it into the direction he intended then? Could be.

Let’s assume he wrote those books with the best intention, to educate and inform. That would mean the stories are true and we are a slave race designed by aliens to serve them. But then where are our so called overlords now? Will they come back? What will happen when they come back?


In conclusion
In conclusion, I don’t know what to make of Sitchin’s translation. I could imagine that it wouldn’t sound as far fetched to us if we hadn’t stopped the space race after we landed on the moon. Imagine where we could be today if Russia had told the U.S. that they would beat them to Mars instead of the moon, and if they didn’t win that, that they’d beat them to Proxima Centauri after that. I bet space travel and our current everyday technology would be a lot different from what we have now.

Recent finds have pushed back the earliest modern humans to 300.000 years ago, which agrees with Sitchin’s claims.

A few years ago, they also discovered Planet X, they just disagree on the size.

The more time goes by, the more Sitchin’s translation seems to be reinforced.

I remain uncertain about the truth, and I will do more research in future posts, but I have reaffirmed one thing from this. All religions are a copy, of a copy, of a copy, of a… story?

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