China's biggest altcoin Antshares rebrands to NEO

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One of my favorite altcoins to watch antshares rebranded to NEO. I started keeping an eye on this crypto from the moment it cracked top 30 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization and I'm still a big fan of it.

Earlier on i wanted to buy some but didn't know where to buy them and even though their market capitalization was above $500 million i still had this inner fear that it could be inflated or it's a pump and dump because for most part it's daily traded volume was $100+ million, in comparison that's like 10% of bitcoin and for a new altcoin that was down right suspicious.

Weeks passed and i realized that ANS was the real deal and reason i didn't know about it well is that the western media and bloggers didn't cover it extensively because it was mainly used in East Asia.

What do you think of the re-branding from Antshares to NEO? and do you have ANS in your portfolio? Let me know in the comments.


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