☝#AntiGravity Part 3: Eric Laithwaite's Reality-Defying 1974 Lecture on Gyroscopes #HiddenScience

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In #AntiGravity Part 3, I have uploaded THE “controversial” 1974 Lecture on the overlooked properties of Gyroscopes by Eric Laithwaite that not only defy everything we know about gravity but defy everything we pretend to know about our very reality itself! This was the 4th of 6 lectures he presented in 1974 as part of UK’s flagship and nationally televised “Christmas Lectures”. His lecture series was titled “The Engineer Through the Looking Glass” following the theme of the famous book “Alice in Wonderland”. The 4th lecture was titled “The Jabberwock”, whom was a monster with many heads that Eric considered a good resemblance of the way the sciences are broken down, the dogmatic “scientific” establishment, and the very man-made “Laws” of Physics themselves. Indeed Eric Laithwaite is very accurate in depicting the state of the “scientific community” then and now as a sort of monster; and the subsequent disgraceful treatment he received for outright shattering many long held beliefs regarding objects in rotation proves just that.

In this lecture, Eric Laithwaite performs a series of mind-boggling experiments that prove gyroscopes, or spinning objects in general, move (or “precess”) with no angular momentum, no centripetal force, and infinite acceleration! Essentially, objects in rotation have mass, velocity, but behave as if their mass is displaced “somewhere” thus resulting in no angular momentum. While this may appear as “gravity defying”, I see if more along the lines that our “understanding” of “gravity” needs a serious re-evaluation. Literally what is this sorcery?? From lifting 20+ pound spinning wheels with a finger or two, heavy gyro wheels balancing UPSIDE DOWN, balanced wheels RISING after spinning, and little children appearing to have super human strength, Eric proves behind a shadow of doubt that there is much more to reality than we would have even deemed possible. But even above the wonders of reality, a simple toy gyroscope exposes the massive multi-year (possibly even multi-centuries or even longer) “scientific” establishment coverup. If the mechanics of a gyroscope have been for so long, and seemingly so easily, covered up, what OTHER sciences and/or technologies are being kept from us?? #FreeEnergy #Telepathy #SpaceTravel

The original upload can be viewed at the Royal Institution’s official website: http://www.rigb.org/christmas-lectures/watch/1974/the-engineer-through-the-looking-glass/the-jabberwock

The link between electricity, magnetism, and gravity may very well be staring in our face. And one aspect of the gyroscope that Eric mentioned briefly that deserves close attention is obtaining electricity or “radiation” from a gyroscope. This is touching upon Bruce DePalma’s N-Machine territory, which involves a large magnetic gyroscope. Time to get yourselves some spinning wheels and investigate our hidden (and actively covered) reality for yourself!

Stay Tuned for #AntiGravity Part 4…

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Gyroscope is really something worth studying. Clearly it defies any "gravity" principles which is by the way considered as flawed by very early great minds.

Hope you will continue to post these very good topics my friend. Thanks.

Yup! I believe the Gyroscope is the key to linking electromagnetism with gravity. Now time to see if I can get some electricity out of a magnetized gyroscope!

Now you are talking!!! Hihi... Surround such gyroscope with strong magnets as it spins, just a humble idea. INFINITE ways actually to skin this cat if I may term it this way.

Yup. The gyroscope holds MANY secrets waiting to be uncovered....