Various Antique Cars in Suffolk, UK

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These pictures were taken in the olden days; prehistoric times before the Coronavirus outbreak. I just thought I'd mention that so that people didn't think I was out being a jackass during these isolated times.


I have always been a fan of antique cars. This is most likely because growing up, my grandfather was a avid collector. He had a really long garage behind his house which could hold about 10 cars from what I remember. He also had them parked all over the yard!

Of course the cars in these images are presumably British so I am not really familiar with them. My Grandfather collected old Model A/T era cars which required cranks to start them. It is really hard to remember much about them because I was only 10 the last time I saw them.


It is amazing when you consider just how far we have come with motor vehicles since these motorized carriages shared the streets with the horses so many years ago. Times were much simpler, and presumably much slower!

Can you imagine seeing cars zooming up and down the road for the first time as a full grown adult? I can imagine that there were a lot of folks who wanted nothing at all to do with them. You little whipper snappers and your newfangled motor cars! Get off the road!


I have to admit, I really don't know anything at all about these particular cars. One thing that I find interesting is that none of the are covered in any way. Does anyone know anything about these vehicles? Were they made for a specific task? Like hauling fancy people around? Okay, now I just sound really ignorant. Oh, well. I won't pretend to know what I don't know!


Check out that chain. It reminds me of my old Motorcycle. I wonder how fast these things can go? Or how many miles to the gallon. I guess gasoline was so cheap in those days that it wasn't as much of a concern. Well, at least it was here in the US. I'm not sure about the UK. I remember the first time that I traveled to England I was blown away at how expensive gasoline is compared to back home.


These cars make me think of old Ford tractors. A childhood friend of mine collects old tractors and restores them. In fact, I happen to have a picture of one that he posted on Facebook a while back:


When I was about 15 or so, we used to ride this thing all over fields in Elizabethtown, Kentucky singing songs. He would generally drive and I'd ride on the fender. Those were some really great times!

I know that it has been said many times before, but it still rings true. They just don't make things the way that they used to. This is especially true for motor vehicles!

Oh yes, and just for fun I have included a more recent photo of myself riding on a stone age era tractor:


Try to imagine plowing 20 acres with that bad boy. I am sure that Fred Flintstone got plenty of use out of it. For the life of me I couldn't figure out how to start the damn thing up.


I'd love a ride in the first car. The last one you can only start with a match!😜

haha I think you are right.

Cool cars are always a winner √


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Hi there

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Are you fully moving there or will you stay on both chains? Just curious. I'm trying to figure out what to do myself.

Very beautiful cars, I am surprised that there are still people who owns them. @nuthman

Me too. They are true relics of the past, but still very cool.

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