What is an anti-post? #antipost challenge by @sndbox

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The Anti Post is one that is flagged heavily


In answer to the anti post challenge.

My answer to this week's challenge from @sndbox

Welcome to our Weekly Question Series - every Monday, @sndbox will publish a question designed to challenge and explore new ways of engaging the Steem blockchain.


This post created with #esteem created by @good-karma

#steemitbloggers – a great group I invite everyone to explore. The support I have experienced in this group is phenomenal. @jaynie leads the group in a very open way.

#steemusa – These are members living in the USA or aboard from the States. It seems to be group effort and anyone that joins is warmly welcomed.

#photofriend – This is a group of photographers enjoying each others photography. If you post photography consider joining this group.

Made by - @rebeccabe

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I see you are really totally integrated on Steemit @rebeccabe - this is great, you do a lot in various groups which is awesome! I know some of them and most of them seem to be really good and engaged helpful communities.

I was aiming to use again more esteem by @good-karma - the mobile app was one of my very first engaging topics when I arrived on steemit and I did also some volunteer work for the app in the early days. I struggled with the desktop version though but will take a look into this soon again.
Steem On.

  ·  last year (edited)

I am on the desktop version ... It has really been upgraded and is better now. Upload the latest version of #esteem by @good-karma and I think you will be amazed.

The groups are fun :)

Checking tomorrow

I wanted to add... you working on it, in the beginning is totally impressive.. wow

nothing major - just helping with translation stuff into German :-)

That's cool.

Beautiful Gif friend...
well done...

glad you like it :)

It is awesome..


Welcome friend...

I didn't know there was a desktop version of esteem. I'll check it out.

In England an antepost is related to the bets that are taken before a race but the spelling is different so I guess it means something else on steemit? :-)

Well, this is a contest we interpret what we think an anti "steemit" post is. everyone has a different version.
Mine version is the ones that are flagged so I used giphy to express this. @molometer
yes I like my desktop version of #esteem

Yep I went and had a read of that post and followed sndbox too. Very interesting idea. What is content? Nice to try out new things and ways of looking at what we do. It's very subjective and that's the good thing about any kind of content. Someone somewhere will enjoy it. This is a chance to redefine what content could be.

I just got it. Anti post = heavily flagged lol Nice one.

right... haha!