☝#AntiGravity Video Research Series

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Here is a compilation of all the links, videos, and notes of my game-changing #AntiGravity Video Series. This compilation will be constantly updated as new parts are added so make sure to bookmark this post!

Links to All Notes

Relevant Links to Other Series

☝#AntiGravity Part 1: Eric Laithwaite, Gyroscopes, & #HiddenScience + Saturn Symbolism + MORE

#AntiGravity Part 1.jpeg

Steemit Notes:

Watch Video On:

☝#AntiGravity Part 2: Eric Laithwaite Lifts a 40 lb Gyro Wheel Like a Feather!

#AntiGravity Part 2.jpeg

Steemit Notes: https://steemit.com/antigravity/@mes/antigravity-part-2-eric-laithwaite-lifts-a-40-lb-gyro-wheel-like-a-feather

Watch Video On:

☝#AntiGravity Part 3: Eric Laithwaite's Reality-Defying 1974 Lecture on Gyroscopes #HiddenScience

#AntiGravity Part 3.jpeg

Steemit Notes: https://steemit.com/antigravity/@mes/antigravity-part-3-eric-laithwaite-s-reality-defying-1974-lecture-on-gyroscopes-hiddenscience

Watch Video On:

☝#AntiGravity Part 4: Spinning Wheels Precess with ZERO Angular Momentum or Centripetal Force!

#AntiGravity Part 4.jpeg

Steemit Notes: https://steemit.com/antigravity/@mes/antigravity-part-4-spinning-wheels-precess-with-no-angular-momentum-or-centripetal-force

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☝#AntiGravity Part 5: Spinning Wheels Balance UPSIDE DOWN! #Magic

#AntiGravity Part 5.jpeg

Steemit Notes: https://steemit.com/antigravity/@mes/antigravity-part-5-spinning-wheels-balance-upside-down-magic

Watch Video On:

☝#AntiGravity Part 6: Objects in Rotation Defy ‘Mainstream’ Physics + MES Duality Concept

#AntiGravity Part 6 Objects in Rotation Defy Physics Zoomed 2.jpeg

Download my PhD:

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