☝#AntiGravity Part 1: Eric Laithwaite, Gyroscopes, & #HiddenScience + Saturn Symbolism (Notes 1 of 2)

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In this video I go over my NEW video series on #AntiGravity! I was in the middle of researching for my Part 4 video on #FreeEnergy but after researching into John Duffield’s Theory of Everything and Bruce DePalma’s N-Machine, I came across the “science” behind THE mysterious Gyroscope. I was perplexed as to how exactly they worked, and was not satisfied AT ALL by the bogus “mainstream” science “explanations”. And then I came across the work of the late Professor Eric Laithwaite and was absolutely blown away by his experiments on gyroscopes which LITERALLY defied everything we know to be reality! And thus I had to put my #FreeEnergy video series on hold, create this new #AntiGravity videos, and explore the wonderful world that is Gyroscope Science!

In this video, I go over some of the bombshell experiments that Eric Laithwaite performed both while at Imperial College London in 1983 and in his MUST WATCH 1974 “Alice in Wonderland” themed Lectures at UK’s flagship nationally televised Christmas Lectures. Eric literally did the impossible in twirling a 40 pound weight with no effort at all as if it was literally a feather! THIS makes the cut for my definition of “Anti-Gravity”, “Defying Gravity”, “Mass Displacement”, “Reality Defying”, or whatever other terminology you would like to use to explain the seemingly impossible. Apart from this IRREFUTABLE proof that reality is not as it seems, I show many more mind-boggling experiments that Eric performed in his “Controversial” Lecture 4. From heavy spinning wheels balancing upside down, on ice, carried by little children, and reactionless acceleration during the gyroscope’s “precession”, Eric shows that spinning a gyroscope’s wheel makes it “docile” and extremely easy to lift, even with just a finger or two. But perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the gyroscope is not even the apparent “mass displacement” but rather in Lecture 5 which he showed that “forcing” a gyroscope’s precession causes to literally turn into a “wild mechanical animal” with plenty of energy and force! And what happens to such a brilliant man that opens the doors to the impossible? He gets ostracized and discredited by the pathetic “science” establishment and distanced by his cowardly “colleagues”. Even his very death in 1997 raises some serious questions…

Also in this video I explain how Eric Laithwaite’s work on gyroscopes requires us to reinvestigate what reality truly is, whether the “ether” exists, what electricity & magnetism REALLY are, and how we can unleash the true power of gyroscopes! #UFOTech And as per usual, my observation that the planet Saturn together with its ring and HEXAGON appears to be a large artificial gyroscope takes me down the #OccultRabbitHole that is our very existence. Only this time to find #SaturnSybmolism is anywhere and everywhere… annnd this road ultimately leads back to Rome and THE Pope Paul VI Audience Hall… #AllRoadsLeadToRome

Thus I hope you enjoy this first part of my new #AntiGravity video series, together with plenty of warning signs to avoid my obsession with #NWOSymbolism, and hopefully it inspires you to get yourselves some gyroscopes and start experimenting to see what discoveries you can uncover! This is going to be an epic video series to make sure to buckle up for the ride!

Stay Tuned for #AntiGravity Part 2…

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#AntiGravity Part 1: Eric Laithwaite, Gyroscopes, & Anti-Gravity!

MES UPDATE: My #FreeEnergy Video Series has been postponed because of this NEW video series: #AntiGravity

I was LITERALLY in the middle of writing up my Part 4 video on #FreeEnergy when the subject of Gyroscopes arose which perplexed me as to just how they worked. After researching into the work of Bruce DePalma and his AMAZING N-Machine, I realized that he too was perplexed as to how exactly they worked. My #FreeEnergy Part 4 video was supposed to be on John Duffield's AMAZING Theory of Everything, but his theory required understanding the behavior of gyroscopes. But after reading up on the "mainstream" physics behind it, I came across a LOT of random terminology such as "vectors", "angular momentum", "inertia", "torque", "precession", and so on, and which these SOMEHOW "explained" how the Gyroscope "appears" to DEFY GRAVITY; essentially the mainstream "science" narrative is that this is all just an "ILLUSION"…. NOTHING TO SEE HERE FOLKS, MOVE ALONG!!

While the terminology used for the physics that "describe" the gyroscope are plausible, simply DESCRIBING the EFFECTS of the gyroscope does NOT mean these "terminology" are the CAUSE of the gyroscope's behavior!

And while literally NOT SLEEPING until I found some ACTUAL explanation, I came across the lectures of Eric Laithwaite… Which shook my very existence in the same way as when I heard the question "Where Did The Towers Go?"…. YOU HAVE TO SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT!

Now in this introduction video, I will be going over just a few video clips of Eric Laithwaite's demonstrations to illustrate why I HAD to create this new video series ASAP, why I bought a TON of Gyroscopes, and why EVERYONE should drop everything they are doing and start investigating how to harness the MAGIC of Gyroscopes!!

Topics to Cover:

  1. MES Note on the PATHETIC "Science" Establishment, "Science" YouTube Channels: Vsauce and Veritasium, and the Usual Pathetic Wikipedia and BBC Garbage #CoverUp #PureEvil
  2. Eric Laithwaite's MUST WATCH 1974 Christmas Lectures!
  3. Eric Laithwaite in his 60s LITERALLY lifting a 40 pound spinning wheel as if it was a feather!
  4. MES Brief Definitions: Precession, Momentum, Angular Momentum, Inertia, and Centripetal Force
  5. Can MES Break the World Record Deadlift??!! #GyroDeadLift
  6. Throwback to when I was Ripped to the Bone!
  7. #MESFitnessTip: Handstands, Pullups, and Backyard Gymnastics!
  8. Eric Laithwaite's "Controversial" Lecture 4 on Gyroscopes puts into Question everything we "know" about Gravity, Physics, and our very Universe. Such bombshell experiments performed show that:
    -- Spinning Objects have no or very little angular momentum, inertia, or centripetal force, and reactionless/near-infinite acceleration in their precession/movement.
    -- Heavy Spinning Wheels behave MUCH lighter than they actually are. #TheMatrixIsReal
    -- "Forcing" a gyroscope to "precess" causes it to rise. But hindering its upwards movement causes the gyroscope to precess at a MUCH faster and more forceful rate. This behavior is analogous to a wild animal, and in contrast to the gyroscope's normal "docile" precession.
  9. Eric Laithwaite's speaks about the pathetic garbage "science" establishment and fellow colleagues that were too cowardly to speak out publicly about the irrefutable validity of Eric's work on Gyroscopes.
  10. The "Scientific" Establishment Ostracizes "Unorthodox" Researchers Because Enslavement Freeing Technology such as #AntiGravity and #FreeEnergy are to remain suppressed. #NWOAgenda
  11. Eric Laithwaite's Obituary, Lifelong Fascination with Gyroscopes, Contract with NASA, and his potentially bizarre Death…
  12. Summary and Conclusions
  13. Questions to Explore and Emerging Thoughts: The Ether Exists, Link between Gravity & Electromagnetism, and the Theory of Everything
  14. MES Theory of Everything: Everything is a Gyroscope!

MES OCCULT SIDETRACK WARNING Please Skip this Section if you want to keep your sanity ;)

  1. Is Saturn, its Ring, and HEXAGON North Pole artificial??
  2. Saturn Symbolism: Nike, Internet Explorer, Toyota, to name a JUST a few.
  3. Hexagon, Cubes, 6-Sided Stars, Hexagrams, and Triangles
  4. Black Cube, Kaaba, Hajj Pilgrimage, Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and #RingsOfSaturn
  5. Saturn, Hajj Pilgrimage, Kaaba, Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and Israel are all interlinked
  6. Even THE Royal Institution website has #SaturnSymbolism ;)
  7. 6 Pointed Star, Hexagram, Triangles, Flag of Israel, and 666
  8. IXXI, Roman Numerals, Free Masons, and 9/11. #LotsOfPlanning
  9. More IXXI, Jesuit Rings, Kabbalah, Tree of Life, Washington DC, & Bohemian Grove
  10. Washington DC Monument, 666, 555, More IXXI, Cubit, 6/5, and Jerusalem
  11. Biblical God's Name, Tetragrammaton, YHWH, YHVH, Yahweh, Jehovah, and Man Created from God's Likeness/Image… #MindBlownX10000
  12. ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME: Back to THE Pope Paul VI "Snake" Hall…


  1. Gyroscope Science is as Big as 9/11 (or even Bigger) because Everyone can physically grasp #AntiGravity Technology in their hands!
  2. Buy ALL of Eric Laithwaite's Books ASAP!
  3. I bought a TON of Gyroscopes!
  4. I would like to buy a Lecture Gyroscope but it costs $750 USD but I don't have the spare cash to buy it yet. If you would like to donate specifically so that I can buy the Gyroscope to help further my research, please do so at https://mes.fm/donate and message me at [email protected] stating the donation is strictly for the Gyro! =D
  5. It's All in the Name: Mathiew Easy Solutions and Eric Laithwaite aka "Lightweight" #NothingIsACoincidence
  6. Take Mainstream "Science" for a grain of salt and start experimenting yourselves!!! And let me know what bombshell findings you discover!! #StrongerTogether

MES Note on the PATHETIC "Science" Establishment, "Science" YouTube Channels: Vsauce and Veritasium, and the Usual Pathetic Wikipedia and BBC Garbage #CoverUp #PureEvil

I will be going over the absolute stupidity, coverup, or misguided ignorance by the mainstream "science" establishment regarding their "explanations" for how gyroscopes work in later parts so stay tuned! But in particular, I will also go over the BLATANT Anti-Gravity Science coverup (and/or absolute stupidity) by popular "science" YouTube Channels such as Vsauce and Veritasium, both of which have MILLIONS of subscribers. I used to have some respect for Michael Stevens of Vsauce, and even though 9/11 basically means EVERYONE is controlled in someway, I was never expecting such large YouTube channels to ever cover (VERY REAL) "conspiracies" such as 9/11. But the EASE in which #AntiGravity is IRREFUTABLY proved, as well as the absolute DISGRACE of an "explanation" for Gyroscopes given by Michael, Vsauce, and the slanderous crew at Veritasium, these people behind such seemingly "scientific" channels are in my opinion in the same category (if not worse) of PURE EVIL currently occupied by 9/11 Coverupers Alex Jones, David Icke, and Sean from SGT Report. And as stated many times before, I don't believe "people" could be THAT evil and so I wouldn't rule out some sort of Mind Control or AI Robot/Clone/"Reptilian"/Cyborg technology being used. #AnythingIsPossible

Anyways, I just thought I'd let off some steam with this rant because the ramifications of the true cause of the behavior of gyroscopes can't be understated! #AntiGravity #FlyingCars #FreeEnergy

And as per usual, I will also illustrate the USUAL mainstream media coverup from the usual suspects: Orwellian Wikipedia, BBC, etc., #TheUsual #DefundBBC

ANYWAYS, Enough Pontificating and Let's watch some IRREFUTABLE PROOF OF ANTI-GRAVITY!!


Retrieved: 24 January 2018 Archive: https://archive.is/Hdlwe

MES Note: Notice the Hexagons/Cubes in the R.I. website ;) #SaturnSymbolism

Professor Eric Laithwaite presents his second televised series of CHRISTMAS LECTURES exploring the world of engineering.

A sequel to his 1966 series, 'The Engineer in Wonderland', Laithwaite was the first person to present two series of Lectures on national television.

MES Note: I have not been able to find the videos of his 1966 series so please let me know ASAP if you can find them! :)

His overriding theme running through series is that “Science is exciting, curiosity its bait”. Just as Lewis Caroll’s Alice peered down the rabbit hole and went through the mirror, Laithwaite describes the engineer’s target as the “seemingly impossible”.

As he states in his programme notes: "There may be no crown at the end for those who step through the glass, as there was for Alice, but if the delight is there, the journey itself is the reward".

MES Note: Eric is clearly speaking about the lack of recognition he has received for his work on Gyroscopes.

His five lectures explore the varied work of engineers across gravitation, inertia and electromagenitism, including the controversial Lecture Four where Laithwaite used the behavioural gyroscopes in an attempt to challenge the validity of Newton’s Laws of motion and the laws of thermodynamics.

It was Lecture 4 where he did not just "attempt" to "challenge" Newton's "Laws" but LITERALLY TURNED EVERYTHING WE KNOW ABOUT THE UNIVERSE UPSIDE DOWN!!!

This man is an absolute genius!

MES Note: There are 6 lectures, not 5!

Everyone in the entire world needs to STOP EVERYTHING they are doing and watch every video this brilliant man has EVER done!

MES Pro Tip: The videos are Unlisted Videos imbedded from Vimeo but you can still play them at a faster speed by searching up Browser Extensions. Use the one I recommended!!

But before we watch "Lecture 4" Let's see this Old Man Lift 40 lbs Like it's a feather! #Amazing


Retrieved: 23 January 2018
Archive: https://archive.is/xL0QT

THIS IS THE MOST BOMBSHELL VIDEO SINCE 9/11!!! Literally what the F&*$ is this sorcery??!!! Eric Laithwaite in 1983 and in his 60's LITERALLY lifts a 40 pound weight LIKE A FEATHER and with NO CENTRIPETAL FORCE or Angular Momentum and just GUIDES the HEAVY weight in the direction it ALREADY decided to go…. WTF IS GOING ON??!!!! This is UNBELIEVABLE!!! #BelieveIt


MES Note: Please IGNORE every "mainstream" "science" "explanation" of what this brilliant man just did in that video. LIFTING 40 POUNDS with NO EFFORT is near impossible for ANYONE, much less an old man. #UseYourBrainsPeople

Also note that as he "guides" the gyroscope/spinning wheel in the direction it "wants" to go, i.e. in the direction of its "precession", he essentially applies a force in that direction which SOMEHOW causes the gyroscope to want to lift UPWARDS…. HAHAHAH What sorcery is this??!!!

MES Brief Definitions: I will be going over the formal definitions of precession, momentum, angular momentum, inertia, and centripetal force in later parts but here are some brief explanations:

  • Precession: The rotation of a spinning object about a second axis.
  • Momentum: The energy generated by a mass with velocity.
  • Angular Momentum: Momentum rotating about an axis/point.
  • Inertia: Property of matter that resists changes in its state of motion.
  • Centripetal Force: A circular force that points to the center of an object's rotation.


Retrieved: 31 January 2018
Archive: https://archive.is/tn04o

Here is an example of an Olympic Hammer Throw, which involves throwing a heavy ball (i.e. high inertia) by rotating around very fast to build up high angular momentum. This generates a large centripetal force so it requires a super strong athlete (i.e. high inertia).

Eric Laithwaite essentially proves that a spinning object's precession has no or very little angular momentum, inertia, or centripetal force! #AMAZING!

Next time you go to the gym, go and arm curl 40 pounds if you can… much less casually twirl around your head, and when you are 60+ years old…


Retrieved: 24 January 2018
Archive: https://archive.is/JcCyY

I couldn't find a 40 pounder dumbbell curl video, but this 50 pound curl video is good enough! #MESMuscleBuilding



Retrieved: 24 January 2018
Archive: https://archive.is/9g9Qj

CAN MATH EASY SOLUTIONS DESTROY THE WORLD RECORD FOR THE DEADLIFT???!! There is only one way to find out ;) #StayTuned #GyroDeadLift


……… hahahaha That's ACTUALLY me in the summer just after first year in Civil Engineering! I was 20 years old!! #WOW I weighed about 140 pounds during that photo but was only able to maintain that body weight for about a month and a bit. Any day I didn't lift/run I would gain back about 5 pounds hahaha I was actually angry at myself for gaining weight in First Year Engineering. My natural weight is about 150ish, but after 1st year I was 163ish! So in one month I got down to 140 pounds and shredded!! #NICE

MES Note: Why is my head so GIANT in this picture???!!! hahahaha

Also, two years ago I ACTUALLY deadlifted 450 pounds!! I weighed about 150 pounds. This is actually pretty ridiculous if you think about it. I was just surprised my back didn't break! =D #MESMuscleBuildingSolutions

But yes, I will definitely will be building a GIANT gyroscope/Spinning Wheel(s) in hopes of shattering the world record deadlift! #StayTuned

MES Life Hack: I have COMPELETLY stopped going to the gym and now I just mainly do handstand pushups, pullups, play soccer, and the occasional "backyard gymnastics" ;)


Retrieved: 25 January 2018
Archive: Not Available

HAHAAHAHA That's basically my workout now! It's literally been two years since I've even gone into a gym. #TheWorldIsAGym

MES Note: Notice the human like gyro motion of my Front Hand Spring hahaha #MESAllAboutThemGyros

Also note that EVEN on Instagram you can modify the speed of the video using the browser extension! #Amazing

ANYWAYS Enough Math Workout Solutions, and Now Let's Look at the Most Important Lecture in the Universe: "Lecture 4" #MESInWonderland!

Now while the above video ALONE of an old BRILLIANT man lifting 40 pounds as if it were a feather is absolutely irrefutable proof that gravity, electromagnetism, angular momentum, and pretty much ALL OF SCIENCE as well as OUR VERY REALITY is not what we have been told, it is just one of MANY bombshell experiments by the great Eric Laithwaite!


Retrieved: 24 January 2018
Archive: https://archive.is/pQ1GS

In this lecture, Laithwaite used the behavioural gyroscopes in an attempt to challenge the validity of Newton’s Laws of motion and the laws of thermodynamics.

This proved extremely controversial and the vast majority of the scientific community did not accept his interpretation of gyroscopic behaviour.

……. There you have it, folks. The same pathetic "scientific community" that haven't spoken out about the stupidity of aluminum planes slicing through steel at abnormal speeds and turning 7 buildings into superfine dust in midair leaving very little rubble or seismic impact on September 11th, 2001 have also been covering up one of the most bombshell irrefutable experimental proof of gyroscopes defying our manmade "laws" of nature, and more specifically of gravity.

The great Eric Laithwaite didn't "attempt" to "challenge" anyone or anything. What he did do was show that objects in rotational motion can't be explained by classical theory, and it's about damn time we all woke up to this fact. And given the weaponization of Free Energy technology on 9/11, and the countless UFO sightings around the world, Anti-Gravity technology is almost certainly being utilized and weaponized while we are kept grounded in the global industrial slavery complex.

MES Note: Eric referred to the "Laws" of Physics as the Jabberwock monster with many heads! These "Laws" are quite monstrous indeed. Since when did Nature follow manmade "laws"??!!

No Centripetal Force, No Angular Momentum, and Lifting a 24 pound weight with 2 fingers…

This is one of the most unbelievable experiments EVER done! SO simple yet so under-appreciated. There is NO "centripetal force", and NO "angular momentum" and the 24ish pound weight is LITERALLY being tossed around like a feather! And just like towers turning to dust was staring us right in the face on 9/11, literally anti-gravity technology is demonstrated with such ease in this video! Every university should drop all of their courses ASAP (especially gender studies) and focus on WTF this sorcery is!!

Eric Laithwaite is literally a Wizard!

Anti-Gravity or Mass Displacement or Gravity Modification or What Ever terminology you want to use, THIS is MAGIC!

Now I just don't know ANYTHING about ANYTHING anymore! Eric Laithwaite is an absolute genius!

Toy Gyros are Literally Anti-Gravity devices hidden in plain sight as "Toys"… #NotAToy

A gyroscope 300 times the weight of a flimsy stand ON ICE is still able to "precess" EFFORTLESSLY! Literally this is some amazing stuff! #NoTorque #NoAngularMomentum #NoCentripetalForce

Even Little Kids Can Lift Heavy Gyros! #AntiGravity

A Gyroscope LITERALLY gives even a little kid super human strength ;)

MES Research Note: Notice how the boy and the entire stand rotates, as if the energy/mass of the spinning wheel is "transferred" to everything in contact with it. #INTERESTINGSTUFF

Literally No Angular Momentum!

The following experiment was initially performed in Lecture 4 but it didn't go quite as expected so he re-did it in Lecture 5.


Retrieved: 27 January 2018
Archive: https://archive.is/nXpE7

In his fifth lecture, Laithwaite uses the concept of analogies (fairy stories) as a way to explain complex topics in science.

Laithwaite continues to explore the “inertial world” with more spinning gyroscopes, magnetic springs and objects which “fall upwards”. As a finale Laithwaite demonstrates the creation of a “magnetic river” to exhibit his model of high speed transport using linear induction motors.

Make sure to watch this whole lecture, and the rest of the series!!

When the Gyro is spinning it literally loses all angular momentum and acts as if a thin wooden stick is some sort of powerful force-field!

Keep in mind that is an 8-pound wheel. Literally NO angular momentum!! Why wasn't I taught this in school??!! Especially instead of the bogus "Sustainability" garbage that we were forced to take… #IWantMySuppressedTech

When using the force of gravity on a non-spinning wheel at the same velocity, the wheel shatters the stick!

Now THAT is angular momentum!! i.e. Mass x Velocity instead of the "Live" Gyro's Velocity with no mass.

MES Note: In lecture 4 when dropping the unspun Gyro, Eric didn't lock the stick firmly in place which made it bend when hit thus dampening the momentum transfer, instead of breaking off! Also this time he positioned himself directly in contact behind the metal plate to minimize any momentum transferred in the form of moving the plate/apparatus after contact with the stick.

Perhaps the most mind-boggling experiment he has performed is unleashing the power of the gyro when "forcing its precession"…

Here, the gyroscope is precessing normally like a "docile animal". But after rotating to "force" the gyroscope to precess the same direction it already wants to precess, it RISES (and applying a force opposite its precession direction causes it lower for some strange reason). But enclosing the gyroscope with a roof obstructs the upwards movement of the gyroscope. But this SOMEHOW causes the gyroscope to precess faster and with more force towards the roof like a WILD ANIMAL, ultimately shaking the entire table and tossing the roof like it's nothing! And then going back to its natural "docile" starting position…. WHAT KIND OF WILD MECHANICAL ANIMAL IS THIS??!!

Remember, this very same gyroscope doesn't have the inertia or angular momentum to nudge a flimsy stick yet somehow is able to forcibly shake the entire table it rests on and toss the roof that encloses it. Now this is something you will never be "taught" in school!

Now Back to Lecture 4: Let's Hear Eric's Powerful Thoughts on the Pathetic Cowards that Call Themselves "Scientists"

Eric recalls a letter he received from a gutless "person" that said he had performed similar experiments 10 YEARS AGO (so in the 1960s) and knew they worked but refused to tell his colleagues or friends because HE WAS AFRAID FOR HIS PROMOTION!! What a sick emotionless and brainless psychopath!

Think about the consequences of not speaking out about such game-changing technology such as #AntiGravity and #FreeEnergy??!! The deaths and continual enslavement of billions would be on your complicit cowardly hands…

**An Object Has Mass, but when It is Spinning it has a Property All on its Own! **

Eric argues that Newtonian Physics is not "wrong" but rather should be restricted to objects in straight lines and with no rate of change in acceleration; Analogous to Ohm's Law (Current = Voltage/Resistance) is restricted to Direct Current and not when there is a rate of change in the current (i.e. Alternating Current) or "Inductance" of a coil which creates a Voltage or Force opposing a change in current.

MES Note: I can't yet argue the validity of his statement about Faraday and Ohm's Law as this lecture is several decades old. But all I know for a FACT is that Eric proved beyond a shadow of doubt that a spinning object has some Gravity Defying properties!

Also note the letter he received about someone responding to his critics by calling them the "Abdominal No-Men" because they say 'No' before they've even watched"! #SuchAFittingQuote

I am of the view that Eric didn't quite understand just why there was such an effort to discredit his work, and that reason is almost certainly to prevent enslavement freeing technology from getting in the public's hands! And also from preventing the enslavement ending understanding of the interconnectedness of electricity, magnetism, gravity, inertia, and our very reality!

**Let's Look Quickly at the Pathetic "Scientific" Establishment Industrial Complex's Reaction towards this Man's Brilliant Game-Changing Work.


Retrieved: 27 January 2018
Archive: https://archive.is/oVu53

Eric Laithwaite (1921-1997) was Professor of Electrical Engineering at Imperial College between 1964 and 1986 and Professor of Applied Electricity at the Royal Institution from 1967 to 1975.

He researched and became a strong advocate for the linear induction motor especially for rail transportation and was bitterly disappointed by the decision made by the government aerospace minister, Michael Heseltine, in 1973 not to proceed with a full scale project. As a result he became a highly controversial figure in engineering circles, but at the same time he was one of the very few engineers who could communicate effectively with the public.

MES Note: In other words, the "public" were fascinated by Eric's game-changing work, and the pathetic government is covering up game-changing technology as always.

He thus became only one of three people since 1945 who have delivered more than one series of the Royal Institution’s CHRISTMAS LECTURES. Indeed his first series ‘The Engineer in Wonderland’ of 1966-7 was the first to be televised on the new BBC2 channel.

MES Note: I have been searching online for this 1966-7 Lecture series but could not find it. If you are able to find it please let me know ASAP!! :) #GottaPerseveHisWork

Just before his second series ‘The Engineer Through the Looking Glass’, he delivered on 8 November 1974 a Friday Evening Discourse at the Royal Institution, entitled ‘All Things are Possible’, in which he argued that the behaviour of gyroscopes violated the law of conservation of energy which had been established in the 1840s.

MES Note: I also couldn't find this "Friday Evening Discourse" so please let me know if you can find it!

His lecture was immensely controversial and the written text failed the peer review procedures of the Proceedings of the Royal Institution, which published the texts of many, but by no means all, the Discourses. Nevertheless, he insisted on expressing his views in his CHRISTMAS LECTURES and the Royal Institution could not, apparently, do anything about it.

MES Note: What utter Orwellian garbage is this?? The "Royal" Garbage Institution didn't accept Laithwaite's IRREFUTABLE paper and wanted to stop him from telling the truth in his bombshell Christmas Lectures???!! The Royal Institution is a Royal Piece of Garbage.

Laithwaite appears to have used various engineering approximations in his calculations on the behaviour or gyroscopes and when told by professional mathematicians that once the calculations were done rigorously there was no discrepancy, refused to believe them.

MES Note: Think about exactly what the these garbage "mathematicians" were trying to do… They were TELLING Laithwaite to BELIEVE bogus "math" and ignore what his own eyes were telling him and everyone else with eyes to see: Heavy Mass behaves as if it was MUCH lighter than it actually is simply due to being spun.

This whole affair harmed his career considerably – he left his position at the Royal Institution, he was never elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society, nor was he granted an entry in the new Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, which considering his significance, irrespective of his unorthodox views, seems somewhat unfair and efforts are being made to rectify this omission.

THIS is how "unorthodox" geniuses are treated by such "Royal" disgraces to humanity.

As usual the comment section of the above article speak volumes about the state of the Interwebs

Zbigniew Modrezjewski is more right than any of the Blind/Cowardly "Scientific Community".

And as per usual on the Internet, pathetic disinfo Trolls/Bots such as Philip Ward are there to muddy the waters with such pathetic disinformation as Eric Laithwaite backtracking on the FACT that Gyroscopes defy all "establishment" man-made "laws".

Even his Death Raises Some Very Serious Questions…


Retrieved: 23 January 2018
Archive: https://archive.is/OM5zr

Eric Roberts Laithwaite, engineer: born Atherton, Lancashire 14 June 1921; Assistant Lecturer, Manchester University 1950-53, Lecturer 1953-58, Senior Lecturer 1958-64; Professor of Heavy Electrical Engineering, Imperial College of Science and Technology 1964-86 (Emeritus); Professor of the Royal Institution 1967-76; married 1951 Sheila Goodie (two sons, two daughters); died Falmer, East Sussex 27 November 1997.

Eric Laithwaite shared his enthusiasm for engineering at every opportunity. He is remembered with affection by students he inspired at Manchester University, where he was Lecturer, then Senior Lecturer, from 1953 to 1964, and at Imperial College, London, where he was Professor of Heavy Electrical Engineering until his retirement in 1986. He enthused other audiences too, both professional colleagues and the general public, but he liked most an audience of young people whom he might inspire to pursue engineering careers.

The Royal Institution's Christmas Lectures for Young People were begun in 1826 by Michael Faraday - one of Laithwaite's heroes - and Laithwaite gave the lectures in 1966. That year the BBC televised the series in full, and they have been televised each Christmas since. The 1966 lectures also appeared as a book, The Engineer in Wonderland. The title reflected the author's deep-seated belief that engineering was central to modern life: scientists can explain things, but almost every man-made object is the work of an engineer (and he would sometimes add that accountants and lawyers contribute nothing).

MES Note: Quite fitting that THE Michael Faraday, Laithwaite's hero, began the Christmas Lectures; and Eric Laithwaite was the first to be televised. #LifeFitsToYoursAmbition

The chapter headings were all taken from Alice. Laithwaite was no philistine, but widely read: he delighted in linking engineering and literature. Alice saw the White Rabbit take a watch out of its waistcoat pocket: "It flashed across her mind that she had never before seen a rabbit with either a waistcoat pocket or a watch to take out of it." If Alice had not noticed she would never have had any adventures: the engineer who notices things enters a Wonderland.

MES Note: This is likely the source of Eric's often stated quote that in regards to the gyroscope and for a hundred plus years, to paraphrase, "we have not noticed something we ought to have noticed".

With that introduction, and a host of demonstrations where things could be noticed, Laithwaite began to explain the working of electric motors and generators to his young audience. He held the honorary title of Professor of Applied Electricity at the Royal Institution, and gave several Friday Evening Discourses. One was on butterflies - a hobby, but a subject on which he was a considerable expert.

Eric Laithwaite was born in 1921 in Atherton, Lancashire, the son of a farmer. He happily retained his Lancastrian accent. He was educated at Kirkham Grammar School and the Regent Street Polytechnic, London. In 1941 he joined the Royal Air Force, and from 1943 was at the Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough, where he worked on automatic pilots. It was probably at that time that he first developed the fascination with gyroscopes which remained for the rest of his life. He made several lifelong friends at the RAE, including the electrical engineer turned clergyman who conducted his funeral service, speaking warmly of his old friend.

In 1946 he went to read Electrical Engineering at Manchester University, graduating BSc in 1949 and MSc in 1950, when he joined the staff as an Assistant Lecturer. He worked at first under Professor F.C. Williams on the Ferranti Mk I computer, but his real interest was in power engineering.

His major achievements were with linear induction machines - linear motors. (Linear motors are machines with a moving part which travels in a line, rather than revolving on an axis.) He did not invent linear motors, but he made them practical and he believed they would provide the ideal propulsion unit for trains. In his most advanced designs the linear motor would propel the train, carry its weight and steer it without needing wheels. In fact the train would move along a "magnetic river".

In the 1960s a test track was built at Earith, in Cambridgeshire, largely government- funded, to test a vehicle which combined hovercraft principles with a linear motor drive. It was a bad time for railways in Britain, just after the Beeching cuts and with the political climate favouring roads. The project was cancelled and Laithwaite was bitterly disappointed.

In 1967, however, there was a new opening. The Motor Industry Research Association required a new crash testing facility in which a vehicle could be accelerated quickly to a precise speed. After 25 years' service the linear motor Laithwaite designed has recently been "retired" and, much to Laithwaite's delight, given to the Science Museum. By a strange coincidence it arrived at the museum store on the day of its designer's funeral.

Engineering history was another interest. When first at Imperial College he would show his students the variety of early electrical machines in the Science Museum "so my students never get the idea there is only one way to make a machine". As well as publishing numerous scholarly papers on linear motors he wrote a book on their history (A History of Linear Electric Motors, 1987). When the linear motor made by Charles Wheatstone in 1840 was discovered, Laithwaite enjoyed helping the present writer try it out in the college laboratory, and shared in the conclusion that Wheatstone had had the right ideas, but could never have obtained sufficient electric current to run his machine.

MES Note: Brian Bowers, the writer of this Obituary, appears to be a close colleague or college student of Eric and worked with him in his laboratory. If you know of Brian, please get him in contact with me as I would love to learn more about his time working with Eric!

Another historical interest was the engineer Nikola Tesla, another independent- minded engineer who made great technical advances in conventional, rotating, electric motors, and who fell foul of the "establishment" for some of his unorthodox ideas.

MES Note: Nikola Tesla is another "unorthodox" scientist that I will have to research more into his work… #StayTuned

In 1986 Laithwaite was delighted to receive the Tesla Award of the (American) Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers "for contributions to the development and understanding of electric machines and especially of the linear induction motor".

In his later years at Imperial College Laithwaite pursued his interest in gyroscopes; he felt their behaviour had never been adequately explained and they had properties which might be exploited in space travel. He sought to demonstrate his ideas and raise some of his questions in a Friday Evening Discourse at the Royal Institution. The attempt brought him much criticism and some personal hurt when colleagues dissociated themselves from him. But he persisted and, as a colleague observed recently, some of his questions remain unanswered.

MES Note: His pathetic "colleagues" don't deserve to even be called human, let alone a "scientist"… Also note that I am of the view that many of the "UFOs" people witness may in fact be suppressed technology utilizing gyroscopic properties, #AntiGravity, and #FreeEnergy!

On Laithwaite's retiring from Imperial College Professor B.V. Jayawant offered him laboratory facilities at the School of Engineering at Sussex University, an easy train ride from his home in Bognor Regis. There Laithwaite enjoyed his last 10 years, continuing his research with gyroscopes and with linear motors. Only a few weeks ago they obtained a contract from Nasa for research into the feasibility of using linear motors to launch shuttles and satellites into low orbit. As Laithwaite remarked, "It came 10 years too late", but Nasa's interest gave him great pleasure, and his colleagues at Sussex will continue the work.

Laithwaite worked to the end, and died without re- gaining consciousness after collapsing in the laboratory.

…….. WOW! Is this another "coincidence"?? NASA finally is "interested" in Laithwaite's GROUND-BREAKING research, and in 1997 just a few weeks after obtaining a contract with NASA, and just a few years before the NWO 9/11 agenda, he just "collapses" to his death in his laboratory… I will definitely be investigating further into his death.

A truly sad end to a great man.

Summary and Conclusions

After putting in many hours of research and preparation for my #FreeEnergy Part 4 video, I had to put it all on hold because Eric Laithwaite's work flips everything upside down! My Part 4 video was supposed be briefly on Bruce DePalma's magnetic gyroscope N-Machine, and mainly on John Duffield's Theory of Everything; but now I will have to post pone that video until I learn more about the magical powers of Gyroscopes! Here is a summary of the topics covered in this video:

MES Note on Mainstream "Science" and "Science YouTube Channels" are Part of the #AntiGravity Coverup

  • I will be covering the Mainstream "Science" Establishment's "Explanations" of Gyroscopes, their pathetic attempts at covering up #AntiGravity research, and as well as their overall stupidity, in later parts so stay tuned!
  • Vsauce and Veritasium YouTube Channels have millions of subscribers each, and are part of the cover up of Gyroscopes and their #AntiGravity properties.
  • I will be covering such blatant garbage coverup by these mainstream "science" YouTube Channels as well as the usual Orwellian Wikipedia and BBC garbage, so #StayTuned!

Eric Laithwaite's 1983 BOMBSHELL Anti-Gravity Wheel Demonstration!

  • In 1983, Eric Laithwaite demonstrated the "impossible", lifting a heavy wheel with utter ease using just one hand over his head!!
  • The wheel was spun up to 2,500 RPM.
  • The wheel has no angular momentum or centripetal force, which Eric handles like a light feather.
  • The wheel "decides" to move in a specific direction (called precession) and Eric simply guides it through that direction.

Can Math Easy Solutions Break the World Record Dead Lift??

  • I will be attempting to spin the heaviest weight I can find in hopes of shattering EVERY world record regarding human strength!!
  • Also, I used to be RIPPED to shreds!! #StillJackedThough
  • Don't go to the gym! Just do handstands, pullups, crunches, and other #Bodyweight Workouts!

Eric Laithwaite's Amazing Christmas Lectures and THE Lecture 4!

  • Eric performed 6 lectures in 1974 as part of the UK's famous nationally televised "Christmas Lectures".
  • His lecture series is called "The Engineer Through the Looking Glass" using the Alice in Wonderland theme.
  • His lectures are an absolute game-changer and in particular his 4th lecture is the most important lecture in the entire world!
  • Eric proves beyond a shadow of doubt that a spinning mass has no angular momentum/inertia and no centripetal force; effectively behaving as if its mass was displaced!
  • Such physical phenomena Eric showed include:
    -- Reactionless motion; or incredibly high acceleration.
    -- Heavy spinning wheels lifted with ease, even by children, and even flipped upside down.
    -- Heavy spinning wheels get stopped by flimsy weak sticks, which otherwise would break through if unspun.
    -- Precession of gyroscopes have no centripetal force, thus no pulling force is felt and can precess around flimsy lightweight objects, and on surfaces with very little friction.
    -- "Forcing" a gyroscope/spinning wheel's precession by rotating it in the direction it precesses makes it rise up. But when impeded in its upwards direction it rotates even faster and applies a STRONG upwards force, like a wild animal!! Removing the impediment causes it go to back to its "docile" phase.
  • Eric argues that a spinning mass has a property all unto itself, which behaves as having no angular inertia, angular momentum, or centripetal force; essentially analogous to inductance in a coil which is an induced voltage due to a change in current.
  • His 1966 Christmas Lectures titled "The Engineer in Wonderland" were the first to be nationally televised in the United Kingdom, but I have not been able to find the videos. Please help me find them!

Eric Laithwaite, the "Abdominal No-Men", and the Garbage Cowardly "Scientific" Community

  • Eric points how he has received letters from prominent members of the "scientific" community regarding the validity of his experiments, including someone who performed similar experiments 10 YEARS PRIOR, but were too cowardly to speak publicly to either their friends or colleagues fearing monetary repercussions….
  • A supporter of Eric called his critics "Abdominal No-Men" because they would say "No" before watching his BOMBSHELL experiments.
  • This is THE same pathetic "scientific" community that has continued to be complicit in the murder of thousands on 9/11, genocide of millions in the Middle East, and continual enslavement of billions through #FreeEnergy suppression.
  • Eric's bombshell paper on Gyroscopes was not accepted, pathetic "mathematicians" told him to disbelieve his own eyes, he left his position in the Royal "Garbage" Institution, was not elected to the Fellowship of the Royal "Garbage" Society, and was not granted entry in the New Oxford Dictionary of National Biography…. But again given these pathetic "Science" institutions continual silence/coverup of 9/11 and #FreeEnergy technology, I view his unacceptance as a Badge of Honor.

Eric Laithwaith's Obituary, Interest in the Mysterious Gyroscope, NASA, and his Potentially BIZARRE Death

  • Eric Laithwaite was born in Atherton, Lancashire on 14 June 1921.
  • He was a Professor of Heavy Electrical Engineering at Imperial College of Science and Technology between 1964 to 1986.
  • He died at Falmer, East Sussex 27 November 1997.
  • In 1941 he joined the Royal Air Force, and in 1943 his work with automatic pilots was the start of his life-long fascination with Gyroscopes.
  • His hero THE Michael Faraday began the Christmas Lectures in 1826 and Eric Laithwaite's 1966 Lecture Series was the first to be nationally televised. #OnlyFitting
  • His bombshell work on Gyroscopes brought him the expected smear campaign from the "scientific" establishment.
  • "10 years too late", he obtained a contract from NASA to pursue research into his work on Linear Induction Motors to launch shuttles and satellites into low orbit.
  • He died after "collapsing" in his laboratory… just a few weeks/days after signing his contract with NASA… and a few years before 9/11. Rest in Peace Eric Laithwaite, your work won't be in vain.
  • Please help me get in contact with the writer of Eric's Obituary, Brian Bowers, as I would love to learn more about his experience with Eric.
  • Here at MES, anything that happens to people that discover suppressed science and anything near or around 9/11 is to be considered BY DEFAULT as being extremely suspcious! #WillInvestigateFurther

Questions to Explore and Emerging Thoughts

The very notion of objects in rotation altering the gravity, mass, weight, inertia, centripetal force, or angular momentum of the object brings up many new avenues of further research. Such avenues and questions that arise include:

  • Does the "ether" exist?
  • What is "space"?
  • What is "energy"?
  • Does the measured weight change after spinning?
    -- MES Note: From tests I have seen online, as well as measuring the weight of a Fidget Spinner myself, the weight does not change. But this raises the question, does the weight change if the spinning object was MUCH further away from the measuring device? i.e. Does spinning affect the space "around it" but not further away from it? Does speed/radius of precession affect the weight? Does the rate of spin affect the rate?? What exactly is weight/mass?? #WhatIsAnything
  • What happens to the angular momentum after spinning? "Where" does it go?
  • What happens to the Centripetal Force after spinning? "Where" does it go?
  • How does a spinning wheel rotate someone standing on a stand that is free to rotate??
  • If the free-to-rotate stand was a Weigh Scale, would the weight change??
  • How do Helicopters (and planes too) REALLY work? Does the thrust from air being pushed downwards really lift the helicopter… or does the rotating heavy blade have minimal inertia/perceived mass thus the thrust can move the helicopter up?? #INTERESTING!!
  • What happens to the Mass of the object after spinning?
  • Why does it REALLY "precess"?
  • Can we obtain useful electrical energy form the spinning gyroscope?
  • What if we apply electricity to a spinning gyroscope??
  • What about a spinning MAGNETIC gyro??!! What about dropping a spinning ball vs. non-spinning ball and comparing speeds?? Research Bruce DePalma's N-Machine ASAP!
  • What about applying a magnetic field to a gyroscope??!!
  • What exactly is magnetism? WHAT ABOUT WEIGHING A LEVITATING MAGNET??
  • What exactly is electricity?
  • Can a gyroscope be utilized to provide near frictionless and near reactionless propulsion??
  • Do the MANY Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) that people swear to have witnessed utilize such bombshell properties of gyroscopes?? #YouBetterBelieveIt
  • Isn't Earth a giant gyroscope?? What about the other planets too?? And the Sun?? And our Solar System?? And our Galaxy?? And our Universe?? And Atoms/Electrons/Protons/Neutrons??
    --** MES Note:** John Duffield's Theory of Everything argues that ALL of matter is just light photons stuck in endless loops, i.e. light in a loop is an electron is a GYROSCOPE!! Hahahahah #EVERYTHINGISAGYROSCOPE! Check out his interview on Richard Hall's show, and stay tuned for my later videos as I will cover his theory in depth as well as present my own MES THEORY OF EVERYTHING!
  • Is Gravity interlinked with Electricity and Magnetism? #YouBetItIs
  • Why does forcing a gyro's precession make it behave like a powerful wild animal???!!
  • #SoManyQuestionsSoLittleTime

Basically, take ALL of mainstream "science" with a grain of salt and start investigating and experimenting yourself!! #ThePossibilitiesAreEndless And let me know if you come up with some BOMBSHELL discoveries!!

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