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I'm a broken heart Like Alejandro Sanz
I detest almost everything go home with your light spam
I am the artwork, curators love me.
they name me every day, I'm among the best
Now I am who you think I am your desire of shine
You did not want anything with me because I did not know how to love you.
If you never loved me
because it bothers you if I pay pair of bitches
And at the hotel I have a party?
For all those women I never knew love
I can not buy your kisses but I pay for the lack of love
I'm still fresh and young I have my drugs and alcohol
Your ass in my gallery
I think there's nothing better
If I told you that "I love you", do not believe me, it was a mistake
I know you want the money
I see it in your eyes
If you do not know how to use the money, it's worth nothing
I know you are looking for love in others
they do not want give it
You are waiting for them to fall in love with you
and if not, you're going to cry, say yes
Because you want attention and you do not love yourself.
You are full of anxiety
I already went through that I was in depression
but out of nowhere I got money and now I am a blessing

I'll tell you that I love you so you do not complain
I love you even if you leave me in the same way

I'll tell you that I love you so you do not complain
I'll even if you leave me tomorrow.

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