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@sndbox's weekly challenge prompts you to think about what IS a post, really?
I absolutely love this week's challenge and there's so many amazing #antiposts out there. I was inspired by @soyrosa's brilliant post.



What would we do without Google ?

Go-to for any random question that pops into mind!

I love it! Indeed - how! Google could give you a thousand options and ‘ten tips to...’ posts - but then what? Are they applicable to your topic, style of writing - and what if you want to share visually?

Awesome entry!

After looking at your #antipost, I actually wanted just backspace a really long post on the steemit Write A Post page. But then I had to think about what the hell to write to backspace. So I went to Google instead.

Glad you like it!

Ahhhh - our minds work similar. My first idea was to grab a screenshot of an old post and just 'scratch' all over it :D Maybe I'll still do one today :D

Nooo way! The backspacing idea came after wanting to scribble over an old post. Yes, do it!!! I'd love to see that realised.

It's already done :')

This was a good question week I thought.

It really was!