New Antarctic Base to Begin Construction in 2019

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I've written extensively about research bases in Antarctica before, but this time is different. That's because the new base is in fact a replacement for McMurdo, the largest single community in Antarctica by population, at over 1,000 people during the Summer.


Feast your eyes on that. Beautiful, isn't it? Six structures like that one, interconnected by enclosed corridors and underground tunnels, will replace the 104 smaller structures that currently litter the grounds.

This is what McMurdo looks like today:


As it has grown organically, problems have cropped up. Moving stuff between the scattered warehouses requires going outside, which is a problem basically any time of the year but Summer. It also requires fuel guzzling trucks.

The new base will be possible to traverse entirely without ever setting foot outdoors. This includes access to a consolidated master warehouse.

It will also modernize McMurdo to the same standard as the US Antarctic base further inland of the continent, the Amundsen Scott South Pole Station, which replaced the outdated 1970s dome bases that were on the same spot before it:


McMurdo services a great many other inland Antarctic bases as well, and as such would be a more valuable upgrade than Amundsen Scott was, though frankly that was long overdue as well. Infrastructure does not age well in the harsh Antarctic environment.

The dome bases which came before the Amundsen Scott station looked impressive but were just insulating shells to deflect wind and conserve heat. Inside were just a bunch of trailers. It was very austere and far from an ideal environment in which to perform science:


The new McMurdo station will benefit not just the Amundsen Scott research base, but bases of many US allies which are growing more numerous with each passing year.

Besides facilitating Antarctic science, these bases serve as design exercises which generate data directly applicable to designing colonies for the Moon and Mars.


What's more, upon the expiration of the Antarctic treaty in 2048, expansive settlements like these may grow into cities to house the families of workers that come to the South Pole for mining jobs.

We may be witnessing a repeat of the earliest American colonies. Perhaps Antarctica will one day declare its independence, and become a super power in its own right?

If so, you'll hear about it first on my blog. :)

Stay Cozy!

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it will be great when it is finished,eventually people will colonize the Antarctic and the ocean

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I want to live in that base for like a year. I've looked into getting jobs there before but it seems very difficult.


Two things they always need more of are carpenters and chefs, apparently.

Seems like a great setting for some new stories.... ?

Isolation in the cold in a science station always brings to mind "The Thing," but there are many other rich opportunities for storytelling. Psychological experiments, mental breakdowns, results of living in anomalies in the Earth's magnetic field on the poles, discovering humanity's hidden history in the snow records, etc.


Your mind has dark & disturbed chambers. We approve!

People are working very hard and it will become beautiful after its completed.

I sincerely hope that the establishment of a free, Antarctic state and with a new civilization that is clean and morally and with technological sophistication.

Oh, man. This is fucking awesome. I'd love to see what it looks like once construction is completely done. Though, I surely hope that they make sure to have a copy of The Thing on hand for the workers to watch. You know, as a training manual in case they find a monstrous alien lifeform. You never know.

2048 is still pretty far away but I’m pretty excited to see what Antarctica can eventually become.

Thi is something which was unheard and unseen till I saw your Post. It's true that because of Steemit and being able to be a follower of you I am getting to experience posts like this.

Very cool (pun intended). It sounds like something that they have really thought out. I don't know about ever becoming a super power, but I foresee Antarctica growing population wise.

What science is being done that requires being located in Antarctica? Just curious.


Stuff that requires an environment without radio noise or light pollution, for one. Ice Cube (no relation to the rapper) is a neutrino detector in Antarctica that requires these conditions to detect neutrinos, which are famously non-interactive particles.


I guess you wouldn't ever have to worry about picking up radio stations on NMRs down there :P

That would be awesome! But I hate it! Coz if people decided to go there, heat of the planet will rise and water level of ocean will rise too! If that happens a lot of existing islands will sink to the sea!
Anyway this is a great article!


Cool! Awesome job on the post.
Although I don't know a ton about the antarctic base, I'll admit I was fearful when you first said it was getting replaced. I've heard about it for years. But this seems like a good change. I wonder how long it will be before they have to build another building or some kind or expansions.

Rare reporting indeed and very interesting development for the sciences. I don’t look much into Antarctica stuff but you know flat earthers always say its a no man’s zone. So were there any sightings of the ice wall? XD


Not as yet, but they are welcome to go looking for it.

wow ! that's it awesome antarctica Construction site. loving to your blog and post.

Keep posting
I upvote your post

This is Awesome... (Y)
I Started dreaming about living here... :P
Maybe OneDay...! Who knows... ;)
Thanks for sharing Sir...!!

wow beutifull picture @alexbeyman
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Nice post

Moving stuff between the scattered warehouses requires going outside, which is a problem ...

This is how I feel all the time! You've summed up the life of the writer.

difarent post/

technology can change our life and our thinking...

Just curious,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Antarctic state and with a new civilization that is clean and morally and with technological sophistication.............////////