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The election of Donald Trump has agitated many individuals as well as organizations who are now vowing to work against Trumps administration till the bitter end. These groups have the blessing of none other but George Soros, a renowned global billionaire. Literally, Soros has been angered with the inclusion of walls, target to migrants and most other Trumps deliberate attempts that will change America alongside the economy of many other countries as well as individuals. Bearing this, George Soros is working to influence the governance of Trump politically, culturally while seeking to influence other countries against America. Interestingly more than 187 groups spearheading for remain of open borders, abortion s issues as well as radicalized environmentalism has so far lobbied against Trump’s administration, barely two months after assuming power.

Regarding this, Soros was not hesitant announcing openly in a World Economic Forum recently held at Davos that the New World Order set against Trump would leave no stone unturned I ensuring the republican are not able to further these plans. In particular, George Soros would not rest until the plans to enact a wall bordering with the Mexicans are halted and in contrarily to Trump, American continues having more migrants as oppose to patriots. All in all, he wants the administration of Trump incapacitated and instead a totalitarian one-world government rules. News Wire has identified the 187 groups that are directly funded by Soros and include a wide spectrum ranging from abortion groups, immigrant activists, open boarders advocates, groups with intent to change the way Americans vote, climate change, socialist healthcare, Catholics, socialists as well as communists. Solely, George Soros has a group that is determined to take money from the rich Jews and give it to the less fortunate as it was evidenced by the Nazis confiscating properties from Jews during the World War II. Some of the most influential groups working with Soros to bring the leadership of Trump down include the following:

Advancement Project: that organizes colored people into politically organized units associated with leftist views and values and using intense machinery in reaching their audience. Mostly, they communicate via the Air America Radio that is now defunct. All of Us or None Organization is central to changing the public opinion towards voting and the are seeking to mobilize all legible voters in the USA to participate in voting including the ex-inmates, parolees as well, as the current inmates to be allowed to vote, lest all the other do not vote. Other groups include the Alliance for justice, America Coming Together and the America Voters which has been in the center stage in the recent eruption of riots. These and other groups are working hand in hand through the financing from George Soros and have vowed not to relent until trump’s administration is destabilized completely.


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The European Borders & Coast Guard Agency published a report recently that shows Soros' NGOs are involved in supporting ISIS and Human Trafficking under the guise of "refugees" in Southern Italy.

Great information you've shared here. I've researched George Soros (and his son, Alex) and how he came to be the billionaire "philanthropist" he is today. Here is an article I wrote about Soros' background if you'd like to know more about this poor excuse for a human being:

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