[What IS a Post?] #2

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My second answer to the Weekly Question posted by @sndbox: What IS a Post?

My entry earlier this week here.

Clever approach @soyrosa!

Thanks @Jaynie! Wanna join in the fun? :D

am contemplating it.... hehe :)

Awesome :D Let me know if you did one - I suddenly have inspiration for one more - maybe tomorrow :')

haha will do :) and I will keep a look out for yours :)

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Ah. So satisfactory.

  ·  last year (edited)

Soyrosa, I wonder what some people on Steemit expect from a post..long drawn out or short to the point posts.
Long wordy posts, with as many repeats and words as possible, seems to be the norm on Steemit..or at the least, encouraged by certain individuals.
I was taught to condense your work and write in one or two sentences what some writers draw out to two or more+ paragraphs.
I have always tried to make each post 50-100 words long with photos. Writing a story is a different matter.
Since joining, I have tried to lengthen my posts but feel I’m boring people when saying the same thing in different ways.
Perhaps it’s time for a new kind of post. 😊