☝#AntiGravity Part 4: Spinning Wheels Precess with ZERO Angular Momentum or Centripetal Force!

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In #AntiGravity Part 4, I have uploaded one of Eric Laithwaite’s most mind-boggling experiments involving large gyro-wheels or spinning wheels. In this experiment, Eric shows that spinning a large gyro-wheel, weighing about 24 pounds including the shaft, literally precesses WITHOUT angular momentum or centripetal force! This is some truly magical stuff; and so simple that it should be a crime for so-called “universities” to actively coverup/ignore this reality-shattering experiment.

When an object is in motion it possesses “momentum”: which is a product of its mass and velocity; and represents the energy an object has in motion. The larger the momentum, the harder it is to stop the moving object. Angular momentum is similarly defined as basic “linear” momentum, but the motion is rotational. Thus the heavy 24 pound spinning wheel should by “conventional” physics possess a LOT of angular momentum as it “precesses” (or rotates about a second axis SOMEHOW), but doesn’t at all!! In fact Eric Laithwaite tosses the gyro-wheel like it was as light as a feather! Just think of what just happened for a second. If you were to throw at 20+ pound weight at someone, chances are someone will get injured. But imagine if you threw it but was caught as if it weighed nothing…. THIS is magic! And so blatantly simple and hidden in plain-sight magic!

The “Centripetal Force” is the force pointing towards the axis of rotation of an object in rotation. For example, Olympic Hammer Throw athletes experience a LOT of centripetal force as they spin and toss the hammer. But Eric Laithwaite’s SIMPLE experiment reveals, irrefutably, that the spinning wheel precesses with NO centripetal force! This is easily seen shown by the wheel being EASILY lifted up and down with little effort; in other words there is no “force” (at least not as described by conventional physics) acting on the shaft!

Also mentioned by Eric was that as he effortlessly raised the wheel with A FINGER OR TWO, the center-base LITERALLY rises… as if it got lighter, or its mass got “displaced” SOMEWHERE! Also, what Eric didn’t mention while conducting this particular experiment, although he has mentioned it elsewhere in his lecture, is that the gyro-wheel precesses with NEAR-INFINITE ACCELERATION! This is seen whenever he holds onto the wheel and then let it go. The wheel gets back to its “normal” angular velocity almost REACTION-LESS! This is some truly game-changing stuff here! They DON'T "teach" this in college (and especially not in the garbage Orwellian Wikipedia); and it might be because the global scientific dictatorship we currently live in wants the masses grounded and struggling with outdated technology. #IWantMySpaceShip!

This is one of the most amazing experiments ever done and demands that we all start to pay close attention to the magic all around us, and especially the magic contained in a simple unassuming gyroscope…

Make sure to watch the full 1974 lecture by Eric Laithwaite to see some more mind-boggling experiments right here: https://steemit.com/antigravity/@mes/antigravity-part-3-eric-laithwaite-s-reality-defying-1974-lecture-on-gyroscopes-hiddenscience

Stay Tuned for #AntiGravity Part 5…

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Experiments like this my dear friend @mes can clearly show that what we were taught in universities and even "forced" to buy expensive books that turned out just LIES, or worse, put out by people just being positioned to be THE EXPERTS.

These people here are the REAL EXPERTS in my opinion, their works much understandable as there is clear evidence.

You will be a future hero my friend, keep these posts up!!!

Yup. It is the work of individuals with the courage to against the group that truly wake humanity up. We are deliberately kept in a state of ignorance, but maybe cause true science is much more powerful and easy to comprehend... #FreeEnergy!

Wow liked your post .. happy reading it .... really amazing ... thank you for sharing a good day.