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Nice graphic lol! ;) What is this antipost movement all about? Edit: Just read the post you resteemed, thats an interesting challenge, good luck with your entry!

I love your take on this, and was lucky to first see it on night mode while I was almost falling asleep with my phone in my hand last night ;-)


Thanks @soyrosa! I figure this might look pretty dumb if folks are already in night mode, haha.


i need to open a window for some extra oxygen because this stuff was breathtaking...

Gees😱 what's this? This place is blank!


Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 6.45.53 PM.png


wow! 😱😱😱

All that white is so beautiful!

You spent 13 hours thinking this up.


LIES!... 12 hours.

Whoaaa awesomee!

Beyond the limits @voronoi... beyond the limits!

I see you manage Toggle Night Mode as a pro! ;)
Signature Curse hehehehe


Haha thanks Leo! :D

very nice post bro! ,follow for follow 🤣😂

and it was the #anticomment for our kind admin <3 :D


Hahahah, thanks Adele!

#anticomment is an awesome idea though!!

Hmmm, an interesting take...


Lot's of artsy ways to pursue this :D

THIS IS TOO COOL! Haha, I love it.


I had some fun with this one :)

The first white post on white background...


Now if only we could make it completely invisible... hmmm...

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Thanks for the support @steem-ua!

the things only visible in darkness! ;)


Dark mode is a fun dimension to this challenge... :)


Thanks @hhtb! I dig your recent take :D