☝#AntiGravity Part 6: Objects in Rotation Defy ‘Mainstream’ Physics + MES Duality Concept (Notes 5)

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Video 1

Video 2

Due to YouTube video length restrictions, Part 6 is split into two videos. The sections in the first video are shown below with their accompanying times in the video.

(1) @ 1:34 - Important Links and Notes
(2) @ 5:45 - Introduction
(3) @ 8:37 - Table of Contents
(4) @ 55:56 - #MESExperiments Science Experiments Video Series
(5) @ 58:08 - General Notes on Scientific Exploration
(6) @ 1:06:01 - Clearing Eric Laithwaite’s Name
(7) @ 2:25:11 - Eric Laithwaite’s Unconventional Interpretation of Newtonian Mechanics
(8) @ 3:06:30 - Cambridge University’s Bogus Fake Science and Coverup of Gyro Magic
(9) @ 4:04:00 - TOP SECRET: The Movie Inception and Spinning Tops
(10) @ 4:07:06 - Overview of Conventional Physics Regarding Spinning Tops, Gyroscopes, and Objects in Rotation
(11) @ 4:52:03 - Overview of Newton’s Laws and Einstein’s Relativity
(12) @ 5:28:39 - Owen Liang’s Gyro Space Top Proves Spin Angular Momentum is an Illusion
(13) @ 7:06:33 - INCEPTION IS REAL: Are We Living in a Dream?
(14) @ 7:07:36 - Exploring Owen Liang’s Many Unnecessary Accounts
(15) @ 9:00:10 - Owen Liang’s Battle with Wikipedia
(16) @ 9:19:47 - Francis McCabe and Gyro 1000X+ Torque Over Unity!

The following sections are shown in the second video.

(17) @ 0:00 - Inertial Propulsion and Inertial Lift are Facts of Life
(18) @ 52:58 - Tippy Tops and Phi Tops Demonstrate Rising with Spin Axis Change
(19) @ 1:54:32 - The Amazing and Underappreciated Gyrocompass
(20) @ 2:50:48 - The Concept of Inertia and Coherency
(21) @ 3:03:39 - Overview of Mainstream Clueless Science Regarding Gyroscopes and Objects in Rotation
(25) @ 7:37:52 - Exploring the True Nature of Gravity, Mass, Magnetism, Electricity, Light, and Reality
(26) @ 7:48:05 - David LaPoint’s Primer Fields, the Ferrocell, and Ken Wheeler’s Magnetism
(28) @ 11:05:58- True Magnetism and the Interconnectedness of All Things

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Overview and Summary of Findings and Topics Covered

The making of this video was the most intense, physically, and mentally consuming video I have ever made, or ever will plan to make. I initially went along trying to understand the mainstream physics of gyroscopes, but more importantly to try to understand why the entire world was clueless as to a gyroscope precessing with zero angular momentum or centripetal force, thus effectively behaving massless. But then I realized that the biggest mystery in science wasn’t “quantum mechanics”, “general relativity”, or even “gravity”, but quite simply the basic question:

How does a spinning top rise?

Yes, a mere lump of spinning mass. This is the question everyone needs to focus in on, and which I look to answer fully in later videos.

Here is a summary of the adventure that was this video:

Introduction and Relevant Links

Important Notes on Physics

  • MES Disclaimer: Any reference I make to “mainstream” sources such as Wikipedia regarding any and all topics are merely to build mainstream context.
  • “Explanations” are merely approximations and shouldn’t be viewed as the actual cause.
  • MES Axiom: All “explanations” are just approximations to exact natural phenomena.
  • Make sure to entertain different interpretations of the same physical phenomena.
    • Does a ball bounce to a lower energy state?
    • Does the total distance travelled and hence energy of a ball bouncing exceed the input energy?
  • Think outside the box.
    • Is a match-stick burning itself to create the flame?
    • Is the match-stick acting as an antenna to the Aether?
  • Think for yourself!

Clearing Eric Laithwaite’s Name from Slander and Ignorance

  • The level of slander, misinformation, and flat out lies towards Eric Laithwaite is astounding and needs clearing up; which I have taken upon myself to do so.
    • To some degree, I have even cleared up Eric’s own doubts regarding his conviction of the magic of gyroscopes.
  • Imperial College Obituary of Eric Laithwaite leaves out what he is most known for: gyroscopes
  • UK “Royal” Family “Prince” Charles was a big fan of Eric’s gyros
    • Eric claims to be able to lift a 50-pound spinning wheel with a finger!
    • Eric initially wanted to “update” Newton’s “Laws”
    • Eric made a promise to “Prince” Charles that he would be the first to know when Eric develops a rowing boat where the paddles don’t touch the water; i.e. gyros paddling on the shores of the aether.
  • Photograph showing Eric Laithwaite carrying a precessing gyroscope with his finger.
    • The gyro appears to be 24 pounds.
    • Former rocket scientist for NASA, Harvey Fiala, mentions that Eric lifted a 40 lb gyro with his small finger.
      • Harvey also has a patent for a gyroscopic inertia propulsion device which creates forward reactionless motion through hindering precession via a slanted ramp.

Review of Veritasium’s Disgraceful Coverup of Eric Laithwaite’s Anti-Gravity Wheel

  • Huge 5 million+ subscribers Mainstream Science YouTube Channel Veritasium disgracefully coverups up Eric’s Anti-Gravity wheel.
    • Eric can’t lift a 40-pound wheel with two hands but can lift it like a feather when it is spinning.
    • Veritasium gas-lights the public by holding the wheel horizontally; and making a mockery of physics in the process.
  • Veritasium suggests Eric is a conman and a liar that uses a “trick” to lift a spinning wheel but which he couldn’t lift it when it wasn’t spinning.
    • My magical gyro rising experiments show that gyros can rise without any “tricks” and all on their own.
    • Gyroscopes can also rise “downwards” when a counterweight is added that should make it rise upwards instead. #GyroUpsideDownWorld
  • Veritasium con the public by lying and nonsensically comparing the anti-gravity wheel to holding the wheel at a far distance from the center of mass; all while cutting out the part of Eric’s video that shows him struggle to lift the unspun gyro.
    • Veritasium further suggests that Eric is lying about the gyroscope feeling like it is as light as a feather.
    • Veritasium also cuts out the part where Eric states the gyro wheel is displaying zero centrifugal force as it is not pulling his arm outwards.
  • Veritasium cunningly uses a gimbled gyroscope with a counterweight instead of making an accurate comparison with the anti-gravity wheel.
    • Forced precession causes gyros to rise.
    • Hindered precession causes gyros to drop.
  • Veritasium make the bogus claim that the weight doesn’t change when the center of mass changes.
    • Veritasium’s gimbaled gyroscope has a counterweight and low resolution weigh scale so the center of mass and weight hardly changes as the gyroscope rises.
      • MES POST FILMING REALIZATION: After recording my video and reviewing it, I realized that even in Veritasium’s coverup video they demonstrate two segments in which the weight scale reading changes as force precession is applied. Why is Veritasium not pointing this out or providing any context regarding spin speed, amount of force applied, center of location, etc., instead of cherry-picking and making bogus non-sensical statements? And why are they using a gimbal setup that restricts gyro movement at the fulcrum?
        • What are these clowns hiding?
    • Increasing the center of mass such as jumping or standing up straight causes the weight to change as force is required to act against the ground which creates a reactionary force on the object or person.
    • Gyroscopes increasing center of mass with no weight change is reactionless inertial propulsion.
    • Veritasium’s gimbaled gyroscope is also fixed from vertically moving at the fulcrum which hides the fact that forced precession generates lift as well as “simply” rising.
  • My earlier comments on Veritasium’s YouTube channel showed my previous angry mindset towards clueless clowns such as Veritasium and which has shifted to understanding the psychology of both the real science cover-upper and the viewer that believes in such fake nonsense spewed by the likes of authority figures such as Veritasium.
  • Note that the first ever “Royal” Institution Televised Christmas Lecture by none other than Eric Laithwaite in 1966 is missing so please message me at [email protected] if you happen to find a copy!

Mainstream Wikipedia Narrative and Slander of Eric Laithwaite

  • Eric Roberts Laithwaite: Lived from 14 June 1921 to 27 November 1997.
  • Famous Electrical Engineer known for his work on the linear induction motor and maglev (magnetic levitation) rail system.
  • Alex Jones, not to be confused with the “Infowars” disinfo agent, demonstrated reactionless inertial gyro propulsion to Eric.
  • Wikipedia makes the bogus out-of-context claim that Eric’s later “acceptance” of “Newtonian mechanics” was a retraction of his previous findings. Nothing is further from the truth.
  • Eric believed that moths communicate via electromagnetic waves?? Also, there might be 3 types of magnetism??

Eric Laithwaite’s Later “Mass Transfer” Theory and Unconventional Interpretation of Newtonian Mechanics

  • Eric Laithwaite’s demonstrations that gyroscope can precess with zero angular momentum or centrifugal force are irrefutable and require conventional physics to be re-written.
  • In later years, Eric developed a theory of “Mass Transfer” that can explain gyroscope’s mainstream physics defying properties through the Newtonian “Conservation of Momentum” principle.
    • I first heard of his theory after watching BBC’s 1994 “Heretics” documentary on Eric’s Gyros.
      • Note that the video is not available on YouTube due to the (tax-payer funded) BBC copyright but is available on Dailymotion.
      • The documentary includes a video of Eric lifting a 50 pound gyro-wheel; 10 pounds heavier than his viral video demonstration.
      • Eric demonstrates a simple experiment of forced precession generating inertial lift.
  • Eric demonstrates “mass transfer” by an overly complicated set up of two gyroscope precessing in tandem when hung by a string in which the center of mass moves with much less reaction than would be expected by conventional Newtonian “action/reaction” physics.
    • Essentially Eric was trying to create a low friction environment.
    • A simpler setup that demonstrates this is my ice experiments by which gyroscopes precess without centrifugal/centripetal force and while rising magically upwards.
  • Eric’s paper on mass transfer suggests a “Universal Equation” for unifying gyroscopic spin speed and precession with the resulting generated torque.
    • Torque = spin angular momentum * precessional angular velocity.
      • Note that this formula doesn’t account for my experiments that show gyroscopes magically rising on their own when precessional or rotational friction is minimized.
      • Note also that this formula doesn’t account for Francis McCabe’s 1000X+ torque over-unity capabilities of gyroscopes.
      • Nonetheless, Eric is right in that it appears that the very precession of a gyroscope can generate upwards torque and depends on its spinning speed and mass.
  • Mass Transfer: Eric demonstrated that two gyros forced to precesses via a spring in the middle of them cause the center of mass to propel forward.
    • Eric used this new concept and working with “momentum” instead of “forces”, to fit in with his own interpretation of Newtonian Mechanics.
    • Mass Transfer is NOT accepted or even known to be possible in conventional Newtonian Mechanics.
    • Any suggestion that Eric retracted his unconventional views on gyroscopes is wholly wrong, and/or intentionally misleading.
  • YouTuber “woopyjump” demonstrates Eric’s Mass Transfer concept through a simple 2-gyroscope setup on low friction bearings, at a slight uphill, and able to push a relatively heavy TV remote control forward.
  • Gyroscopes have ALWAYS demonstrated Mass Transfer right before our eyes:
    • A precessing gyroscope on your finger easily demonstrates the gyroscope initially precessing as if it has no mass but with the precession becoming “heavier” as it loses spin speed, and precession speed increases.
    • My Gyroscope on Ice Experiments clearly demonstrate this “inertial propulsion”, and as the gyro magically rises with zero centripetal force.

Cambridge University Insult to Science and Blatant Coverup of Eric’s Reality Defying Gyroscope Common Sense Findings

  • Emma Wilson takes on the role of gyroscope magic cover-upper as part of her 2007 Master’s in Engineering (Meng) Thesis at Cambridge University.
    • Note that I couldn’t find her thesis online, but if you have access to it please let me know!
  • Emma tries to “refute” the irrefutable: gyroscopes precess with zero centripetal force.
    • Eric’s simple experiment involved a 300 gram gyroscope precessing on a 1 gram pedestal.
    • This is equivalent to a 3000 pound spinning car precessing about a 10 pound step ladder.
  • Emma’s “argument” is based on a bogus 1 second video-clip of a dissimilar gyroscope setup on an air-table; with many non-spinning parts, and no context provided.
    • The video shows small horizontal movements.
    • The video also demonstrates either how little she knows about physics or how stupid she thinks her audience is.
    • How this person has any functional role in society is beyond me.
    • Disgraceful is an understatement.
  • Emma illustrates her 1-second video clip with fictional cartoons that have no basis in reality.
  • Emma fails to account for spin speed, total non-spinning mass of her gyroscope setup, and relative distance from the fulcrum axis of both spinning vs non-spinning mass.
    • These factors can mask the gyroscope’s magical ability to lose its angular momentum and centripetal force by still moving the base on a frictionless surface.
  • My ice experiments demonstrate the gyroscopes can precess with zero or varying centripetal force, all while magically rising on an ice cube.
    • My gyroscope ice experiments are what real science looks like.
  • YouTubers “woopyjump” and “jogglevision” both debunk Emma’s bogus fake science.
  • The famous precessing bicycle experiment has always demonstrated zero centripetal force right before our eyes.
    • Even a precessing gyroscope balancing on one’s finger demonstrates this.
    • Note that adding weight to the bike wheel makes it precess faster and with a larger precession circle; i.e. the non-spinning mass gets pushed outwards since it exhibits “angular momentum” or centripetal/centrifugal force as opposed to the spinning mass that behaves “massless”.
    • Conventional concept of “spin angular momentum” does not account for auto-adjusting, auto-balancing, and auto-rising of spinning wheels, tops, and gyroscopes.
  • Emma leaves out Eric’s other irrefutable experiment of a gyroscope precessing onto a stick with zero angular momentum.
    • MES Logical Speculation: A precessing large-scale spinning gyro-car can be easily stopped by just standing in front of its precession.

Mainstream Wikipedia Physics of Spinning Tops and Gyroscopes

  • A spinning top remains balanced due to its “rotational inertia”.
  • Very little discussion in regard to how spinning tops rise upwards.
    • Wikipedia briefly mentions that “interaction with the surface” forces the top to “wobble” upwards.
    • Wikipedia also makes a misleading claim that “less friction increases rising time of a spinning top”.
      • This is not always the case, as my gyro experiments demonstrate low rotational friction and fast precession speed are the main ingredients to making gyros rise fast; as well as applying non-spinning weight to the gyros or spinning tops can make them rise faster.
  • Wikipedia adds a bogus cartoon of a precessing gyroscope in circular motion instead of magically rising upwards.
    • Has the world gone mad?
    • Does anyone know that a gyroscope magically rises upwards??

Mainstream Physics of the Mystery of Inertia

  • Inertia is the resistance of a physical object to any change in its current state of motion.
    • States of motion include speed, direction, or state of rest.
  • Isaac Newton first law states that matter has an innate force which preserves its current state, thus resisting any acceleration.
    • Newton later defined “inertia” as the “the innate force possessed by an object which resists changes in motion”.
    • Thus, Newton defined “inertia” as the cause of the phenomenon instead of the phenomena itself.
  • In “classical” mainstream physics today, “inertia” is still defined as the phenomenon itself instead of any actual mechanism, and Wikipedia states that there may never be a mechanism we can “know”.
    • What?! Literally the “basic” physics of a simple stationary coffee cup is not understood as to why it is stationary.
  • Rotational Inertia is the property that a rotating object wants to maintain its state of uniform rotational motion unless an external torque is applied.
    • This is called “conservation of angular momentum”.
    • A gyroscope has rotational inertia to resist any change in its axis of rotation.
      • What about gyros magically rising? Has anyone actually played with a gyroscope?
    • The definition of rotational inertia is used to “explain” how a spinning top remains upright is circular reasoning.
      • “A spinning top stays upright because it stays upright”.
  • Bruce Yeany’s brilliant illustrations of mainstream rotational mechanics
    • Momentum is the numerical “amount of inertia” and is defined as the mass*velocity. (What is mass?)
    • Pushing a water bottle forward will move the water to the base as the bottle exerts force on it via its increasing forward momentum.
    • Rotating a tray via rope while a water bottle placed on it will provide an inwards acceleration pointing towards the center of rotation.
      • This keeps the bottle pressed against the tray with the water itself level.
      • The inwards force is defined as Centripetal Force.
  • This force is analogous to pushing the water bottle forward.
    - Letting go of the rope will cause the bottle and tray to fly at a tangent to the rotational circle.
    • Inertial vs Non-Inertial Reference Frames
      • Inertial reference frames involve no acceleration
  • At rest or constant velocity.
  • No forces acting on the frame.
  • An accelerometer will not detect any acceleration of an object at rest.
    - Non-inertial reference frames undergo acceleration.
  • An example is a rotating frame of reference.
  • “Laws of physics vary”, thus fake forces are added. #FakePhysics
    • Centripetal vs Centrifugal Forces Depend on Frame of Reference
      • In a stationary inertial reference, the centripetal force acts to accelerate a rotating object inwards, thus acting on the object’s forward “inertia”.
      • In a rotating non-inertial reference frame, the centrifugal force is the “fictitious” outwards force; such as the sensation of a driver being pushed outwards during a sharp turn.
    • Centrifuges are machines that rapidly spin objects to separate the contents based on density.
      • The denser objects, usually liquids, get pushed outwards.
  • MES Recommendation: Get the amazing SpillNot for centripetal force balancing liquids magic!
    • I use it every day to carry my morning coffee.
  • “Angular Momentum” is the rotational equivalent of linear momentum
    • Two types of angular momentum: spin and orbital (or precessional).
    • “Objects in rotation want to remain in rotation”?
    • Wikipedia makes no mention of gyroscopes magically rising upwards.
    • PLOT TWIST: “Angular Momentum” may not actually exist since it is defined as a pseudovector that can be pseudo vector-summed up. #PseudoPhysics

Definition of “Inertia” is Basis for Newtonian and Einsteinian Physics

  • Newton’s 3 “Laws” of Motion:
    • (1) In an inertial frame of reference, an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by a force.
    • (2) In an inertial frame of reference, the vector sum of the forces F on an object is equal to the mass m of that object multiplied by the acceleration a of the object: F = m*a. (Assuming the mass m is constant).
    • (3) When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body.
  • Additional 4th Law: forces add up like vectors.
  • Direct Translation of Newton’s 3 “Laws” of Motion:
    • (1) Law I: Every body persists in its state of being at rest or of moving uniformly straight forward, except insofar as it is compelled to change its state by force impressed.
    • (2) Law II: The alteration of motion is ever proportional to the motive force impress’d; and is made in the direction of the right line in which that force is impress’d.
    • (3) Law III: To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction: or the mutual actions of two bodies upon each other always equal, and directed to contrary parts.
  • Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation: Every particle in the universe attracts every other particle in the universe in the following relationship:
    • F = Gm1m2 / r2
    • Force = Gravitational ConstantMass 1Mass 2/(Distance Between Centers of Mass) 2
    • Gravitational Constant (G) = 6.674x10−11 N·(m/kg)2
    • Coulomb’s law for electrostatic force is very similar to the gravity formula.
      • F = keq1q2 / r2
      • Force = Coulomb’s constantCharge 1Charge 2/(Distance between charges)2
      • Coulomb’s constant (ke) = 9×109 N⋅m2⋅C-2
      • q1 and q2 are the positive or negative magnitude of charges.
  • Electric charge is the sum of discreet charges of sub-atomic particles.
    - Effectively, the number of “charged” sub-atomic particles creates attractive or repulsive force similar to the amount of “mass” creates gravitational attraction.
  • Albert Einstein’s Theories of Relativity
    • The “theory of relativity” encompasses two interrelated theories: Special Relativity and General Relativity
    • Special Relativity states that the “laws” of physics are the same in all inertial reference frames; and the speed of light in a vacuum is the same for all observers.
      • SR “supersedes” Newtonian mechanics but doesn’t account for gravitational effects.
      • The Newtonian mechanics model is still used as a “good” approximation for when velocities are low relative to the “speed of light”.
    • General Relativity unifies special relativity and Newton’s law of universal gravitation by defining gravity as the geometric property of space and time: spacetime.
      • Objects behave the same in both a “gravitational field” and an accelerating enclosure.
      • GR is used mainly in the galactic scale; i.e. planets, stars, galaxies, etc.
      • GR doesn’t account for observations in Quantum Mechanics.
      • The Equivalence Principle arises from GR and states that the “gravitational mass” and “inertial mass” are equivalent.
        • Thus, objects in gravitational fields should behave the same as with those on an accelerating surface.
        • A paradox of accelerated electromagnetic fields arises in that “electric charges” at rest on the surface of the Earth don’t “radiate” but an accelerated electric charge does.
          • Some disagreement in the “scientific community” regarding if accelerated “charges” do actually “radiate” but it is “generally” accepted that they do.
          • Attempts to reconcile this paradox with the equivalence principle involves careful articulation of reference frames, and speculation on “inaccessible” regions of space time relative to different reference frames.
          • More questions as to what charges, particles, fields, reference frame “accountability”, and overall “reality” really are, are raised than “answered” by mainstream physics.
  • Theory of Everything (TOE): The mainstream quest to provide a single coherent theoretical framework of physics that explains and links together all physical aspects of the universe.
    • The mainstream closest two theories to this TOE: General Relativity and Quantum Field Theory (QFT).
      • QFT unifies the 3 non-gravitational forces: strong, weak, and electromagnetic.
        • Strong force (SF) holds most matter together into particles such as protons or neutrons.
        • Weak force (WF) is responsible for radioactive decay of atoms.
        • Electromagnetic force (EMF) is the force between electrically charged particles.
        • SF is 137 as strong as EMF, a million times as the WF, and 1038 times as Gravity.
    • GR and QFT are “accurate” within their domains (the galactic vs. the sub-atomic), but as currently formulated, both can’t be right.
  • SR, GR, QFT, and ultimately TOE all depend on what “inertia” is, and more specifically this simple yet unanswered question: “How does a spinning top rise?”
  • Note that the “luminiferous” or “light bearing” aether used to be assumed as the medium by which light propagates as a wave in “empty space”.
    • Mainstream physics has deferred to relativity because the “math works without it”.
    • MES view of the aether is not “light bearing” but is instead all things and all things are merely ripples in this true aether.
      • We all live in Earth or Aethr or aether.

TOP SECRET: Owen Liang Proves Inception is Real

  • In the movie Inception, Leonardo DiCaprio playing as Dom Cobb uses a spinning top to prove to himself if he was in a dream world or not:
    • If the top falls down, then he is not dreaming.
    • If the top spins forever, then he is dreaming.
  • The mainstream physics of spinning tops was lacking so I explored further, which I then stumbled upon THE most obscure, mysterious, and perplexing person of all time: Owen Liang.
  • Owen Liang’s monumental discovery proved that spinning tops always spirals upwards to align with gravity, magnetism, or any other force acting upon it.
    • “Angular momentum” and “friction” are thus ruled out for the true physics of spinning tops, or any objects in rotation.
    • Owen’s findings correlate with both Eric Laithwaite and my gyroscope experiments.
    • Owen refers to this finding as the Inverse Law or Theory of Opposition in that spinning tops always align with the opposite direction of the “attractive force” such as gravity or magnetism.
    • The US Patent Office could not give an explanation based on conventional physics.
  • Owen Liang created many random and repetitive YouTube Channels, Blogs, Websites, and Crowd-Funding Campaigns, as well as online books and finally getting his patent approved!
    • I am the FIRST subscriber of many of his online accounts. #Fate
  • 5 Categories of the Gyro Space Top
    • (1) Gravity Spinning Top
      • A basic spinning top that tends to spiral upwards against gravity.
    • (2) Inverting Spinning Top
      • The original Gyro Space Top.
      • Under the influence of a magnetic field that is stronger than gravity, a spinning top always spirals upwards against the direction of the magnetic force, even upside down!
      • “Angular momentum” is overcome, or never actually existed…
    • (3) Asymmetrical Spinning Top
      • An inverting spinning top but with an additional magnet added to provide an asymmetric magnetic field.
      • Spinning top spirals and magically aligns against the direction of the vector sum of the magnetic field.
    • (4) Hybrid Spinning Top
      • An inverting spinning top but with the magnetic field extended such that both gravity and magnetism play a significant role.
      • Spinning top spirals and magically aligns against the direction of the vector sum of gravity and magnetism.
      • Amazing demonstration of a spinning top wanting to rise upwards against gravity like a flying saucer!
    • (5) Hybrid Asymmetrical Spinning Top
      • An asymmetric magnetic field setup with gravity playing a significant role.
      • Spinning top spirals upwards against the direction of the vector sum of the gravity and the asymmetric magnetic field.
      • Behaves the same whether the magnetic is placed below or above the spinning top.
  • Owen Laing creates a declaration of independence from “angular momentum”, and I have signed it too!
    • This is a cause worthy of protesting in the streets!
  • Owen Laing also distances himself from “friction” and its misuse in stopping people from asking further questions.
    • I agree.
  • The Profound Implications of Owen Liang’s Inverse Law
    • Angular momentum is an illusion.
      • Gyroscopes give the illusion of angular momentum since they want to maintain orientation such as when the Earth rotates.
  • Gyro + Scope = Rotation + Measure.
    - Spinning tops don’t want to maintain orientation but instead auto-balance against the direction of gravity.
    • Spinning tops attracted towards a magnetic base behave as when the Earth rotates when no magnetic field is present.
      • Are gravity and magnetism interrelated?
      • Does the simple action of rotation link the two most mysterious forces?
      • Spinning tops should behave similarly under any “opposing force” such as acceleration in a car, plane, or in a rotating space station.
      • Is the very sensation of “force” just “magnetism” in a different form?
    • Rotation = Auto-Balancing
      • Biological animals and advanced robots use sophisticated sensors to balance.
      • Spinning tops balance by nothing more than just spinning.
      • Are spinning tops more elegant and ingenious than us or the complex robots we design?
    • The basis behind UFOs and flying saucer technology is finally revealed.
    • The most profound implication: How come no one else figured out this simple yet monumental discovery?
      • Owen Liang explains that no one was “stupid enough” to actually double check if angular momentum was real, or just the pseudo-physics it is defined as.
      • “Stupidity” and “education” are also illusions.
  • Inception is Real…
    • As the Earth turns the spinning top is supposed to fall down because of its “angular momentum”. It doesn’t.
    • Are we living in a dream?
      • If so, “your mind is the scene of the crime”, so now we know where to investigate further…

Further Information Regarding the Bizarrely Genius Owen Liang

Owen Liang’s Trouble Getting his Gyro Space Top Published on Wikipedia

  • Note that I had prepared this section before learning that Owen Liang got his Gyro Space Top patented.
  • Wikipedia makes it very difficult to publish or edit posts without references to mainstream news, media, or science outlets, regardless of the self-evident claims by the author.
    • This has made it particularly hard for Owen Liang, and his broken English, to get taken seriously by the Wikipedia admins.
    • Unreferenced articles usually get labeled “Orphans” and need to be further expanded upon before getting accepted by Wikipedia.
  • Owen Liang created a “Gyrotop” user profile: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special:Search&profile=all&search=gyrotop&fulltext=1&searchToken=ekdo4li0s79s7f0blkupyydun
    • Owen tried to get his gyro space top findings published from the timeframe August 2015 to June 2016.
  • Owen Liang’s posts were initially considered “spam” and a “hoax”.
  • Wikipedia is not a place for original or non-mainstream research.
    • Although this makes strategic sense from a large-scale publishing standpoint, the end result means that the world is free to document only the mainstream accepted narrative about all topics, while leaving out contrary viewpoints, unless of course these “contrary” viewpoints are talked about in mainstream sources.
  • As much as I have criticized Wikipedia, in this particular case, Owen Liang didn’t help it case…
    • Owen Liang literally posted at the top of the “Angular momentum” page with links to his YouTube Channel, website, and email address claiming to have debunked angular momentum… LOL
    • Ironically, as seemingly out-of-place his post was, the significance of his finding deserves to be also placed at the top of the homepage of Wikipedia as well.
  • Owen Liang was willing to send his Gyro Space Top to the admins to prove to them it wasn’t a hoax, but it didn’t appear that these clueless admins even understand the basic mainstream physics they were filtering out.
  • Please help by posting and sharing any gyro magic from this video to Wikipedia and any other mainstream sources or universities!
    • The easiest way would be to spread the word about gyroscopes magically rising even on ice, magically dropping if counterweights are added, and magically aligning to the gravity, magnetism, or presumably any other attractive force.
    • The world is more blind than actually “conspiring” so help break the global collective spell, which we place upon ourselves!

Francis McCabe Large’s Gyro Wheel Demonstrates 1000X+ Torque Over-Unity and the Illusion of “Angular Momentum”

  • The late great Francis McCabe lived from 3 May 1936 to 15 March 2014.
    • He was a former Rocket Scientist that worked for NASA and Boeing before moving to the much more difficult Gyro Science.
    • “If only gyro science was as easy as rocket science” – MES
  • Francis demonstrates the illusion of “angular momentum” in the most mind-boggling and practically intriguing way I have seen.
  • His Large Gyro Wheel demonstration showcases the magical ability of a motor to operate at over 1000 times its maximum rated torque capability.
    • Francis’ experiment involves a motor capable of 1.25 inch-pounds of torque if precession is hindered, such as a fixed base or simply holding the motor in your hand.
    • But when allowed to precess, the motor can operate a sustained and even increasing speed of a large 50 pound wheel at a distance of about 25 inches from the rotor, hence 1250 inch-pounds of torque.
  • The implications of this simple demonstration:
    • Precession gives the illusion of “angular momentum” since it is no where to be found when precession is hindered.
    • Precessing wheels behave massless thus small amounts of input energy is needed to maintain or increase spin speed.
    • “Over-unity” at 1000X+ means even very heavy objects such as a motorcycle can be spun by a tiny bicycle motor, or even manually by pedaling a bicycle!
  • Francis also developed an oscillating gyro-powered 88X torque over-unity piston prototype.
    • Two spinning wheels were spun about a second axis by a second motor which creates the behavior of oscillating forced precession that acts against an air powered piston at incredible amounts of torque.
    • The implications of this include over-unity torque cars, bicycles, or even giant gyro piston power plants?!
  • Interestingly, Eric Laithwaite demonstrated the property of torque over-unity through forced precession in his 1974 Christmas lecture which he showed a precessing gyro wheel that was hindered from rising would shake the entire table and platform back and forth!
    • The wheel had a rubber piece at the end of the rotating shift which would roll on the glass roof thus forcing the precession that causes upwards movement and even more forced precession from the roof preventing upwards movement.
    • This is when I realized that added weight has a similar effect of rising as does just simple forcing the precession directly.
  • Adding weight to a gyroscope or spinning top can make them rise faster, thus verifying Francis experiments of torque over-unity.
    • Gyroscopes can rise even when balanced on a thin needle.
    • Although faster spin speeds tend to rise slower, adding weight to fast spin speeds appears to nonetheless cause very fast rising; in other words, it appears that gyro spin speed and added weight have a multiplicative inertial lift effect.
  • Francis demonstrates that no extra electrical power is required for a precessing gyroscope even at very large torque over-unity.
    • I validate this finding by my experiment demonstrating that gyroscopes don’t lose spin speed during precession, upwards rising, or when exerting “inertial” forces from manually twisting.
    • Manually applying forced precession requires no extra energy even during gyro torque over-unity.
    • This demonstrates that the conventional notion of “conservation of energy” needs to be re-examined. #TheAetherExists
    • As per usual, over-confident clueless people downplay both the game-changing discovery of torque free energy over-unity as well as the amount of effort put in by Francis is making his large gyro devices.
  • Wikipedia deletes Francis’ page a few months ago…
    • Luckily, I have archived the page and included it in this document.
    • It is obvious that my destiny was to keep alive the works of these great thinkers and finish what they started.

Inertial Propulsion and Inertial Lift are Facts of Life

  • Forced precession has always demonstrated reactionless inertial propulsion and lift.
    • Gyros rise upwards when precession is hurried.
    • Gyros drop downwards when precession is hindered.
    • Note that changes in the center of mass should be associated with changes in weight reading measurements during the change.
  • My ice experiments demonstrate the center of mass moving without any reaction, hence inertial propulsion, as well as rising magically upwards, hence inertial lift.
  • My weighted gyro and spinning top experiments demonstrate fast inertial lift with increasing weight.
    • Adding a counterweight can reverse precession and make a gyroscope rise downwards.
  • The key to inertial propulsion is the property of gyroscopes to line up the precession direction with rotor spin direction.
    • Note that precession is about the net applied forced as demonstrated by Owen Liang’s gyro space top.
  • Eric Laithwaite demonstrated inertial lift through forced precession by hurrying the precession fast such that the gyro lifts up relatively high upwards.
  • Very little torque is required to force the precession and hence generate torque over-unity inertial lift!
    • Eric Laithwaite demonstrates this during his 1974 Christmas lecture by showing that a heavy 24 pound gyro can generate inertia lift just by applying a small force with one finger to force the precession.
    • Francis McCabe’s torque over-unity gyro demonstration shows that very little manual torque is required to generate extremely high torque over-unity in inertially lifting a heavy spinning wheel as well as very little electrical input is required to maintain spinning also at high torque over-unity.
    • Even manually spinning a string attached to a spinning gyro can cause inertia lift when the applied spin is counter to the gyro spin direction.
      • In fact, the very unwinding of the string can cause slight inertial lift of the gyro and manifested by slight tilting.
    • Eric’s anti-gravity wheel demonstrate both inertial lift with little input force but also without the expected weight pushing downwards on his arm as he lifts it like a feather.
  • Alex Jones, the inventor that first demonstrated inertial propulsion to Eric Laithwaite, created a device that involves forcing the precession of a tilted gyroscope at an angle such that inertial propulsion will generate forward motion.
    • This is similar to my counterweight gyro dropping experiment but at more tilted and twisted angles.
  • Sandy Kidd’s invention involves forcing the precession of two gyro wheels such that they want to rise upwards to align spin with precession directions, hence generate inertial lift.
    • Note that Sandy Kidd got his inspiration from watching Eric Laithwaite’s Christmas lectures.
    • Also note that I have read elsewhere that Sandy may have made another design with variable spin speeds, but I believe my description lines up with the experiments I have shown.
  • YouTuber Experimenter “woopyjump” demonstrates amazing horizontal inertial propulsion gyros!
    • One experiment involves forcing the precession counter to the normal precession of two gyros, which causes a semi-downwards / horizontal thrust.
    • Another simpler experiment involves simply hindering the precession of a vertical gyroscope by putting a barrier in front of it.
      • It appears that hindering the precession magically causes the “momentum” or “mass” of the precessing gyro to “re-appear” thus generating reactionless thrust forward.
  • Harvey Fiala’s inertial propulsion device involves a precessing gyroscope with slight precession hinderance by a slope upwards railing or circular ring.

Tippy Tops and Phi Tops Also Magically Rise but While Changing Spin Axis

  • My gyroscope and spinning top experiments involve a consistent spin axis while rising during precession, but another branch of tops can also change spin axis.
  • The tippy top (or tippe top) is a spinning top with a mushroom like round bottom that when spun up can flip upside down onto its stem.
  • The phi top is an oblong egg-like shape that when spun on its horizontal position can rise upwards to its vertical position.
  • The mainstream narrative regarding phi tops and spinning tops rising is that “friction” magically creates an unspecified and unproven “rising torque”.
    • The assumption of “conservation of energy” is used to assume that the overall spin speed lowers as it rises.
      • Recall that my gyro experiments prove this assumption is invalid.
    • The mathematics of the tippy top and phi top are overly complicated to both derive and model and mainly because they are wrong.
  • 1.2 million+ subscribers YouTube channel “Physics Girls” makes a disgraceful and likely purposely deceptive claim that phi tops and tippy tops can’t rise on “low friction” surfaces such as ice.
    • Her ice experiments are not low friction, but instead due to the “conductive” nature of aluminum and other metals, any temperature difference will cause heat to flow between the ice and tops. Thus, the ice gets melted and sticks to the tops causing a higher friction environment.
    • Freezing the metal tippy top and phi top to lower the difference in temperature shows that the tops can rise even on ice; hence proving that 1.2 million+ subscribers doesn’t mean real science is presented.
    • “(Fake) Physics Girl” could’ve just used wooden or plastic tops on ice to show that they can rise.
  • Interestingly, on low friction environments, tippy tops and phi tops have slower spin speeds after rising and thus fall down quickly.
    • Slow motion tippy tops suggest that higher friction allows for faster spin speed as the stem rolls into the ground creating both faster precession and faster spin speed.
    • Adequate friction is required to maximize spin speed after rising.
  • Spinning tops tend to rise faster than similar gyroscopes because rolling can hurry the precession.
    • A non-rolling spinning top may be just a gyroscope (barring any unaccounted for aetheric field effects).
      • My gyroscope on ice experiment in which the outer casing and stem freely spin rapidly yet still rise just as if the stem wasn’t spinning suggest this may in fact be the case.
  • Magnetic stirrer experiment of a frozen tippy top on ice show the top wants to flip over but generated spin speed is not fast enough.
    • Magnetic stirrers involved rotating two reverse polarity magnets rapidly and allows for rotational motion in a control manner.
    • Phi top on glass spun by a magnetic stirrer is an amazing demonstration!
  • The great Owen Liang has some fine words to stay about the mainstream “friction” excuse that prevents further research into the real science of spinning tops.

The Gyrocompass Embodies Much of the Magical Properties of Gyroscopes

  • It took me hundreds of experiments, videos, and endless hours researching all things gyros and rotation in general, and just to notice one pattern that always prevailed: gyroscopes tend to line up precession direction with spin direction.
    • Precession direction tends to be about the vertical axis of the net applied force.
    • From Owen Liang’s Gyro Space Top, my gyroscope weighted rising or dropping experiments, and to just about every inertial propulsion invention, they all demonstrate the tendency to line up precession with spin; even if it means torque over-unity.
    • Even tilted gyroscopes and gyros at negative angles, they can rise but only until precession and spin lines up.
  • Although tippy tops and phi tops also tend to line up spin and precession directions, they tend to do so at the higher center of mass.
  • A gimbaled gyroscope demonstrates the ability of a gyroscope to line up spin with the direction of applied force.
    • When spin and applied force lines up the gyro is in a stable condition.
    • When the spin and applied force is perfectly opposite of each other, the gyro is in an unstable condition and any nudge to imperfection of alignment causes the gyro to start to precess until it lines up spin and applied force directions.
    • This is the basic mechanism of a gyrocompass.
  • Gyrocompasses can determine the direction of True North (i.e. north pole about the Earth’s spin axis as opposed to the magnetic north pole) by utilizing a mechanism to force precess a free gyroscope as the Earth rotates such that the Earth’s rotation and gyro spin direction line up.
    • Typical mechanisms include adding friction or “compensator weights” which act to prevent a free gyroscope to maintain a fixed orientation as the Earth rotates.
    • Many ships at sea utilize super sensitive and super robust large gyrocompass setups to navigate without relying on magnetic compasses.
  • Francis McCabe may very well have created the first public mechanical demonstration of “inertia” by showing multiple spinning gyroscopes will all orient themselves in the direction of the global applied force and while resisting motion in the direction of the applied force during the realignment period.
    • Thus, inertia may very well be the resistance to incoherency of and by the atomic gyros that spin in any direction opposite of the applied force.
    • Similar to Francis’ gyros lining up with applied force, toy balls inside a sphere will orient themselves about the spinning direction in a disc-like manner.
  • After the entirety of my experiments and findings, I believe the following preliminary and general definition for the mystery of inertia is as follows:
    • Preliminary Definition: Inertia is the interaction between coherent and incoherent processes and manifested as resistance.
    • Coherency in force or motion requires very little energy to maintain its current state.
    • Highly likely field effects are present between gyroscopic motion, gravity, and/or magnetism.

Overview of Mainstream Gyroscopic Physics

  • I was originally going over a more formal overview of mainstream rotational mechanics, but I have postponed this to a later date, if it even is needed at all since any concept or formula is wrong if it doesn’t account for gyroscopic inertial lift and propulsion all while behaving massless; albeit formally wrong.
  • Big mainstream science YouTube Channels can’t get basic rotational physics correct.
    • 14+ million subscribers “Vsauce” doesn’t know gyros rise.
    • 270+ thousand subscribers Steve Mould wrongly assumes gyros lose spin speed when manually twisted.
    • 455+ thousand subscribers “standupmaths” doesn’t understand tippy top (fake) physics.
      • John Perry’s 1890 book on spinning tops understood that hurrying the precession was key to spinning top rising but wrongly attributed it to “friction”.
      • John Perry’s book may be the first (public) display of the phi top.
    • 199+ thousand subscribers Walter Lewin states that gyroscopes and torques are the most difficult concept in all of physics.
    • 5+ million subscribers “Veritasium” can’t find a physicist that can explain how a spinning disk or tippy top functions.
      • Note that the spinning disk has an asymmetric hole and that it tends to raise its center of mass but on ice can also occasionally lower its center of mass and back up again.
      • Also note that when spun in the air it still exhibits the tendency to raise its center of mass.
  • Big mainstream science websites baffled by objects in rotation.
    • “American Scientist” admits that inertia and gyroscopes are still a lost mystery.
    • Harvard physics professor says the hardest concept in physics is spinning tops.
  • Even famous Nobel Prize winning physicists Wolfgang Pauli and Niels Bohr were also baffled by the tippy top.
    • James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879), discoverer of the “laws” of electrodynamics, has a famous quote that appears to suggest (at least to MES) that the simple spinning top appears difficult only due to the current overly-complicated mindset of humanity.
      • "To those who study the progress of exact science, the common spinning-top is a symbol of the labours and the perplexities of men."
  • Even bicycles are still a mystery to mainstream science! #YouCantMakeThisStuffUp
    • Note that bikes display automatic self-balancing without a rider much like spinning tops.


  • MES Axiom: All explanations are approximations to exact natural phenomena.
  • Basic forced precession has always demonstrated reactionless inertial propulsion since the center of mass rises with little or no expected weight change.
    • Very little input force is required to lift even very heavy wheels with just a small push of a finger or even the very unwinding of a piece of thread attached to a spinning gyro!
  • Gyroscopes can rise all on their own even at super steep angles.
    • Low rotational or precessional friction is required.
    • The smallest amount of rotational friction can prevent rising.
  • Gyroscopes can rise “downwards” when a counterweight is added that should make it rise upwards.
    • Gyroscopes can behave lighter or heavier!
    • The added counterweight is far in excess of any possible conventional notions of “friction-based rising torques”, yet the gyro drops!
  • Gyroscopes can rise magically upwards on an ice cube while displaying zero centripetal force or angular momentum.
    • The notion of circular motion without centripetal force, centrifugal force, or angular momentum indicates that the “mass” is disappearing.
    • As the gyro spin speed lowers the ice block moves in increasingly larger circles indicating that the conventional notion of “mass” is reappearing.
  • With no weight added, increasing gyro or spinning top spin speed tends to slow the rate of rising.
    • Adding weight tends to increase the rate of rising.
  • Gyroscopes and spinning tops can rise even with relatively heavy added non-spinning weights.
    • Added non-spinning weight tend to increase precession speed and rate of rising.
      • Thus, adding weight forces the precession which causes the gyro to rise.
    • The gyroscope paradox:
      • Adding downwards torque causes upwards movement.
      • Adding upwards torque causes downwards movement.
    • Adding weight induces forced precession which causes magical rising.
  • Gyroscopes can rise even when hung by a string.
    • Adding a counterweight to assist rising instead counter-intuitively prevents the gyro from rising.
  • Gyroscopes can even rise while balancing on a tiny thin needle.
  • Gyroscopes exert inertial forces with zero loss in spin speed.
    • Precession, upwards precession, and even torque-over unity demonstrations don’t involve extra loss of spin speed or extra required torque during forced precession.
  • Inertial lift and propulsion are and were always facts of life.
    • The principle behind both is the gyroscope ability to move in spiraling directions towards aligning both spin and forced precession directions but without expected Newtonian reaction to motion or even any conventional notion of expected “mass”.
  • Tippy tops and phi tops demonstrate gyro rising ability while changing spin axis.
    • Rolling allows for faster spin speeds after rising, thus friction is required for prolonged spin durations but not directly for rising since they can rise even on low friction environments such as ice.
  • Tippy tops and phi tops can rise even on ice assuming the materials and temperature difference does not cause melting of the ice.
    • Once in risen position on ice, tippy tops and phi tops drop down quickly since they are not able to generate fast enough spin speeds during rising due to lack of friction.
  • Spinning tops tend to rise faster than similar precessing gyroscopes because rolling generates forced precession.
    • Frictionless spinning tops are just gyroscopes (assuming there are no unaccounted for field effects).
      • This is demonstrated by gyroscopes rising on ice in similar fashion whether the outer casing and stem spin rapidly (thus resembling a spinning top) or not.
  • The underlying principle of spinning tops and gyroscopes is that spin and precession direction tend to align and manifested by motions towards this alignment.
    • Precession tends to be about the axis of net applied force.
    • Inertial spiraling motion tends to be opposite the axis of net applied force.
    • This is the embodiment of the gyrocompass.
    • Even tilted gyroscopes and gyros at negative angles tend to rise such that spin and precession direction line up.
    • Tippy tops and phi tops prefer to align spin and precession but at a higher center of mass.
  • Both a collection of gyroscopes and a collection of non-spinning balls tend to line up with net global applied force, while exhibiting resistance during the realignment.
    • This resistance may very well be the mechanism behind the mystery of “inertia”.
  • Inertia, as exemplified by rising gyroscopes, may very well be the interaction between incoherent and coherent processes or field effects and manifested as resistance.


The conscious is the manifestation of the subconscious; and vice versa.

That is all. That is all it ever was. That is all it ever will be.

Elaboration of this Realization

This concept is the realization of the interconnectedness of visible reality with the invisible; and can be conceptualized in all aspects of life.

MES Note: For each statement necessitates its counterpart, hence "and vice versa".

The conscious is the manifestation of the subconscious.
You are looking at your mind.
Everything you see is the representation of everything you don’t see.
The flesh is the embodiment of the spiritual.
The physical is the result of the mental.
The external is a manifestation of the internal.
The average person is a representation of the government.
The individual is a representation of the collective.
The bull market arises from the bear market.
You are the people you choose to surround you.
The ripple affects the entire aether.
Understanding anything means understanding everything.
Everything you know is a result of everything you don’t know.
What you know is what you do.
What you learn is how you learn.
Improving yourself improves others.
The body is a representation of the mind.
Exercising the body benefits the mind.
As above so below.
The exoteric is a manifestation of the esoteric.
Ken Wheeler’s Magnetism
Space necessitates loss of counterspace. *
Centrifugal force and motion necessitate centripetal force and motion.
Charges necessitates discharge.
Motion necessitates loss of force.
Acceleration necessitates loss of inertia.

MES Note: *Counterspace is in the same region where thoughts, principles, and abstractions reside: Everywhere and nowhere.

The Ramifications of this Concept

What follows from internalizing this concept is the following.

  • No-thing exists on its own.
  • No-thing has meaning on its own.
  • No-thing is random.
  • Every-thing is recorded in every-thing.
  • All things are all things in all things.
  • There is no greater good.
  • There is no necessary evil.
  • Numbers, words, letters, & symbols are as real as every other thing.
  • The words people use indicate the actions they have or have not done (see Peter Hyatt’s Statement Analysis: https://www.youtube.com/user/MichaleenOFlynn1/videos).
  • Perception of reality is modifiable.
  • Perception of reality is manifested in all things.
  • Reality is exactly as it seems.
  • Aim of life is to uphold principles while removing contradictions; that is all.
  • If you know any-thing you know every-thing.
  • Perception is a spectrum based on knowledge of the conscious and subconscious.
  • All sides of an argument are locally right but globally are wrong.
  • You are what you eat, say, think, believe, do.
  • You are the people around you.
  • You are seeing your mind.
  • You are seeing your thoughts.
  • If you don’t know something, no one does.
  • Any notion opposite to this realization is an externalization.
  • Externalizations begat externalizations.
  • Externalizing people begets a world where people are expendable.
  • Taxation is theft.
  • Voting is externalization of control.
  • Authority is who you choose to author your life.
  • How you learn is what you learn.
  • Public education gets public information.
  • Private education gets private information.
  • Hierarchical education gets hierarchical information.
  • Mainstream education gets mainstream information.
  • Education gets information.
  • The infamous “Do what thou wilt” or “Do what you want” or Nike’s “Just do it” philosophy is profound when actually knowing you what want.
  • All thoughts, actions, timeframes, patterns, numbers, science, religion, calculations, finances, relationships, family, events, astronomy, astrology, and even sports in real-time line up and become coherent but only when you do.

Discovery of #MESDuality

Admittingly, this realization came to me when I was super high on marijuana, alcohol, and caffeine (while intermittent fasting) all at the same time; out of these three I rarely ever do the former but daily do the latter. This realization was made possible by listening and watching videos at abnormally fast playback speeds for many months. This realization was inevitable after coming across Dr. Judy Wood’s work. This realization was on a crash course to my mind when I came across Eric Laithwaite’s gyroscopes. This realization was made a few days after I came across the great Owen Laing. The great and uniquely bizarre Owen Laing. The great and immovably simple Owen Liang.

Owen Liang knew one thing: spinning tops rise upwards against gravity all while perfectly balancing and auto-adjusting by spiraling upwards whenever disturbed. He knew a horizontal “friction” force couldn’t generate life-like automatic upwards rising and balancing, and he would not take “torque” for an answer. I provided an overly in-depth overview of Owen Liang’s online presence because his life and character proved irrefutably that knowledge was given as much as it is earned.

Why could Judy see towers turn to dust but no one else could?
Why could Eric see gyroscopes behave massless but no one else could?
Why could Owen Liang see spinning tops rise against gravity but no one else could?

Why don’t thousands of universities, millions of books, billions of people, and untold amount of digital information contain the simple observations that the above three great people could see?

Why am I the only person to now see the combined vision that only they could?

These questions removed any notion of looking elsewhere for answers. At an instance, I realized the answer to this and all questions. It was an answer I had known for all of my life but tried to ignore, I tried to externalize.

Judy felt great unease about the events that occurred on 9/11 so she investigated further to know exactly what happened. Eric felt unease about the universally unaccounted for massless behavior of gyroscopes, so he investigated further to figure out exactly how they operate. Owen felt unease about friction as a plausible explanation for spinning tops spiraling upwards while auto-adjusting and auto-balancing, so he investigated further. The common theme is they all investigated further because they felt they had to.

For me, I have always felt unease about every-thing. Why do we have to work? Why do you we have to wake up in the morning? Why do we have to do anything we don’t want to? Why can’t we just live? Why can’t information just come to me? Why must I study in order to know? And the ultimate of all:

Why should I care about any-thing?

Throughout my life, I have pondered these questions, and more so pondered why others “cared” so much about an obviously fleeting day-to-day reality. But these questions seemed merely existential (the philosophy of existing) and had not derived any practical uses for even entertaining them. Are they merely engaging and intriguing questions that have no basis in practical, financial, social, ”real world” applications?

Then as the reality TV host made his pitch to become the host of the US political reality TV show, I became intrigued not at the host but at the uniform and uniformly wrong “mainstream” media narrative regarding all things. The bogus “Russian hacking/colluding/meddling/conspiring in the U.S. 2016 elections” was the clearest, fakest, and bizarrely polarizing pure evil propaganda I had been aware of. “Educated” friends had become paranoid by the media-selected scapegoat, so much so that even siding with the Reality TV Host seemed like a rational reactionary decision.

But if the “news” (North-East-West-South) was fake, then other “news” must be fake, so I investigate further. Researching further, the obvious pedo-blackmail (or worse) of world leaders becomes apparent (https://mes.fm/pizzagate-playlist). Then noticing the Vatican’s blatant and bizarrely out-of-place snake symbolism (https://mes.fm/occult-playlist) made things comically weird. How can no one see that Pope Paul VI (PP6 or 666, and Pope is re-arranged as 6o66) Audience Hall is in the shape of a giant snake’s head with fangs and a red tongue?! Coming across the front cover of Dr. Judy Wood’s book (https://mes.fm/911truth-playlist) showing an image of towers turning to dust was the most incomprehensible state my mind has ever been in. How can no one see that the towers vanished with little trace of their existence in a mere few hours? From then on, the word “impossible” was removed from my vocabulary.

All things are possible.

Free energy had thus become a fact of life, and my goal in life had been set: https://mes.fm/freeenergy-playlist. The motivation to research further all things and every-thing at 16X speed (https://mes.fm/videospeed-extension) set me in motion to literally learn all things. But even more so, the existential questions I had pondered for much of my life were answered. Free energy meant every worry, action, and even the dreaded “work” was unnecessary. Why do we have to work when the only reason we work is to pay for the right to use energy to live?

The conventional perception of reality is an illusion.

Free energy means roads are unnecessary, the electric grid is unnecessary, cars are unnecessary, burning oil is unnecessary, destroying forests is unnecessary, and especially cities which replaces the natural environment with a congested, polluted, loud, chaotic, and dead grey color concrete jungle that is overlaid with bright lights that blind the eyes from the lack of life, and insult to life as the homeless are ignored as if they don’t even exist; especially cities are unnecessary. War, poverty, pain, and suffering are unnecessary; but if we had eyes to see and a mind to comprehend, we have already and always known this.

Then when coming across Eric Laithwaite’s anti-gravity wheel, and the very simple observation of gyroscopes precessing with zero centripetal force or angular momentum, I immediately knew two things: I literally know nothing, but now I knew I had a starting point: gyroscopes and rotational mechanics: https://mes.fm/antigravity-playlist.

The obscure Owen Liang, together with his broken English and unnecessary number of online accounts, made everything clear. Spinning tops were blatantly “anti-gravity”, blatantly “anti-angular momentum”, and blatantly anti-every notion of mainstream physics.

Why was the simplest of observations regarding the simplest of objects involving the simplest of motions shattering the most complicated of physical concepts yet only accessible to the simplest of minds?

The answer to this question is demonstrated in my simple experiments of gyroscopes rising all on their own: https://mes.fm/mesexperiments-playlist. Gyros rising meant that mainstream physics has to fall; since conservation of reality has to be withheld. An inaccurate view of the simple requires a complete re-examination of the complex. Thus, a spinning top defying conventional logic meant that every-thing needs correction. And since I am the only person that sees this, then my words shall and will ripple across the aether.

Of all the infinite people, planets, atoms, stars, molecules, ideas, thoughts, digital information, concepts, hours, days, years, and entire civilizations, why can’t anyone see reality for what it is? A simple spinning top defies mainstream physics, yet entire towers turned to dust with advanced hidden (in plain sight) technology. This is the prime example of juxtaposition. From this the self-evident truth arises:

I am all that exists.

Not “me” as in the person speaking right now, but “me” as in “we”, as in all things are one. “You” are not a separate entity but are simply “me” at a different level of awareness. A rock is not an “inanimate” object but is you and I with very little awareness. We, you, me, I am the universe, the one word the uni-verse, with the currently shattered incoherent levels of awareness manifested as everything we see, do, and think. Thus, all things are just different aspects of ourselves; even the “evil new world order politicians, bankers, and dictators” are just the average person but with “power”.

Who is more evil, the politician that sends people to kill other people in “wars” or the people that freely choose to kill?

I state “freely” because everyone has a choice to uphold principle; regardless of the consequence. If death, torture, or poverty is a result of disobeying orders to kill, then so be it. A difficult choice indeed, but the benefit is knowing exactly your aim (I am) of life. A difficult choice with a small window of opportunity to make a choice; but mathematically the same as a long lifespan with multiple and prolonged choices that test our principles.

MES Duality is the Realization that the Apparent Duality in All Things is an Illusion

How is the person that compromises principles any different from the politician or world “leader” that justifies evil for the “greater good”?

The apparent “duality” is present in all things not because it exists but because we think it exists.

Ruler and ruled. Master and slave. Life and death. Man and woman. Particle and wave. Input and output. Pain and joy. Light and darkness. Theism and atheism (a-theism). 1 and 0. Individual and collective. Work and play. Young and old. Parent and child. God and man. Good and evil. These are but illusions, ripples in the aether of duality. MES Duality is the realization that we are seeing our mind, seeing our thoughts, and made sensible by the illusion of duality; the illusion of concrete existence.

MES Duality is the realization that the conscious is a manifestation of the subconscious; and vice versa.

All is All in All and Thinking Otherwise is “Sinful”

This apparent “duality” is present in all things. “Sin” is not doing “evil” (opposite of live), but rather sin is the illusion of “good and evil” itself. It is the illusion of duality. Sin, the sine wave or sin(x) or sin-e or sin-6 or sin(X = 10 = duality), the mathematical representation of duality, is present in all things; even in astronomy and astrology as the apparent path of the Sun in the Earth’s sky, the ecliptic, as the Sun dies and rises during Aries the Lamb, the Lamb of God, Islam or Is (God) Lam (Lamb), and Sun passing over the ecliptic (Passover). The Sun that crisscrosses (or Christ on the Cross) the ecliptic, the X, the cross, the “as above so below”, the Roman numeral for 10, or 1 and 0, the representation of duality.

All is one and thinking otherwise is “sinful”.

Sin means “working” instead of being. Evil is thinking you live (live = evil = devil) instead of knowing you are and have always been. Being good is being godly, is being God. The number of the beast is 666 and all must have it to buy or sell goods. The beast is not a “demon” or “Satan” but rather the beast of burden, the brute, the animal put to work, tracked, and surveyed like a product with a barcode; the mark of the beast is the perception that you are just an animal, an animated object, a product that needs to be micro-managed and domesticated. In Canada, all people need a Social Insurance Number (SIN) to work; hence to buy or sell goods. Sin is the illusion of “work”, both personally and expecting others to “work” for you. The number 6, is a curved conjoined 1 and 0. It is a spiral. 6 is the yin to a 9’s yang. It is a vortex, a hurricane, a water drain, a true magnetic centrifugal vortex and spirals back into a centripetal vortex as per Ken Wheeler’s true magnetism. The ancient Sumerians had a base 6 number system and supposedly were an “advanced” civilization. 6 is the merger of 1 and 0. The split from unity is duality. Interestingly, even the number π = 3.14… should actually be τ = 6.28… Yes, pi is wrong (https://tauday.com) and is half what it should be; π should be τ, 2 should be 1, π is merely another illusion of duality. In fact, the square of any real every number is both positive and negative; i.e. 41/2 = 2 or -2. And the square of a negative number is imaginary and is represented by “i" which is the conjunction of 1 and 0; the mathematics or language of the uni-verse (or one-word or one-world) is made visible through the illusion of duality. Even in mainstream concepts such as “anti-matter vs matter”, “anti-particles vs particles”, light radiating stars vs light absorbing black stars or “black holes”, the apparent duality of the uni-verse is inescapable.

We are made of Carbon: 6 protons, 6 electrons, 6 neutrons; soon we will pay a Carbon Tax, a 666 tax just to breath (b-aethr or aether). On the Earth (aethr) which is tilted at 66.6 degrees from horizontal and moving around the Sun at 66,600 mph. The infamous XXX or KKK are 666. The often-mocked Imperial unit system of measurements has 12 inches per foot, or 62. 3 feet per yard, or 66 inches. The modern metric system splits the 6 to 10; as expected. Even an hour (or Egyptian “Horus” sky god) is split into 60 minutes, and 1 minute is 60 seconds. Clocks move around a circle of 360 degrees or 6*60. “Time”, the measure of change, the tempest storm brings about the winds of change, the tempter tempting to give up absolute principles in exchange for a temporal fleeting reality.

“Lead us not into temptation” which causes us to perceive the temporary as permanent.

Hexagons abound in all things, from corporations, symbols, countries, to magnetism, molecules, atoms, efficiently compacting spheres, and even the planet Saturn. The number of sides in a hexagon is 6, as expected. The “all seeing eye” inside the equilateral triangle or 3 sided polygon with 3 angles of 60 degrees: 60 60 60. The same Tri-Force tri-angle in the famous video game Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, in which you literally play as Link, the “link” between worlds, between the triforces of Power (the final boss Ganondorf) and Wisdom (Princess Zelda), and linked by the triforce of Courage; the most powerful power was and always has been courage.

The all seeing I in the tri-angle of 666.

Adam (or Atom or Egyptian sun god Atum, sun as in the galactic atom) became split or became Even and they ate of the apple of the forbidden knowledge of good and evil, the illusion of duality. When the apple (app or 666) landed on Isaac Newton’s head in 1666, the same Isaac Newton born shortly after midnight on Christmas Day was now given the forbidden knowledge of gravity. The same illusion of gravity which was overcome in the supposed moon landing at 1969 (1666). The same forbidden Apple, which we byte when we use an iMac. Computers use digits of duality, 1’s and 0’s, which give the illusion of moving pictures much like the illusion of duality gives us the illusion of reality. The iPhone (the letter “i” is just a 0 and 1) gives the illusion of talking to others across the world through digital binary representations of electromagnetic waves; the illusion of duality is the illusion that you are talking to anyone but yourself.

2009 iPhone 3G (or 3g or 3g* or 3-9 or 666) Commercial: “There’s an app (666) for that”.*

The number 3 is half 6 and is a rotated W or M. W is the Hebrew 6th letter, and hence WWW or 666. W, or w or double U in English or double-V in French or UU or VV (or X) or Roman numeral 55 hence 10 or 2 halves hence duality, happens to be the 23rd letter in the English alphabet; and coincidently made up of a 2 and 3. The 6th letter in Hebrew, is the 23rd (or 2*3 = 6 or 2/3 = 0.666…) in English, and just so happens to be the shape of the Olympic logo, and the W-oman and M-an merger of W and M is the freemason as above so below symbol. 23 just so happens to be the number of the best basketball players Michael Jordan and LeBron James. The letter E is a rotated W, as in ONE = OWN = NWO; and hence WE = ME = 66. The numbers of the best NHL players are Wayne Gretzky (99) and Mario Lemieux (66). The W or double U or UU or inverting the second U get “Un” or U.N. or French for one “un”, hence gives the direction that the “United Nations” is pushing the world of duality towards, which is to unite the nations into “one”, albeit a technocratic microchipped digital surveilled world; and made possible because we have yet to realize that we are and have always been one.

From the World Wide Web (www) to the much feared World War 3 or WW3 or WWW and even the popular World Wrestling Entertainment show or WWE or WWW or 666; which just happens to originally be WWF, or F the 6th letter in English, the infamous “666” can’t be escaped. The same famous “f” or logo for Facebook, and hence the number 6. The famous number “33”, which sums to 6, and is a rotated WW or 66, Jesus’ age of death (d-aeth or aethe-r), the freemason highest degree, Earth’s infamous “33 degree parallel”, and the age of people during many discoveries or accomplishments (so keep any eye out for what I post in 2 years from now). Numbers and patterns follow people and actions.

The illusion of duality is akin to the illusion of fear or worry about any-thing. Why do people worry when they are awake, but logically they are at peace when they are asleep? Half of a person’s life is worry free in perfect slumber. Why must we contradict our very being when we worry? Worry and fear result in the need to call 911 (or 999 in the UK). 911 or 9/11 towers were struck minutes before 9:11 AM or 11 minutes which is the 66 degree of a 360 degree 60 minute circle: 966, or 666.

Externalization begets minimization of the self.

Further reinforcement of this realization is in noticing weird eyes (https://mes.fm/eyes) which represent the fakeness of a person, and peculiar hand poses of powerful people (https://mes.fm/hands) which represent that even the rulers are ruled by hierarchical dogma. Check out those links at your own peril.

The Ripple in the Aether of Duality

The aether, or ae-ther, or ancient æther, which uses the outdated æ or “ash” and is merger of a and e, shows the yin and yang. The merger of inverted and reverse 6 and 9. The 69. The aether is the merger of duality. Duality is the visible universe we perceive in polarized opposites, but ultimately are one. The aether makes itself present in all things. Among the most used words in English are “a” and “the”, along with the suffix (or term that appends or includes to form a word that derives its meaning from the root) “er”. A-the-er or Aether. The very breath we breathe while covered in skin or leather all while we enjoy the weather on Earth. Even God the Father (or a-f-ther in which f the 6th letter in English, 6 which is an e, hence Aether), God the Son (or plasma dielectric counterspatial sun), and God the Holy Spirit (or holey magnetic toroid around the sun). Your “dad” (or 666) is not your father, the Aether is. Your mom (or wow or 303 or 606) is not your mother, the O-m-ther or Oether or the female duality component of the Aether is. You were not born when an egg (or “egg” or 666) was fertilized but you always existed. The 3 or rotated W or M or 6 or trinity may very well be the 6-6-6 or 3 principle states of the visible electromagnetic aetheric universe if Ken Wheeler’s magnetism holds up, which I think it does. Each letter of the number “six” is a representation of duality: “s”, “i" (formed from 1/0), and x are just representations of duality as is in the number form 6; hence 6 or s-i-x is just 6-6-6. The “666”, the tri-angle, the trinity, the Father/Son/Holy Spirit, Jesus on the cross (X) pierced with three 9 inch nails (666), the body/mind/soul, the male/female/child; gender or sex which merges the male sex with the female sex during sex or the merger of “i” or 1/0 into “e” or 6; hence the illusion of polarization or duality gives rise to 3 apparent separate states of being or 666 and as states of duality + merger, when in fact there is, was, and always has been just one state but in different forms; the aether.

The aether is every-thing and made visible by the polarized illusion of duality which is nothing more than ripples in the fabric of the aether. “Ripples” are akin to pressure pulses in air or other materials that give rise to sound; vibration giving rise to sound; sound giving rise to language; language giving rise to creation; the word made flesh…

The ripple in the aether of duality.

“Coincidentally”, Ripple XRP, Ethereum, and Bitcoin (bit = digital 1/0 = binary = duality), are the top 3 cryptocurrencies, which would’ve and could still make you a lot of money if you pay attention.

You can buy money with your attention.

The All Seeing and All Knowing I

The infamous “all seeing eye” as shown on the USA one (ONE, OWN, NWO are all one) dollar bill atop the pyramid with the inscription at the base of Roman numerals MDCCLXXVI for 1776; the year of the Declaration of Independence and coincidentally so too the founding of the so-called Bavarian Illuminati; M = 1000, DC = 600, C = 100, LX = 60, X = 10 , VI = 6 or 1000+600+100+60+10+6 or 666. The exoteric “all seeing eye” where eye as in Eve-n, with the shape of oval or ovum or egg, as in the merger of 2 eyes reveals the MES esoteric “all seeing and all knowing I”. “I”, the uppercase of “i” or the merger of 0 and 1, the merger of duality; just as “me” is “we” is 66.

The most holy of holies was the name of God and pronounced once a year in Biblical times, and whose vowels are now (publicly) lost and only the tetragrammaton remains YHWH (often assumed as Yahweh) but even this is replaced around 7000 times in the Bible (the Bi-Ball, 2-ball, 2-bowl as per David LaPoint’s primer fields, the book of duality, the book of the old and the new testaments, the book of 66 books) with the phrase LORD. The holy of holies, the name (name = amen), which must not be pronounced because of fear of profaning it, was, is, and will always be I Am, that is I Am Who I Am.

The French “Je suis” (I am) coincidentally appears like “Jesus”. Jesus or the likely original Aramaic name Yeshua (putting apparent heavily debated online arguments aside); and which “coincidentally” I was born in Iraq or ancient Babylon, speak Aramaic, and over 10 years ago I just so happened to copy and paste “YHWH” for every instance of the word “LORD” in the Bible (PDF Download Link: https://1drv.ms/b/s!As32ynv0LoaIkxrune6Kllq_p1Kz) for no other reason other than principle and which I now understand why I was driven to do that; Yeshua has a meaning along the lines of Ya-save or Ya-saves, Ya-rescues or “God Saves” or “God Rescues” or even “God is Salvation” or the MES true meaning:

I Am Salvation.

Thinking otherwise is to think there is a “thing” or “intelligence” greater than you, an external or artificial intelligence, a Christ external, an Anti-Christ, an AI-Christ which the world is heading towards and has always been heading towards as it awaits its religious “Savior” or technocratic AI equivalent.

The face of God was always staring at you in the mirror, so act like it.

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